Monday, March 31, 2008

10 things that made me happy
I was tagged by Vanessa.

Rules: Post 10 things that recently made you happy then tag 10 people and force them to post this on their blogs.

1. Eating at Pho Hoa. I still can't get enough of it!

2. Buying black waigu flip flops.

3. Receiving emails from my friends with words of encouragement whenever I bombard their inbox with my rantings.

4. Indulging in 1 scoop of chocolate ice cream which I haven't tasted in ages.

5. My sister thanking me for being supportive during her financial setback.

6. Finding the time to read at the end of the day before I doze off.

7. An uncle who just met D for the first time joking that D was 'pogi' :D hehehe.

8. Buying tickets to watch T0T0 in concert this week!

9. Attending the Pre Cana seminar which was pretty informative and very enlightening.

10. D telling me he loves me several times each day always puts a smile on my face.

I'm not tagging anyone but feel free to post it on your blog to brighten your warm weary day! =)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pre Cana seminar

Despite the throbbing toothache (thankfully the swelling has subsided so I don't look like Marlon Brando in "Godfather") I had to wake up early today to attend the Pre Cana seminar at the Edsa Shrine.

Being an early bird I was there at 8 am since it was scheduled at 8:30 and surprisingly for once, D got there ahead of me. Heh he is learning to be more punctual, good boy! Of course by 8:30 the doors to the little hall were still closed and there were only 3 of us standing outside in the stifling humidity melting like ice cream.

I believe it got rolling at around 9 something after all 7 couples had registered and taken our seats in the airconditioned tiny hall for our seminar on marriage and parenthood. Tita Miny was our speaker/counsellor. A bubbly lady who has been married for 43 years so I reckon she knows what marriage is all about.

But first the guys had to introduce themselves and their partners, how we met and what we like about our significant others. D told them he likes me for being very understanding and loving towards him. I said I like that he puts God first above everything else and he accepts me for who I am, period. D also mentioned that we met in November 2005 yet didn't elaborate where, when or how. Thankfully he wasn't probed. Because frankly that is our abbreviated version since the real story is rather complicated and full of dramatic moments. We don't need to further explain how we met on Friendster end of 2005, he disappeared for a year due to some issues. Then we reconnected last year online, met for real sometime April 2007 and promptly got engaged making it sound like some whirlwind romance. A love connection of two people who had basically given up on the idea of marrying someone, anyone for that matter. We were resigned to a fate of blessed singlehood till we withered into our old age, reminiscing about lost loves - you see? I told you it was complicated!
But honestly I think it is a rather romantic tale filled with Internet connection, a friendship fueled by text messages and real life dramatic yet lovingly mature moments but D being the non sentimental type doesn't concur with me.

So back to the seminar, she discussed the foundations of a good marriage, its different aspects with some interaction with the attendees. Then the second part was on parenthood complete with a graphic chart illustrating the Billings Ovulation method. It was rather fascinating, vital information for parents to be. I can't wait to practice this method. Teehee!

The last part was a group discussion where we had to answer some multiple choice questions individually based on our expectations from marriage then compare the results with our partners to see if we had the same answers. I am proud to say that overall D and I had the same answers to the questions, give and take a few mistakes which can still be further discussed as we approach our wedding day. I figure it helps that we were the oldest pair in the group or it just stems from the fact that D has always been the openly communicative type of person or I always probe to discuss every little thing about our relationship, our life and everything else in between.

So whatever the reason that we 'passed' the question and answer portion, the fact remains that marriage is going to be a major adjustment for both of us. A journey of discovery with its high ups and extremely low downs but with God's help and D's unrelenting optimism and my very charming personality, we are ready to face each day as it dawns, together. =)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Silent scream
You might have heard some shrilling sound emanating from the Ortigas area earlier today. At around 1:30 in the afternoon.

Yes that was me!

I was reclining back in a long chair that barely fitted me, a bright light shining down on my face, specifically on my wide open mouth.

That's right I was at the pristine office of a dentist.

A discomfort I felt a few days ago was due to the swelling of my gum, the upper left side of my mouth. Apparently an embedded tiny piece of tooth didn't come out properly and got infected. Big ouch!

