Sunday, February 29, 2004

Yesterday, my sister and I had lunch at Oody's, located at the new wing of Robinson's Galleria. Nice art nouveau setting but the tables are set too close to each other. They serve noodles dishes. Hongkong, Italian, Thai, and Chinese cuisine. Wide variety.
Colorful pastel cutlery and crockery add to the ambiance. They have big portions which you can share for 2 persons. Quite affordable too.
I've always been a soup person. Even if I only eat luncheon meat, corned beef or fried pork chops, I have soup with my meals.
So I'm glad I discovered Oody's!

Saturday, February 28, 2004

"Everyone Wants to be Found"
That's the blurb for Lost in Translation.
I watched Bill Murray's character explore Tokyo through the eyes of an aging actor. He shares a platonic relationship with another loner played by Scarlett Johansson. A young wife in town with her photographer husband, a small role for Giovanni Ribisi. An actor who behaves like a retard, no matter what roles he portrays.
Simple story set in a very vibrant city with their loneliness, boredom and insomnia played out beautifully.
If I was new in a strange place, I would certainly hope that my husband would be more accommodating than her husband ever was.
I would explore the city on my own and never hook up with some stranger.
Mainly, I would be too cynical and wary of them to even strike up a conversation. I would be perfectly fine once I find an internet cafe.
Anyway, it intrigues me what exactly he whispered in her ears as he was saying goodbye on that busy, crowded street.
I guess Sofia Coppola wanted her viewers to draw up their own conclusion towards the end of their brief encounter.
I love the fact that they didn't have sex yet they shared quite a meaningful moment together. There lies the beauty of the entire film.
I saw Impact 2004, Max Soliven's show on ANC, last night
His first guest - the elusive Fernando Poe, Jr.
I need to emphasize though that I'm not particularly fond of Max Soliven.
His columns boast mostly of his travels, he has a tendency to name drop
and he has this attitude.
Having said that, it doesn't mean he is not a good columnist, he is.
He just irritates me occasionally so I skip his ramblings in Philippine Star.
During the interview, this song kept playing in my head: "I'm just a guy whose intentions are good, oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood"
Alright so FPJ can speak good English and he is indeed a man of few words.
Maybe he is sincere in his quest to serve 85 million Filipino people.
BUT he is definitely NOT getting my vote!
With 73 days to go, I have yet to come up with my list of 12 senators.
As for president, I'm sticking with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
Not because Kris Aquino endorses her.
Neither because we are the same height.
I won't get into the nitty gritty details of her political platform.
I believe of all the candidates running, she is the most qualified.
Suffice it to say, I've made up my mind and will abide by it.
It's unusual for me to be this decisive about anything.
Lately, I have been making a conscious effort to be firm in my decisions.
It's a refreshing change. I like the new ME.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Survivor Update
So the 3 tribes have merged into 2 teams. At least now it is fair and square.
Saboga was weak even with Rupert around.
At this point I dislike Colby & Rob Mariano for being so cocky.
Jerri for being a conniving bitch. Big Tom & Sue are just plain irritating.
I'm surprised Lex is keeping such a low profile. Maybe it's his strategy.
Big fat naked guy is out of the game. His attitude was funny.
At least, Ethan is still around. So I'm still smiling.
Although I know he won't go far and he certainly can't win twice.
So I'm rooting for Kathy and Lex.

Know yourself
Loves to chat. Loves those who loves them. Loves to takes things at
the center. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn't pretend.
Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Always making friends.
Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated.
Does not care of what others think. Emotional. Decisive.
Strong clairvoyance. Loves to travel, the arts and literature.
Touchy and easily jealous. Concerned. Loves outdoors.
Just and fair. Spendthrift. Easily influenced. Easily loses confidence.
Loves children.

February is coming to an end and till now I still haven't watched my quota of 2 movies for this month. My list includes:
Cold Mountain
Lost in Translation
Something's Gotta Give
Love Actually.

I definitely gave Mona Lisa Smile, Runaway Jury & Duplex a miss.

I watched American Pie 3: The Wedding. It was hilarious, as usual. I was laughing so much to the scene in the gay bar where Stifler was having a dance show down with the hunky gay guy. They danced to songs of Duran Duran & Eurythmics. Really cool!

