Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ultimate pet peeve

I knew something was wrong when my PC acted up a few days ago. I was still in the process of saving some of my files when it suddenly went 'blue screen' on me. I was still nursing a terrible cough so I let it slide. Actually I was surprised at how calm and collected I was unlike in previous cases I would succumb to a state of panic, rage and deep depression, all at once. I guess I am getting wiser in my 'old age'. Teehee!

Besides all my back up/recovery CDs were still stacked in some dust filled box at the condo so I was basically powerless to act on the problem. So after I watched "Julie and Julia" at the cinema (for some much needed distraction) I dropped by the condo to get the necessary 'tools' for the gargantuan task - reformat my PC.

Anyone familiar with this tedious task knows that it takes a lot of effort. You set up your OS, upgrade all the drivers, update the programs, upload all the softwares etc! As if that isn't headache inducing enough, try doing all that on a dial up connection and I'm sure you will understand my frustration.

On the positive side, while I'm waiting for the downloads to finish, I multitask. I pluck my bushy eyebrows, I cook meals, I fold laundry ... you know boring household chores. But I do rush up every now and then to check the downloads because they have a frustrating tendency to be cut off due to the lousy connection.

Another positive note is that I am mighty proud that I was able to format my PC by my lonesome self. It saves us the cost of hiring a technician! So I guess I should just stop complaining and 'enjoy' the task at hand, one slow download at a time.

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