Monday, February 28, 2005

Movie Reviews
Oh would you look at that? I only watched 4 movies this month!
Since I'm not really in the mood, I'll keep it short.
  • A very long engagement - A bit long but totally engrossing.
  • Shall we dance? - Richard Gere rocks!
  • The Phantom of the Opera - Loved it, saw it twice.
  • Sideways - Simple yet believable.
  • Speaking of the movies, it was the night of the Oscars. So although I'm glad Jamie Foxx won, I didn't rush to the theaters to watch "Ray". I couldn't care less about "The Aviator" and "Million Dollar Baby". But I'm looking forward to "Finding Neverland" and getting "Closer" with Jude Law.

    Now the gowns which made my "Best Dressed List", this year.

    Natalie Portman

    Laura Linney

    Kate Winslet

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    Saturday, February 26, 2005

    "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored"
    Aldous Huxley

    Fact # 1 - I am slowly going bankrupt.
    All those treatments (spa, massages, hair treatment, waxing, body scrub) and out of town trips are not cheap. Yet I still indulge in them and charging everything to my credit card.

    Fact # 2 - I need a new cellphone.
    Especially in times when my obsolete Nokia 3330 cronks out on me. There I was roaming around Greenbelt mall and I only realized my cellphone was dead when I was going to text my sister. I wanted to ask her if we were going for the 6:30 or the 8:30 pm showing of "Sideways", last night. And no matter what I did, it won't switch on again. But I think it is an unnecessary expense and just keep hoping my cellphone 'behaves' and doesn't act up.

    Fact # 3 - E & I can NEVER be together.
    This is a fact though which I am not ignoring. Sadly it's something I am dealing with, RIGHT NOW. I am giving up. My frustrations got the better of me. I have to face the truth and accept reality. It is not meant to be and it is for the best that I let go and move on.

    How can I not love you?
    cannot touch
    cannot hold
    cannot be together
    cannot love
    cannot kiss
    cannot have each other
    must be strong
    and we must let go
    cannot say what our hearts must know
    how can I not love you

    what do I tell my heart
    when do I not want you
    here in my arms
    how does one waltz away from all of the memories
    how do I not miss you when you're gone

    cannot dream
    cannot share
    sweet and tender moments
    cannot feel how we feel
    must pretend it's over
    must be brave and we must go on
    must not say what we've known all along
    how can I not love you

    how can I not love you
    must be brave and we must be strong
    cannot say what we've known all along
    how can I not love you
    what do I tell my heart
    when do I not want you here in my arms
    how does one waltz away from all of the memories
    how do I not miss you when you are gone
    how can I not love you...When you are gone?

    Tuesday, February 22, 2005

    Yes I had a very soothing spa treatment, yesterday. Too relaxed that I cannot come up with appropriate words to describe it just yet. So I will just post pictures. LOL

    Nurture Tropical Spa, Tagaytay City

    Of course, the customary Taal Volcano background shot. :D

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    Saturday, February 19, 2005

    Links galore
    Some funny ads from around the world. Here's one from Ikea. This one from an insurance company. And lastly (for now) an ad for an airline. They are rather big files so please wait for them to load. I uploaded them from my hard drive to a website, I hope it works.

    Now if you are tired of staring at your I.don' picture, click here for some stunning images - which can serve as wallpapers for your desktop.

    Notice those little icons near the comments people leave on your blog? They are called gravatars! It's simple you just sign up, get your picture rated and voila! It's a cute concept.

    Ever wondered if you look your age? Or when people see your picture how old they think you are? Well this site reveals the answers. You post a picture and people with too much time on their hands (ehem just like ME), guess how old they think you are. Well know what? Most of them think I'm only 25 years old! LOL

    Friday, February 18, 2005

    What time is it?
    I know those watches cost a fortune but hmmm is he part of the package? Can I just have him instead of the timepiece? ;)

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    Thursday, February 17, 2005

    This and that
    The first thing that crossed my mind upon seeing the carnage left by the triple bombings in Davao City, General Santos & Makati last Valentine's Day was ... "Ok this isn't going to boost our tourism industry at all!". It is pretty frustrating when certain elements in this great nation of ours are bent on jeopardising our progress toward economic growth. It doesn't make any freaking sense at all.