Down with Love well I had this idea that it was a musical a la Moulin Rouge. I was wrong. It is a feel good film like a Doris Day & Rock Hudson type. Yes, I'm that mature old. I grew up listening to Doris Day's "Que Sera Sera".
The nice pastel 60's outfits of Renee Zellweger were pleasing to the eyes.
The lothario role suits Ewan McGregor to a T. You only hear him sing during the end credits of the movie though. I believe he has a good singing voice.
The women's lib in the 60's plot is shallow nowadays but it was entertaining.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

From A to Z all about me:
A - Age : 35 years old BUT I don't look my age! *Grins*
B - Band listening to right now : Blue - "Guilty"
C - Career in the future: Wife??? *Gasps*
D - Dad's name: Salvador "Buddy"
E - Easiest person to talk to: Donna
F - Favourite song at the moment: Sting feat. Mary J Blige "Whenever I say your name"
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Neither. Disgusting stuff.
H - Hometown: Manila, Philippines
I - Instruments: None
K - Kids: none, thanks!
L - Longest car ride ever: In Cyprus, going to Paphos from Limassol on this hired taxi, my behind was numb after sitting for 3 hours!
M - Mom's name: Amelia "Mel"
N - Number of siblings: 1 sister
O - Occasion you cried recently : A few days ago because .... nevermind!
P - Phobia[s]: Dark places, Mascots, Creepy crawlies
Q - Favourite Quote: "OH GEEZ"
R - Reason to smile: Being alive, my family & my friends.
S - Song you last sang : "Whenever I say your name" Not easy to sing
T - Time you wake up: Depends!
U - Unknown fact about me: Best kept hidden.
V - Vegetable you hate: Beetroot *pukes*
W - Worst habit: Laziness
X - X-rays you've had: My teeth, my back and chest
Y - Yummy food: I like CHOCOLATE - ice cream, cake, bars, brownies.
Z - Zodiac sign: Libra

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Lenten Sacrifice
7:30 AM phone rings - oh, let the answering machine get it.
3 minutes later, my cellphone (on silent mode) rings vibrates.
Stretches still sleeping. Cellphone keeps vibrating.
Oh it's Mom. Answers the cellphone.

Mom: get up, wake up your sister, it's Ash Wednesday. Go to Mass.
Remember to fast and only eat fish today and every Friday henceforth.

Me: But, Ma ... mmmm ehhh ....
Mom: No excuses, move!!! Will wait for you girls at St Francis, noon.
Be there or else!!!

And with that tone of voice, I knew there was no way I could escape.
Hmm ok so Lent officially starts today.
I have a few one thing I can try to give up for 40 days.
It's a sacrifice. But I will TRY to be holy good.

I better go.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Where is a guy when you need one the most?
Earlier this evening, I had to open an air tight sealed container.
I huffed and puffed and still couldn't get the darn thing open.
My sister tried.
I tried again.
No use.
So we left it.
After dinner, we were watching the news.
A cockroach the size of my thumb flew in from the window.
Landed right in front of the TV.
I shrieked.
My sister screamed.
We both froze on the couch, with our feet up.
Too frightened to move.
In cases like these, do not expect my sister to do the right thing.
She won't harm a living organism.
She is too squirmish.
So there, we were screaming our lungs out.
Neither willing to move.
My heart was pounding in my chest.
But I had to step up.
Tiptoeing, almost jumping out of my skin, I got the insecticide.
The thing is spraying at it would make the insect fly.
And boy did it fly all over the living room.
So flying insect = more shrieks.
Arms flailing.
Jumping up and down the couch.
The chair.
The stairs.
Louder Shrieks.
This went on for about 15 minutes.
The cockroach convulsed, lying on its back, legs in the air.
Settling down.
We were still emptying the whole bottle into the insect.
Still screaming, but at a lower decibel.
All flushed.
Sweating profusely.
Getting drunk from the toxic fumes of the insecticide.
Watching it die.
But we were still too terrified to move.
Till 30 minutes later.
Finally it succumbed.
But still not satisfied.
We sprayed more.
Calmed down.
Drank water.
Practically dashing up the stairs.
To our bedrooms.
What a fright!

Monday, February 23, 2004

I promise
From now on I won't write about:
my moods - I'm depressing enough, reading about it doesn't help.
my lovelife - there is nothing to tell.
my family - I respect their privacy.

So that leaves me with:
Book reviews
Movie critiques
Shopping list
Dreams and fantasies
TV shows
Trips & Travels

What else?

