Saturday, September 29, 2007

My reality
I got back from Cebu last night at around 9pm. It was a nature enhanced holiday highlighted by skin rashes, peanut kisses, historically filled endeavours and thank God surprisingly clear, warm weather (except on the last day) in both Bohol and Cebu.
Now I'm back in a typhoon soaked Metro Manila with its traffic, smog, flooded streets and inconsequential Senate hearings! I'm back to blogging online using my noisy CPU after getting spoiled with a five star hotel broadband connection. I'm back sleeping in my small bed without the Egyptian cotton sheets, the fancy duvet and soft fluffy cotton pillows. I'm back in my tiny loft after being pampered in a luxurious Shangri-la Mactan suite!

Yes I'm back to my reality. But!
There is nowhere else I rather be. I'm home embraced by my nurturing family and my loving honey. =) I know you are dying to see my pictures and read tales of my adventures (yes I'm being very presumptuous) but you guys will have to wait for it. I got a date with someone whose birthday deserves to be celebrated (albeit belatedly) simply for being the great guy that he is!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Peek a boo!
Missed me?
If your answer is yes, well thanks.
If your answer is no, whatever I don't care!
So anyhow, here's a new template to signal my comeback from my hibernation!
I will keep this short because:
1) I got a date with D this afternoon.
2) I need to pack for our trip (my sister and me) to Cebu and Bohol on Monday. Probably do it tomorrow, last minute as usual! But yay, I'm so excited! =)

So aside from gloating about my trip next week, I just want to announce that Friday, September 28 is D's birthday. A day I wish I was in town to celebrate with him but alas I'll be in Cebu. I planned for this trip way before he became a significant part of my life.

Advanced Happy Birthday my honey bunch, I love you very much! =)

He doesn't read my blog nor does he know of its existence. I figure he would disown me for this very public (blogging) display of saccharine affection so let's just play safe and keep this among ourselves. Ok!

See you all when I get back from Cebu.