    I've been on a downloading frenzy yet again so now I've added these songs to my collection:

  • Emma Bunton - Take my breath away
  • Ryan Cabrera - True
  • Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey - Take my breath away
  • Joy Enriquez - How can I not love you?
  • Angel, If you go, Do you believe in us? and Just another day - all by Jon Secada

  • I haven't been in a chatty mode because as my best friend Donna told me in her email ... "You need to detach yourself from nicks that blink on your taskbar!" So there I've been awol from the chatting kingdom - do I miss it? Not really ... I'm sort of indifferent and totally detached right now. It baffles me!

    I came across an article in the Time magazine about 2 controversial books. It is written by a Saudi novelist. It's an insider view of the early 1970s - just before oil was discovered - in that kingdom. It explores the basic foundation of a very closed society through the eyes of a young man. The first 2 books of the trilogy are already out in the market. It's fascinating enough to pique my curiosity.

    OH hey he's back on AXN. Wednesdays at 9pm!
    Yummy as always ;)

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    So this reaffirms the fact that Wednesday night is my favorite couch potato day. With American Idol, CSI and Third Watch all on! Yeeehaw!

    My pampering day is pushed to Monday for this week. I've set an appointment for a soothing massage at this remote spa in Tagaytay. Lovely! I'm excited about that!

    As far as I know the Palawan trip is still on. Still deciding on the specific dates though. It has to be during the first week of March because afterwards we would both be busy with work. I guess I'll be more enthusiastic once I have the confirmed air ticket in my bag. So let's see how that goes!

    Tuesday, February 15, 2005

    Since me and my sister are both single and free spirited individuals who are somewhat jaded to the idea of romance, we didn't have anything planned for the day of hearts, yesterday.
    So we simply ordered this sinfully delicious black forest cake from Red Ribbon to pig out on ... just for the heck of it!

    But I do want to say thank you to Donna & Carr for greeting me. As well as to a bunch of alphabets (A, C, D & E) for wishing me a love filled day. It's just rather unfortunate I cannot get some kinda loving from either one of you. :D

    Today though we both had early appointments in the Makati area so I suggested we treat ourselves to a post Valentine celebration. We feasted on mouth watering spare ribs, green mango salad and okra with garlic chives & ice tea at Sentro, Greenbelt. Then topped it up with a cafe latte and mocha frost at Figaro.
    But the highlight of our day was our date with this guy!

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    Yes, we simply had to be mesmerized yet AGAIN by the inconquerable music from "The Phantom of the Opera".

    Monday, February 14, 2005

    A sparrow was in love with a white rose. One fine day, this sparrow proposes to the white rose. The white rose replies that the day she turns red, she will fall in love with him. The sparrow tears open his body and spreads his blood on the white rose and turns her red. The white rose as promised, falls in love with the sparrow. But the sparrow is no more ... he died contented, knowing that he was loved .. even if for a few moments!

    Saturday, February 12, 2005

    Gawd! I knew it was a very bad idea to drink that yummy Mocha Frost from Figaro at 7:30 pm.
    Now I'm freaking wide awake yet again. I never learn!

    Friday, February 11, 2005

    Past the point of no return
    Except for the fact that the guy seated 2 seats from my right was coughing like crazy, nothing distracted my attention from staying glued to the screen. They deviated a bit from the original plot of the musical as I remember it (10 years ago to be exact, November 1995 at a London west end theater) by going for a younger cast but the music is still hauntingly beautiful. I love all the songs! I came home humming:
    Think of me,
    Think of me waking, silent and resigned.
    Imagine me, trying too hard
    To put you from my mind.

    Recall those days,
    Look back on all those times,
    Think of the things we'll never do -
    There will never be a day,
    When I won't think of you

    I would have to go ransack my room at my parent's place for my copy of the CD of The Phantom of the Opera.
    I would definitely watch it again, next week!
    Yes, I got my hair treatment as well!
    Teehee, I'm all smiles. :))

    Thursday, February 10, 2005

    Last night I tried to go to bed early since I had nothing to watch on TV. Yes 1:30 A.M. is early ... Well for me it is. So after reading the latest issue of Time Magazine from cover to cover, I turned off the light. But I couldn't sleep, I tossed and turned, tried to read a book. It was rather pointless because I have 3 books on my bedside table and I never seem to finish any of them. So I ended up watching "Love Actually" at 3 A.M. which got me bawling my eyes out because I simply love that movie and it gets me all mushy every time I watch it!

