Saturday, November 07, 2009


Ever since I got married, I noticed that I've gained weight! I'm not really blaming my husband for being a good cook and feeding me well. I guess I have no one to blame but myself. But the good thing is that I I don't really give a hoot about my weight nowadays because (1) I'm married now (2) I'm at the age where weight gain will permanently attach itself like a leech and (3) I can always use the "preggie" look to my advantage.

So I've adopted a way to hide my unsightly bulges - wear dresses if possible the loose "maternity" variety. But no I don't buy them at the plus size nor maternity section of stores, no way! Some of these dresses have been in my wardrobe for the longest time. Others were hand me downs from my sister (who lost weight while I ballooned!) and the rests I bought with my 'earnings'.

Two little black dresses - the one on the left with the spaghetti strap is a hand me down. While the shiny black velvety type was my standard 'formal' wear for ages.

These 3 dresses are all hand me downs. The aqua dress and the chiffon printed greyish dark pink dress are now getting a bit small for me to squeeze into. *Gasp*

I wore this black dress with embroidery to my 'despedida de soltera' lunch. While the dark blue flowery dress is the very first dress I bought way way back when I was still in university. Yes it is that old but thankfully it still fits!

These two dresses are recent purchases which I bought at Landmark in Trinoma. They have the cutest dresses in the market.

The one on the left is a woolen type dress I inherited from my sister. While the abstract printed purple dress on the right was bought just yesterday! =)

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