I tried to console myself by saying that it is just my chubby cheeks making its reappearance. I figured it would go away. How? I don't know but I don't really like going to the dentist. Well who does, right?

So the dentist who at first looked like a kind, friendly lady turned into this sadistic, mean doctor who poked, pressed her gloved finger firmly into my gum to let the swelling subside by draining it of the pus along with tons of blood.

My head was ready to explode from the pain. I almost fainted from the pressure of her finger on my swollen gum but I didn't lest I ruin my tiny but tough image.

I tried to think of pleasant thoughts. Beautiful rays of the sun caressing my skin while I laid on a white sandy beach. Or feeling the wind in my hair as I sailed on a yacht island hopping along the deep blue waters of the ocean.

Everything ... anything ... simply to keep my firm resolve not to let the tears from falling from my eyes from the pain.


Nothing worked.

I was being tortured by a sadistic dentist.


Quel Horror.

The worst thing is she couldn't even extract the tooth yet because of the swelling so I have to bear the pain for another week while I overdose on antibiotics. I guess I need to endure this dental problem on top of dealing with the loose ends of preparing for the big day as we head into the final stretch.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Life is a Gift - HAPPY EASTER!!!

Today, before you say an unkind word --- think of someone who can't speak.

Before you complain about the taste of your food --- Think of someone who has nothing to eat.

Before you complain about your husband, wife or significant other --- Think of someone who's crying out to GOD for a companion.

Today before you complain about life --- Think of someone who went too early to heaven.

Before you complain about your children --- Think of someone who desires children but they're barren.

Before you argue about your dirty house someone didn't clean or sweep --- Think of the people who are living in the streets.

Before whining about the distance you drive --- Think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet.

And when you are tired and complain about your job --- Think of the unemployed, the disabled, and those who wish they had your job.

But before you think of pointing the finger or condemning another --- Remember that not one of us is without sin and we all answer to one MAKER.

And when depressing thoughts seem to get you down --- Put a smile on your face and thank GOD you're alive and still around.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Visita Iglesia 2008
This year, D was a very much welcomed addition to our annual family tradition of Visita Iglesia. It has been ages since he did it so he was pretty enthusiastic and upbeat. We ended the night with a very late dinner at a 24 hour McDonalds's. We feasted on their fish fillet after a long humid night of visiting 8 churches. I managed to take pictures of the Blessed Sacrament in the churches' adoration chapels. Well except the ones at UST and the San Agustin church where I almost fainted from the thick crowd of humanity that jostled their way into the church. I don't really understand why people act that way, you eventually get in anyway so why push? Good thing D was around to guide my dad while my sister and I were guarding mom. =)

Santo Domingo Church, Q.C.

Sanctuario del Christo, San Juan

Santa Ana Church, Manila

Manila Cathedral, Intramuros

Our Lady of the Abandoned, Sta Ana Church

Shrine of the Divine Mercy, Mandaluyong City

San Felipe Neri, Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PamperMe Time
I believe it is important for my sanity's sake, I don't lose myself in the process of preparing for my nuptials.
Let it not be said that since D and I are merely having a really small wedding, it isn't stressful as any other wedding arrangements. I figure it is equally as stressful if not more so since any 'imperfections' will be highlighted and more noticed by the small group of people in attendance.

To say I am stressed is an understatement because on top of being worried about the actual ceremony, I anticipate a number of scenarios which can occur during the wedding, the lunch even the honeymoon. Then my mind wanders further ahead to the married part so I worry ... worry and worry some more. I really don't get much sleep, my stomach is in knots. I feel my hypertension rising even when I am only sitting in front of the computer trying to find more opps. Since there seems to be none coming my way, surely my blood pressure is at an all time high.

Pffft alright that's enough. I'm sure you are going "yeah ... yeah alright Daph ... we know you are stressed. But do you have to make our BP rise too simply from reading your blog?

Hey, don't answer that question.

Where was I? Pamper me time, right!

