Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm feeling a tad bit better now. I still cough a lot though.
But I have this strange habit to just stop drinking meds after a certain day has elapsed. I have this paranoid fear that my body will be full of toxins and no amount of water would flush it away from my system! Yeah I'm not really a big fan of meds! I can only tolerate vitamins. So yesterday I didn't drink any medicine at all despite being bugged by this dry pesky cough which burns my chest every time I well I cough!

It was a restful few days. Thankfully D had no work on Monday (his day off) and Tuesday (it was Araw ng Maynila) so he took good care of yours truly. A rather stubborn patient who acts like a spoiled brat when he tells me to eat more to regain my appetite. Sometimes in my paranoia I wonder where his unconditional support stems from. Does he expect something in return? Then I knock myself back to my senses and chalk it all up to L-O-V-E. I mean what else can it be, right?

Well I better ransack my book shelf for that cook book so that the cinigang na hipon I will attempt to cook later will be edible enough! Teehee!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday I woke up early so I could go with D in the morning.
The norm is for him to drop me off at my former residence.
My comfort zone where I loiter before my sister and I go off on several errands.
The agenda for that day was to head to Shang Cineplex, early so we could watch more French films before we run out of tickets.
After a filling lunch at Pho Hoa, Libis, I suddenly developed a high fever, I felt weak and had sore throat. So I decided to just go back to the condo and rest.
In the hope that I would feel better for the 8pm show. I texted D that I got fever then promptly fell asleep. At 5pm I got a message from my husband that he was going to pick me up, he won't attend his 6pm class and he sternly ordered me to forget about the film.
By then typhoon "Frank" was wreaking havoc with strong winds and heavy downpour.
So yes I've been sick for the past few days. The howling winds, the incessant rain did little to dampen my already weak spirit.
But the best thing about being sick is having a loving husband who cooks nilaga for me. He makes sure I drink my meds and he doesn't want me to do anything but rest.

Hmmm what more can I ask for?

Except that I get rid of this cough, asap!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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A list of things I still need getting used to now that I am married

1. To always wear our wedding ring. Normally D gets up before me then he rushes off to work and in the process forgets to wear his wedding ring. During the day he will text me and apologize. So funny when he does that! It seems like he feels guilty about it. It's fine by me! It happens, right?

2. Going shopping together. Before the start of a new school year, D goes shopping for clothes. Till now, I feel awkward when I'm at the men's fitting room area at the department store. Suddenly I turn into this fashion expert kuno and need to give D my opinion about his fashion sense. I mean what on earth do I know about men's fashion? They all look alike to me. Hehehe But in fairness to D, his tall physique makes it easy for him to buy clothes specifically pants. He doesn't need to have them cut for his height.

3. To expound on # 2. The odd thing is I am still not comfortable shopping for my own clothes with my hubby. Although he insists on accompanying me to go shopping, so far I have managed to hold off on this task. I know I should be thankful I have a husband who encourages me to shop but what the heck I prefer to shop with my sister. :D

4. The look on people's faces when D introduces me as his wife. It makes me wonder if I live up to the image they have of me. Yeah I worry too much sometimes.

5. Last but certainly not the least, the snide remarks which they pass off as jokes. I'm referring to those statements which his friends blurt out when they are first introduced to me. Phrases like "Oh siya ba yun owner ng black car na nakaparada dati sa tapat ng bahay mo?" or "Sino yun kasama mo last month?" or worse "Pre, bagong kasal ka pala kaya pumapayat ka! Panay exercise mo no?" I suppose it's all in good fun to joke around that way. But for the life of me I still don't get this practice of teasing someone about his former gfs when obviously he married someone else! Does this make me seem like a jealous wife? Perhaps! But I was brought up to always be polite to strangers. So I believe the proper thing to do is to simply congratulate the newly wed couple and wish them the best and not resort to jokes which may offend either parties.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

1 month wedding anniversary
Yes time does fly! It has been one month. So far I've already slept 1 night away from my husband when my sister and I went to watch a film at the French Film Festival at Shang Cineplex. It was at 8pm. So instead of letting my sister drive all the way to Project 8, I crashed at my former residence. I slept like a baby in my old room with the air con at full blast. That was blissful. Unfortunately an air con is a luxury he cannot afford at this moment. Oh well! At least my husband is understanding enough to let me spend the night at my old place whenever I feel like it. Teehee!

Anyways today being Father's day, I only greeted my dear old dad because D isn't going to be a father just yet. Not that I am disappointed because my plan is to wait until October before we conceive. If possible, wait till next year. So I'm fine. But somehow I sense that D was disappointed ... hmmm well. What can I say? Even though I am already hitting the 4-0 mark this year, I still feel I'm inadequately equipped to be a mother. Strange no?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The first thing I do when I wake up (aside from kissing my husband) is to switch on the computer and watch a slide show of our wedding pictures.