    I've been in a very emotional frame of mind. Just watching Aaron propose to Hayden at the end of the Amazing Race made me cry. Even though I didn't like Hayden because she was too uptight and a control freak. But a proposal is a proposal. By the way, click here to see the identities of the contestants for the next season which premieres March 1. Quite a diverse group so that should be interesting to watch.

    I woke up this morning humming the song Moon River. Rather odd because I hate ok maybe not hate I dislike that song. It is a lovely song but it is used a lot in movies thus it has lost its appeal.

    Nope it isn't PMS at all ... I'm just moody that way! Alright so I better stop rambling away here.

    Would you look at that??? Friday is upon us again. Time flies by so fast doesn't it? I'm too broke to go for a facial and/or a body scrub. I could use a massage because my shoulders are still so tense but that would have to wait for next week! So that leaves me with hair treatment. Yes I just MIGHT (might being the key word here since I'm not the most decisive person on this planet) go for a hot oil protein treatment after I watch "The Phantom of the Opera", tomorrow.

    Wednesday, February 09, 2005

    No matter what everybody said
    I was rooting for them on this season's run of The Amazing Race. So I'm glad they won!

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    I'm looking forward to the next season which starts on March first. Ohh Survivor: Pulau begins next week! Yippeee!

    Tuesday, February 08, 2005

    Change of plans
    Ok so something came up I'm not going to watch the concert. Because I might and I say MIGHT go to Palawan next month. So I need to save for that trip. It's strange how I make plans and they don't happen! Yet something else comes up, so I don't get totally frustrated! So in some ways I'm relieved that things still pop up and my life isn't really as boring as I think it is. *Grins*

    Sunday, February 06, 2005

    I now have a stiff neck and my shoulders are so tense!
    This deadline is too stressful. I'm almost done actually.
    I'm really stressing about something else though.
    My mind is obsessed with .... hmmm ... Never mind!
    I try not to think about it too much.
    But today I really worked myself up - gastric indigestion, sweaty palms, getting all flushed and for a minute I thought I was going to pass out! It wasn't pleasant really but I cannot control it.
    YES I know ... I have to get a grip!

    Saturday, February 05, 2005

    Sentimental Post!
    I get really emotional when it comes to my parents.
    And today I cherish the time I spent with them.
    It might not have been on a trip in Brussels or HongKong.
    Neither was it spent out of town.
    We just treated them out for lunch, a movie and dinner.
    For me being together is all that matters!
    Susan Sarandon said in the movie "Shall we Dance?"
    "We need a witness to our lives. There's a billion people on the planet... I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you're promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things... All of it, all of the time, every day. You're saying 'Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness"

    My parents have been each other's witness for the past 37 years. I dedicate this song from the movie to them.

    The Book of Love - Peter Gabriel
    The book of love is long and boring
    No one can lift the damn thing
    It's full of charts and facts and figures and
    instructions for dancing
    But I
    I love it when you read to me
    And you
    You can read me anything

    The book of love has music in it
    In fact that's where music comes from
    Some of it is just transcendental
    Some of it is just really dumb

    But I
    I love it when you sing to me
    And you
    You can sing me anything
    The book of love is long and boring
    And written very long ago
    It's full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes
    And things we're all too young to know

    But I
    I love it when you give me things
    And you
    You ought to give me wedding rings
    And I
    I love it when you give me things
    And you
    You ought to give me wedding rings
    And I
    I love it when you give me things
    And you
    You ought to give me wedding rings
    You ought to give me wedding rings

    Friday, February 04, 2005

  • The DHL package from Amazon just arrived! I'm glad it got in just in time for my parent's wedding anniversary tomorrow. I can't wait to see my father's reaction when he see the gifts!

  • I watched Amelie ooops I mean Audrey Tautou in that long but quite engaging French movie, yesterday. Notice how most French movies have this running narration/commentary to explain the plot to the audience? It is a very good concept!