I recently had my eyes refracted and yes my eyesight is still as blurry as a fog filled day. I converted an old Hugo Boss sunglasses black metallic frame into my prescription glasses, fitted with ultra thin lenses. I now feel I got the Lisa Loeb look going for me. Well if you don't know who she is ... well google her.
I like this new look of mine so much I even went to Palm Sunday mass wearing them. Isn't that something? Me going out in public wearing glasses. Gasp!

Today I went for waxing and my monthly hair treatment. My hair was shampooed, 2 inches were cut off, styled with soft layers, blow dried straight to last me till I take my shower tomorrow morning. My head feels lighter, my hair is straighter (for now), my vision is much clearer, my stomach was filled with my comfort food (yes Pho Hoa yet again!) - it feels great to be pampered.

I wish I can freeze frame this moment, lock it in some vault so I can just retrieve it each time I get frustrated with worrisome concerns.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Renewed Faith

A recap of what I did today, exactly 2 months before my nuptials. I woke up at the unholy hour of 6 A.M. on a Saturday. Believe me that is way too early for an insomniac night owl.

I met D at 8 A.M. sharp to register for the seminar on Christian doctrine which turns out is really scheduled for 9 A.M. We had a quick breakfast at Chow King. It was either there or at McDo's which were the only outlets open at the mall during that time.

We arrived back at the seminar venue a quarter to nine to find all the seats had been taken up so we were forced to sit in front. Really up close and personal to the facilitator's table and the microphone. I kept getting the microphone shove into my face and I cringed every time she asked me questions about catechism and biblical figures. Yes I kept giving the wrong answers. Boohoo!

It was rather interesting for me. I am not really well versed in catechism (that was a long time ago, I've forgotten everything) and bible passages. To my surprise, D has a stock knowledge fit for a seminarian I was really impressed!

It lasted about 3 and a half hours. Some topics were discussed thoroughly while other subject matters lacked more in depth analysis, imho. It doesn't help that both D and I have analytical minds which goes into overdrive every 5minutes. So most of the time I would pick out (only in my head,ok!) grammatical errors, syntax problems and regional mispronunciations of certain phrases. Such amusement for me and it turns out for D too.

But I did learn many tenets about what it takes to be a good Christian. Specifically since most of the attendees were first time parents who had to take the same seminar before the baptism of their child.

I was shocked though that they impose such a strict policy before baptism. My parents were never required to attend seminars before my sister and I were baptised. But it does renew your faith. It makes you learn the significance of all the sacraments. Something we all need to re-evaluate from time to time.

After the seminar was done, there was a short discussion where we were divided into groups to give our feedback on the seminar. The people in my group were really young parents and didn't have any valuable input to contribute. So I was voted as the speaker for our group. One even commented that he mostly slept throughout the entire seminar. Such blasphemous temerity!

I had an idea what to speak about yet ended up groping for words. BUT I still got my point across. It even turned into a tirade against the use of cellphones during the Eucharistic mass which I vehemently hate with every bone in my body.

D laughed (not while I was speaking in front) and told me I sounded like an elder scolding young people simply because of my pet peeve. Pfft!
He should be so lucky and I'd say smart. He assigned someone else in his group to do the talking when clearly he's the lecturer in the bunch.

It was my turn to laugh when he told me that most of the 'kids' in his group were addressing him as 'po' and 'oho'. This indicates how old we really are. We were the oldest attendees in the seminar. Well *he* was the oldest! I don't look my age, o di ba?

Then we had lunch at Mangan while discussing and figuring out just how we can get everything done with only 2 months to go! I'm glad he can still remain calm and collected despite my panicked insanity breathing down his neck.

We ended the day by attending the anticipated Palm Sunday Mass even though it isn't even Sunday yet.

Guess why?

