Jack Bauer

Friday, September 04, 2009

One of my fave TV shows is "24". It chronicles a day in the life of federal agent Jack Bauer. So you have 24 episodes in one season. Each week you are shown an hour of fast paced action, intricate side plots that unfold one after the other (sometimes all together) amidst a complex central story line.

Its main elements usually involves some rogue agent/foreign terrorist group threatening to destroy America. Either through a chemical attack like weapons of mass destruction aimed at a city or some bio hazard material that will poison the water system. At the forefront is Jack Bauer who has to battle against time to prevent the disaster from erupting as well as unearth the real mastermind (some disgruntled former agent/the head of a big corporation you name it - they all have their axes to grind against the most powerful nation on earth) behind the attacks.

Almost all episodes are filled with explosive scenes of things blowing up. Countless loss of human lives, severe interrogation tactics, reprehensible torture methods and clandestine going ons that the government does to protect its citizens. Jack is normally aided by his loyal unit who are the best minds in the agency. The latest high tech equipments at their disposal. It is all very advanced with machines which can trace anything from your cellphone to the lamp posts on the street.

Me, I prefer to watch an entire season in one go. It is much more exciting that way. I don't have to wait for one whole week to pass before Jack Bauer prevents some major doomsday catastrophe from wrecking havoc. The series is now on its 7th season. This past week I spent my evenings (after dinner) absorbing 2 episodes (sometimes 3) in a row. For some strange reason, the DVD 'copy' only played in black and white on our TV, downstairs. I texted my father and asked if it was really in black and white. He said 'no' I tried it on my computer and lo and behold, it was colored. Weird stuff. But nevertheless I still persisted and I thoroughly enjoyed every single episode. Even if it meant watching Jack Bauer in black and white.

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