Sunday, February 22, 2004

"Kikay stuff"
I'm a regular viewer of the show "F". Late Saturday nights on ABS-CBN.
The lifestyle show with Daphne Paez, Angel Aquino & Amanda Griffin.
They feature make-overs, new places to dine, and latest trends in fashion.
I like their style of showcasing interesting features, every week.

The products I use:

Lipsticks - I like dark hues like copper, cinnamon or chocolate.
My fav brands are The Body Shop, Maybelline & my latest discovery - Avon

I'm an eyeliner freak.
I've been using Marks & Spencer's black kohl liner for the longest time.
It's thick, it doesn't smudge and it's long lasting.
For eyeshadows, I love brownish hues. Marks & Spencer's & Estee Lauder have colorful varieties.

I prefer strong perfumes.
My tastes varies from Hugo Boss Woman, Elizabeth Arden's Splendour, Estee Lauder's Pleasures
For daily use, I like the refreshing light scent of L'Occitane's Magnolia

I recently started using NuSkin concealer.
It helps disguise my eyebags as well as my pimple scars.
It's frustrating that at my 'mature' age, I still get pimples.

But in essence, I'm a lipstick & eyeliner person + a whiff of perfume.
That's it. Now, if only my moods were that easy to decipher.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

"B is for"
"I'm bored with my wardrobe of blue, bland outfits.

ored with my friends who are busy with their nicely blended lives.

I'm broke & can't be bothered to make new friends who will eventually bore me.

I'm bored with listening to Beyonce singing ''.

ored with my work because I can't find the inspiration for a beautiful concept.

Bored that I need to wait several months before I go to fascinating Bangkok.

Bored of burping on bacon, pork & beans and baked brownies.

Bored with this city and its smoke bleching vehicles, the weakening Peso rate, its unbearable fascination with FPJ's citizenship, the blatant corruption, the blaring noise, the bad for the health pollution and our denial of the existence of Bird flu wreaking havoc on our already too beleaguered nation.

I'm getting bored with my boyfriend who doesn't stimulate my brain enough let alone my body. The fact that he is miles away but seem too busy to keep in touch. Maybe he is getting bored with me too because all I do is read other people's blogs then blog about my boring life.

Being such a Bitch!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Happiness is ....
1. Waking up after only 3 hours of sleep but feeling refreshed.

2. Finding someone I can practice my French with, albeit online. C'est genial!

3. Discussing wide range of topics with interesting persons.

4. Getting email from an aunt praising us for our random acts of kindness.

5. Hearing my mother's laughter over the phone.

6. Getting all the correct answers while playing trivia on MIRC.

7. Reading my sister's article for an e-magazine, online.

8. Pigging out on brownies which I baked myself.

9. Finding an old pair of trousers still fits me. Miraculous!

Most of all, buying shoes which fit my really small feet.
Not from the children's department. But from Via Venetto.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Thank you for the music
I once read a blog wherein the blogger entitled each post with a song
which best described her mood at that specific time.
Another one used movie titles and blurbs. A very good idea, indeed.
Sometimes it seems a certain song fits my mood perfectly.
Yes, I'm moody ... As if you didn't know that by now.
Right now I'm listening to:

Billy Joel - Just the way you are
Don't go changing, to try and please me,
You never let me down before,
Don't imagine, you're too familiar,
And I don't see you anymore.

I would not leave you, in times of trouble,
We never could have come this far,
I took the good times, I'll take the bad times,
I'll take you just the way you are.

Don't go trying, some new fashion,
Don't change the color of your hair,
You always have my, unspoken passion,
Although I might not seem to care.

I don't want clever, conversation,
I never want to work that hard,
I just want someone, that I can talk to,
I want you just the way you are.

I need to know that you will always be
The same old someone that I knew,
What will it take till you believe in me,
The way that I believe in you?

I said I love you, and that's forever,
And this I promise from the heart,
I couldn't love you, any better,
I love you just the way you are.

I don't want clever, conversation,
I never want to work that hard,
I just want someone, that I can talk to,
I want you just the way you are.

It's up to you to guess who I'm implying to in this song.
Even though, this month is the 7th month of our 'relationship'.
Things are still like stuck in the middle. Not exactly going anywhere.
But at the same time not letting down either.
It's complicated. But my question is ... Can I afford to make it easier?
I don't think I'm ready and neither is he.
Maybe that's what makes it work in the first place.
Oh well I guess I shouldn't complain then, should I?

