Friday, December 26, 2008

'Tis the day after Christmas

It seems like only a few months ago when the TV networks started their countdown to Christmas. It finally came and we celebrated solemnly by hearing Mass at 10pm at St Fr@ncis and got home just in time to prepare the Noche Buena feast. This year we had Pancit Malabon (which we ordered from C0rrie's) together with Puto Binan, Fiesta Ham, Queso de Bola, Chicken Ham (for the parents), Chicken Galantina, my Beef Sopas (it was a huge hit! Yehey) and for dessert we had fruit salad and kakanin (sapin sapin and biko).

C0rrie's Pancit Malabon

Noche Buena feast

We (my sister and I) slept at around 2am after cleaning all the dishes and trying to find enough space in the ref to put away all the leftovers in Tupperware containers.

On Christmas day itself we decided to just stay in after we saw the news reports that massive crowds were gathered at malls. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner at the condo munching on paksiw, fried tilapia along with the Noche Buena leftovers. Then after dinner, we all settled down in front of the TV to watch a bootleg copy of "Tweeeelight". For want of something to watch, really. It was fun though hearing the snide remarks of 5 very critical movie viewers all talking at the same time while the plot of a human - vampire (young) love story was unfolding in all its blurry glory. It was a Captain Jack Sparrow copy, after all. Ho ho ho!

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