  • I'm really quite relieved that I was able to sort out my feelings with E. I was stressing about that for quite some time now. It kept me up at nights and now my face is peppered with pimples. Shucks! I cannot believe that at my 'advanced' age of 36, I still get pimples!!! GOSH! So anyways, I'm absolutely glad we had a very positive chat, last night! Things are still the same yet I'm more upbeat about the whole thing.
    "Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time, what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better!" - that's my quote for today! :)

  • Yes it's Friday yet I'm stuck at home with a project that has a Tuesday deadline so NO pampering myself today. *Pouts*
    I'm currently in a dilemma whether to spend my money on a Valentine concert or a body salt glow.
    NO I don't have a date ok? Let's clear that up! But the group America is in town for a gig. Yes I'm that old to remember most of their songs! Yet I'm dying to have another full body scrub, it did wonders for my circulation, it cleared my mind too. So decisions, decisions, decisions! Too bad I cannot afford them both!

  • OK well I better get back to work, try to ease up my schedule for tomorrow. A day to celebrate the anniversary of two people whose union 37 years ago produced the cutest creature on this earth - ME! hehehe *takes a bow*

  • Happy Weekend!

    Tuesday, February 01, 2005

    I'm going to vent!
  • Something is wrong with my Hello software, I can't seem to upload pictures to my blog. I've tinkered with it, uninstalled then re-installed but still nothing!

  • Good thing that I can now use Photobucket to post pictures!

  • Ok so the norm in this country is when you get accosted by the traffic police, you bribe your way out. This cop stops us for jumping the red light, which isn't true at all. The color was still clearly ORANGE ok??? I'm not blind. (But hey it was lunch time ... So ... Go figure!) A few cars behind us clearly committed the violation but the suckers that we are, we actually stopped. Now here comes the funny part, we were cashless! We were on our way to the bank to withdraw. So while my sister was sweet talking the cop, I was frantically ransacking my bag for loose change. I opened the glove compartment, searched my pockets, nothing. Suddenly I remember that I fold P100 bills between the pages of the map! So voila, no traffic violation ticket! Phew!
    Moral of the story - always have extra cash in the car, just in case!

  • I had a rather profound chat with my confidante E (yes, he's back, long story!) last Sunday. We were both lamenting the fact that we seem to be stuck in a 'one foot in the door' sticky situation. How far we have both wandered, how it gets tiring after a while to constantly be the one trying to fit in, how we both have changed during the years yet our 'status' remains the same. How frustrating it is to hear of friends who have moved on with their careers, are married with kids taking ballet & piano lessons, health clubs! Yet I had to admit to him that I am now content with my life these days. Maybe it's because I'm older but I am more at peace with myself. Compared to the empty shell person I was when I first came back here in September 2001. I'm hoping he will pull through this crisis. I promised myself I will do my best to guide him! After all, I've been there, done that and worn out the t-shirt! It took me a while but I'm in a happier state of mind now. I do want him to be happy too ... he definitely deserves it!

  • Oh, yes indeed I do watch A LOT of movies, it feeds my soul. This month I'm eagerly waiting for "A Very Long Engagement", "Alfie", "Shall We Dance?" and "The Phantom of the Opera" (one of my favorite musicals of all time which I had the privilege of watching at London's West End)

  • My sister and I were brainstorming for gift ideas for our parent's wedding anniversary this coming Saturday!
    Sipping coffee at Segafredo in Greenbelt - We were on a roll:
    - a trip to Brussels, Belgium (not possible within such a short time frame, need at least 6 months to prepare for that!)
    - a trip to HongKong (short notice)
    - an overnight stay at a 5 star hotel (we couldn't decide which hotel :D)
    So pressed for time, we just ordered 2 movies from Amazon for Dad. He has been looking for those titles for ages. Hopefully the package gets here on time.
    As for mom well we are still clueless! It is always very difficult to buy a gift for her.

  • Between brainstorming, we also came up with several ways to jumpstart our 'boring' existence. It was time we had fun after the emotional rollercoaster we both experienced the past couple of years!
    *** learn how to play the guitar (that's her obsession!)
    *** take a refresher course at the Alliance Francais before we totally forget the language (actually she needs it for credits for her masteral program but I'm more than willing to go with her)
    *** go for beauty treatments as much as possible (we are scheduled to go to this spa later this month!)
    *** go out of town for our birthdays (it helps that we are both October born!)

    Since all of the above entails huge amounts of cash, we need to work our butts off with new projects and maybe set up a franchise of some sort.
    Yes I'm excited, I'm happy and very much looking forward to all these possibilities to bear fruit this year!
    Wish me luck! :)