I know it sounds strange. The reason I do so is to make me realize that it actually happened. It was over before I knew it.

I remember waking up at 6:30 in the morning on May 15, 2008 feeling refreshed despite tossing and turning in my bed at that suite at the Holiday Inn, Galleria. At 7 AM sharp, Ed the make up artist was knocking at the door. He proceeded to do my make up first. I figure he must have stuck over a dozen hairpins maybe even more to transform my hair into a clean chignon. He was over zealous with the hairspray that I was thinking Al Gore might get angry at me for causing a huge hole in the ozone layer.

At around 8:15 am D texted me that he was already at the chapel along with his mother and some relatives. That was a good sign. The previous night I texted him to please be on time for our wedding (he has a tendency to show up late!) or else I won't talk to him for 15 months! He he he

By 9 AM I was all set for my grand entrance even though my sister who went ahead told me to show up at around 9:30. But I was getting impatient. I didn't want to make a big scene so instead of waiting for the car to pull up the driveway of the hotel, I walked in my heels taking care not to step on my gown down to the parking lot. But since there is no covered parking at the church, I had to pass by the main altar to get to the chapel. I was cringing as people kept staring at me. I don't like being the main attraction.

Anyways the minute I entered the chapel and saw D looking distinguishably dashing in his pina barong, all my worries simply vanished away. =) The ceremony itself started right on time. It went by so fast. I was giggling the entire time. We kept looking at each other and didn't know what to do. This move merited a comment from the officiating priest that it was obviously our first time to get married since we were groping and very hesitant in our movements. The main highlight for me was when the officiating priest told us after he gave the final blessing: "Now you may kiss the bride. Your first kiss ... in this chapel". Complete with a participatory countdown from our guests! That was really hilarious!

The lunch at the Shanghai Bistro at Eastwood City in Libis was yummy. We feasted on their set menu # 4. It consisted of really delicious well blended combination of several dishes. To name a few, we had dried scallop soup with shredded duck, Crispy shrimp hot salad, steamed Garoupa in soy sauce, stewed black mushroom with broccoli. We got compliments from our guests that the food was very tasty.

By 3pm, the lunch was drawing to a close. I changed into a little blue dress. We thanked all the guests who attended by gifting them with giveaways. Then my sister (the main 'event' organizer of my special day who did everything to make sure it was really 'successful') drove us to the Linden Suites for our honeymoon kuno. The place where we remained scooped in for 3 days and 2 nights totally unaware that it was stormy outside. Teehee!

So even though May 15, 2008 just whizzed by so fast, there is nothing I would change. Our wedding was as solemn, cosy and intimate as I wanted it to be. =)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I have some alone time. Don't get me wrong.
I am not complaining or anything.
I still love being married barely one month after we tied the knot.
But spending all that time together can be a bit disconcerting for me.
I guess my independent streak tends to rear his ugly head from time to time.

Classes started today hence I'm now all alone in our house. A house that has now taken a semblance of a home after we finally transferred my things here, yesterday. My computer is now in the second bedroom, D arranged the telephone lines so I can log online and at long last start to seriously blog and earn in the process. I've missed being online all day just staring at the screen for hours on end.

But I guess I have other priorities now. Like for instance be a better wife in terms of cooking, cleaning and tidying up the place. In short stop being such a spoiled brat and lazy poke at that and step up to the tasks! Or else there is a possibility I will starve to death or run the risk of surviving on canned goods for the rest of my life. Either way as I mentioned earlier I ain't complaining at all. I'm still happy as a clam.

But hmmm you guys should probably ask me in a few days time if I still enjoy my alone time. Suddenly there is this tiny feeling sneaking up on me now. I do miss my husband, after all. Either that or the hunger pangs are making me delusional. I realize that this post is pretty senseless so I better end it before I embarrass myself and ruin my highly esteemed intelligent blogger reputation, kuno. Naks! =)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Time off
I had merely been married for 10 days when I took off with my family (my sister and my parents). We watched a concert at the PICC. "Lea (Salonga): My Life on Stage" last Saturday, May 24, 2008.

I was still exhausted from commuting to and from Quiapo with mother in law. As well as adjusting to the new place and married life so it was a very much welcomed break. Quite unexpected surprise too courtesy of my sister who had complimentary tickets.

I was able to dress up for the occasion, wear heels and some make up. It was a refreshing change from my (now) normal 'housewifely' attire of jeans, t-shirt, walking shoes and wavy hair in a ponytail.

It was a walk down memory lane as Lea enthralled us with songs from her younger days as Annie, being the front act of Menudo, her numerous stints on stage (both Broadway and West End) to her marriage and motherhood phase. I've always been a big fan of her voice as well as her ability to rise above the ordinary crop of 'birit' queens and she makes us proud to be Filipino.

I enjoyed myself immensely. A nice bonding time with my family who have missed me terribly since I got married. I was entertained for a full 2 and half hours.

Thank God for pleasant surprises! =)