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Breath taking imagery
I got really beautiful images in my email today.
Big files that flooded my inbox.
I uploaded them to a site so that I can view them when I feel down.
I've always loved artistic photographs.
I'm amazed with people who capture such beautiful moments through pictures. As the saying goes ... A picture paints a thousand words.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Senti Mode
Currently playing on my media player in repeat mode are the following songs:
1. Beyonce - Dangerously in Love
2. Tiffany - It's the lover not the love
3. Tamia - Officially missing you
4. Gareth Gates - Unchained Melody
5. Harem Scarem - Honestly

Being so in love, to missing someone so much it hurts.
To realizing that I might still be in love with someone who hurt me.
And finally that despite being hurt in the past ... I still believe in love.
Quite a mixture of different emotions.
I can't explain it really. I'm strange sometimes. Or most of the time.
Mood swings seem to have been invented with ME in mind.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Movie Review
Well I had a really lazy Sunday. The laziest I've had this year so far.
Spent it mopping at home, chatted a bit then watched a VCD.
"About Schmidt". Jack Nicholson, Kathy Bates flick.
A good underrated role for Nicholson whose facial expressions alone can convey a lot of emotions. Seeing Kathy Bates naked wasn't a pleasant sight but she always delivers a good performance.
Warren Schmidt, an insurance executive retires but his wife of 42 years suddenly dies. Thus leaving him alone to deal with his grief and his life.
Only good thing happening is the fact that he sponsored a Tanzanian orphan named Ndugu and writes to the kid regularly. Of course, his daughter's wedding to a waterbed salesman played by Dermot Mulroney looking like something a cat might drag in. It could also qualify as a good thing happening in his life.
But I found his daughter too bitter and very harsh towards her father.
I guess that is how it is in their culture. Daughters grow up resenting their parents. Only thing, I know is that no matter what faults or imperfections parents have. They are still your parents and we must treat them well while they are still around.
Ok I digress, so going back to the movie, it was simple and easy to watch.
But at the same time, it was painful and sad because he was so alone in his life. It was poignant because it was so 'real life'.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

WOW Philippines
Need to explore the Philippines without spending?
Intramuros Clam Shell is the place to go. It's the area right behind the Manila Cathedral & San Agustin Church. It features different regions every month.
This month it is the wonders of the Southern Tagalog provinces.
As well as the Calabarzon and Mimadoro region.
After a light lunch at Aristocrat, Roxas Boulevard.
Me, my sister & my mother went to view the offerings of this vast region.
Different stalls sold native delicacies, handicrafts and trinkets.
They also converted the adjoining areas into tiangges.
We ended up buying a rattan wine holder, assortment of munchies and trinkets. Mostly bracelets & necklaces from Bicol as well as Cebu.
All at affordable prices. My bargaining power came in handy.
It is a pity that most Filipinos rather spend their time at malls.
Instead of helping our local tourism industry flourish.
I guess, it takes someone like me who knows zilch about Philippine geography to appreciate places like Intramuros.

For all it's worth. Happy Valentine's Day to one and all!
As you can see I'm dateless but only because my date is in Dubai.
I didn't forget though and sent him a gift. Without expecting anything in return.
He really isn't the romantic type and at our age we do away with the mushy stuff.
But he makes me smile, keeps me sane and I'm happy.
For me, that is all that matters.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Net Radio
john coding says: Phil Collins on the net radio.
john coding says: would you like to try the URL if it works?
Daphne Laura says: sure alright
Daphne Laura says: do I need a software to listen?
john coding says: no you just have to click on the top
john coding says:click here

So there we were together listening to KOST 103.5FM.
A radio station somewhere in Southern California. Me in Manila. John in Miami.
We chatted away while these songs blared on our speakers:
Rick Ashley "Never gonna give you up" 80's brought back great memories!
Sarah McLachlan "I will remember you" Great song!
Rod Stewart "Some guys have all the luck" Sexy song.
Whitney Houston "I will always love you" Ewww I don't like this song.
Marvin Gaye "What's going on?" Soulful.
Elton John "Harmony' Never heard it before.
Chicago "You're the inspiration" Great love song.
Norah Jones "Don't know why" Jazzy tune.
Billy Joel "Uptown Girl" Upbeat!
Yvonne Elliman "If I can't have you" It had me singing along - If.I.can''

I ended the chat session with Michael Bolton's "Soul Provider".
I used to worship this guy and bought all his CDs. Ok, please don't hate me for that. I was young and impressionable and I didn't know any better.
Anyways, it's always a pleasure chatting with John. He's a blast!
Worth staying up way past my bedtime.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Static frequency
I've always wondered why, sometimes, cellphones make that static sound.
a. If there is a SMS/phone call that can't come through.
b. Or if it is just some weird cosmic frequency static shit.