Yes, he wants to watch the much touted boxing match tomorrow, live. Since I'm such a considerate (aha I keep bringing that up, don't I?) fiancee I gave in to his request. Yet I will still go to Palm Sunday mass with my family tomorrow to be blessed twice. God knows I need it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Comfort Food
Lately, I've been crazily gorging on Vietnamese food like my life depended on it. Specifically at Pho Hoa restaurant. Every time, my sister and I go out to attend to my wedding arrangements, I would always insist on eating at Pho Hoa. It is a given. She doesn't have to ask me where I want to have lunch, merienda (snack) or a late dinner. I only have to bat my beautiful eyes at her complete with a wide grin and she will immediately lead me to the nearest outlet of this tasty and affordable Vietnamese eating establishment. So far we have eaten at their Megamall, Edsa Shangri-la, Trinoma, Gateway and even as far as their SM Mall of Asia branches. Yes we seem to be hopping all over the metropolis, lately.

Since I now have the appetite of a beached whale (eh due to all the walking and not because I am eating for two people, ehem just to clear that up!) I can devour one large order of their noodle soup no. 38 by my glutton self. As well as feast like a famished wolf on several pieces of their fresh spring rolls and their lettuce wrapped fried spring rolls. Then I still have room for their mango pudding.

Even as I write this blog entry, I am salivating and thinking of our next sortie to the mall where I can have my filling share of Vietnamese noodles.


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Friday, March 07, 2008

NSO woes
DaisypathWedding Ticker

My usual routine for the first Friday of every month is to hear mass at Megamall.

Fridays happen to be D's off day from work. March is a very busy month for professors.

You think students have it tough?
Try checking and grading the final exams of 9 classes with an average of 50 students per class. I'm sure you will get migraines and sore eyes within minutes. So I knew D would be very busy and didn't force him to hear Mass with me. Yes I'm considerate and not demanding at all.

But the first order of the day for D was to hop over to NSO in the morning to get our birth certificates which we applied for two days ago (Tuesday). Since NSO, East Avenue is pretty close to his residence, he volunteered to get it.

I usually get to Megamall early so I can window shop before attending mass. Just as I was about to go to the 5th floor, my cellphone rang ... it was D.

Apparently, the clerk at NSO won't release my birth certificate to him unless he produced an authorization letter with my valid ID.

This is the baffling part.

How come last year when he went to pick up the CENOMAR, he wasn't required to produce an authorization letter with my ID? But for birth certificates, they suddenly imposed such a ruling. Huh? Ang labo!

To make the long story short. I heard mass first then met D for lunch and we made our way to the NSO before the 4pm closing time. So this meant wasting precious time just to accommodate this inconvenience.

But the positive thing is I got to spend some unexpected quality time with D. And in my book that definitely outweighs the hassle, the trouble and the fatigue! =)

Shopping news
For a future bride to be whose free time is rather limited, it would be so convenient for me to simply go to one website and do all my shopping online. In the US, black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving when stores offer huge discounts. It is also a day when most people line up at stores as early as 5am to be among the first consumers to get their hands on discounted merchandise.

A comprehensive website provides complete information of Black Friday news as well as list the stores where you can save money for your early holiday shopping. It saves you the hassl waking up early to queue in zero degree climate to be among the first to make your purchase. You can get email alerts when new black friday ads are posted to the site. The stores list their items and their prices. You simply click on the items and you are taken to the merchant's website where you get complete information on the items.

My inner homebody self would love to get my hands on merchandise from such stores as Ace Hardware, Linens 'n Things and The Home Depot to name a few.

Everything I would need to furnish my conjugal home. But! Yes I know first I need to find a place. =)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Change of plans

DaisypathWedding Ticker

There have been some major changes in our plans lately with roughly 2 months to go before our nuptials.

No, don't worry I am still getting married!

We or rather I (after all, I ALWAYS get the final say!) have decided to move the 'reception' to another venue for a variety of reasons. The new and now secret location (I don't want the paparazzi to show up! :D) gave us a better deal vis a vis the menu, parking coupons and of course the cost of providing nourishment to a group of more or less 25 people.

This is my only positive update for this week.

The negative or should I say my incessant worrying about other aspects on my impending marriage are reserved for the eyes and ears of my equally worrywart friends whose inbox are now bombarded with my numerous emails.

Their pieces of advice tend to keep me sane and at the same time make me want to pull all my hair off my head.

But I don't and I won't.

A bald bride is not a photogenic sight to behold!