I was 'TRYING' to do some work.
I was listening to Tamia's "Officially Missing You" on my PC.
I was mix matching to find the correct color for the Flash animation.
I was forwarding emails, as usual.

Suddenly this "crackling" sound emits from my cellphone.

I almost fell off my seat and felt the goosebumps raise on my nape.
It freaks me out because I always think it might be important.
I have this nightmare that someone is trying to reach me urgently.
But they can't get through because some alien force thinks
it is funny to interfere with the frequency.
Jamming up the network's signals or something like that.

Alright enough of that .... I'm off to do some malling.
Hmmm where to go?
Megamall? Edsa Shangri-la? Galleria? Or Podium?
Meenee ... Meenee ... Mineemo .....

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

"Defog the noggin"
It's a saying which means dust away the cobwebs to clear the mind.
That's exactly what I did the past couple of days in Tagaytay.
Our treat for the wedding anniversary of my parents.
We rented 2 cabins at the Tagaytay Picnic Grove.
Mt Samat & Mt Pinatubo, #15 & 16.
The view of Taal Volcano and the lake was breathtaking.
The air, fresh and crisp was quite chilly during the evenings.
No internet. No music. No distractions.
Just a 14 inch TV but somehow it wasn't a distraction at all.
Great bonding moments over grilled food at Dencio's & Josephine.
I slept with the wind howling loudly, the full moon shining, the crickets creaking and the rustling of the tree branches.
Not to mention the fact that I froze my butt off so I slept with my jeans on.
Waking up at 6am to watch the sun rise from my balcony was amazing.
Of course, I took loads of pictures on my digicam.
Different angles of the volcano & the lake, as well as colorful flowers.
I intend to collate them together and use as wallpaper for my desktop.
Cruising through the scenic road peppered with sprawling bungalows, retreat houses, churches, hotels & inns was a favorite activity.
We even drove as far as Nasugbu, Batangas feasting our eyes on the different subdivisions that are mushrooming all over the hilly slopes.
Tuesday, on our way back, we decided to take the Santa Rosa route.
We had lunch at Poquito Mas which serves Spanish, Latino & Philipino cuisine. The mall, Paseo de Santa Rosa is located on the road leading to the South Super Highway. Toll fee from Santa Rosa to C5 was P48.00

It was a relaxing time away from the crowd, pollution & the confines of city living. Tagaytay was a revelation. A good thing, it's only about 1 1/2 hours away. So we intend to go there more often. If only for the pure pleasure of donning pashima shawls without looking like a Taliban extremist.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

I was in one of my weird moods, last night.
After eating a heavy dinner, I fell asleep at 8pm.
Only to be wide awake at around 1 am, boredom kicking in.
My only recourse was to SMS people I knew would still be up.
Donna, my best friend. And of course, Iyad.
It helps that they are 4 hours behind Manila time.
They always cheer me up, no matter what.
Donna was excited about her daughter's surprise birthday party.
Today, Gemma turns 15. Geeez, we are old.
And he was home pigging out on Lebanese food with his friend.
Me: That's just it. You are there. I am here. Things don't get any easier.
I miss you all the time. Anyways you got company so I'll shut up now.

Iyad: It's ok baby. I miss you too ... I ate too much and the steam is getting to my head. LOL

With that hilarious thought in my mind, I faded back into dreamland.

Friday, February 06, 2004

I added a new page to my personal website.
Oh it's just an excuse to post my latest pictures online.
It took me only one day to conceptualize the additional page.
Now to mention that I changed the whole lay out and gave it a new look.
Surprise! Surprise!
Cranky little meticulous me was in a creative mood.
It must be something in the air.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

A Tribute.
February 5, 1968. A simple ceremony at Santa Ana church.
My parents exchanged their solemn vows.
Reception followed at Max's. No frills. Not much fanfare.
Fast forward to present day. 36 years later.
Yes, they are still married.
Still quite happy. Still best friends.
Through thick and thin. In sickness and in health.
A marriage built on trust and filled with laughter, music & love.
After 3 decades of exemplary diplomatic service,
they are now enjoying retirement bliss.
But still acting like newly weds.
Now I guess all that is missing are the grandkids.
BUT. Hey! Don't look at me.
I can't be bothered. I'm too irresponsible.
My sister might be able to help in that department.
But then again. Maybe not.
Anyways, Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
We love you!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Surreal Moment
Imagine if you can the following scenes in rapid succession:
Me driving a red hot BMW Roadster at 140 kph on the Autobahn in Germany.
Then I'm cruising down this steep winding road heading towards Monaco.
I lose control of the car and crash head on into this white French villa.
But instead of bursting into flames, my body is hurled high up in the air.
I land in the deep blue sea. My arms flailing wildly, gasping for air, trying to keep my head afloat ... drowning!
Suddenly, 2 strong arms pluck me out onto a yacht and I'm rescued.
Squinting my eyes against the blazing sun, coughing up salt water, exhausted ... I come face to face with my rescuer.
He has the bluest eyes on this planet, a wavy yet cropped mane of hair, aquiline nose, a goatee and a taunt body like Marc Nelson.
Nope, it wasn't Marc Nelson.
Cut to the next scene, we are naked having aggressively passionate sex.
Don't ask me to describe the details graphically, this is not a sex post.
Just as we are about to reach the point of no return, I wake up drenched. The aircon in full blast not making much of a difference.
I shut my eyes really tight trying to go back to my dream.
But unfortunately, it was lost forever in the murky world of my subconscious.
Oh well it was stimulating while it lasted. I know it was just a dream:
1. Although I've been on the Autobahn and to Monaco. I don't drive.
2. I rather stay away from the deep blue sea since I don't know how to swim.
3. A gorgeous guy with a drop dead body yet in touch with his feelings DOES
NOT EXIST. MAYBE he does but not within a 50 mile radius of my short reach.

At least I got laid even if it was just in a WET dream!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

What's cooking?
I live to eat or is it I eat to live?
I skip breakfast occasionally. I have lunch around noon.
Snack between 4:30 - 6 p.m. Sometimes, even as late as 7:30 p.m.
Dinner at 10. Then I drink milk just before dozing off. At 2 a.m.
Today my palette was craving for pasta. For merienda.
I go down and ransack the pantry.
I find Purefood's Vienna sausage. Purefood's luncheon meat.
A can of mushrooms. Hunt's mushroom tomato sauce.
I chopped and diced to the sound of Josh Groban on MTV channel.
Upon tasting it, something was lacking, no idea what, though.
So I added McCormick paprika and chili powder.
A dash of salt, MSG and pepper. A layer of Parmesan cheese as well.
Voila it's done.
Just boiling Royal macaroni while waiting for my sister.
She will hand me the verdict if it's good or not.
Either way I'm famished. So I'll gobble it all up.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Bring it on!
One of my favorite shows is back!
I kept asking my sister is it Feb. 2 yet?
Boy! Was I excited while watching it.
Survivor: All Stars edition.
Three tribes - Saboga. Chapera. Mogo Mogo.
18 castaways - among them previous winners Ethan, Richard, Tina & Jenna.
Familiar faces - Lex, Rupert, Big Tom, Rudy, Shii Ann, Rob M & Rob C.
Unfamiliar faces too. Never saw the Australian Outback, and Borneo series.
The usual bitching, backstabbing, and alliance forming already started.
And it was only the first episode.
Immunity challenges. Tribal council. Jeff Probst's dimples.
Yeah baby yeah.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Special Occasions
February has set forth.
And what do you know? 2004 is a Leap Year!
But I'm not proposing to anybody. Any time soon.
Sustaining my relationship is hard enough as it is.
Anyways, we were supposed to go to Thailand this month.
No, not us. I mean, my family.
To celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary.
But something came up so we postponed it to May.
It's February! So Valentine's Day is coming up.
It's mushy. It's corny. It's overrated.
I certainly don't need just ONE day. To be romantic.
I'm sugary sweet. 365 days!
This year I will have an extra day. To be delicious.