Monday, August 24, 2009

Another day, another sunset

the sun set over project 8

I suppose there are a number of reasons why I haven't updated this blog. Let's just say my activities lately aren't blog worthy. Who wants to read about a long winding post whether I should get a haircut or not. Or how I wrack my brains over what to cook for our meals. Or how I spend a considerable amount of my online time reading the status updates of my friends on Facebook. Or how I stress myself out over mundane things like irritatingly noisy neighbors, lousy cable TV service and warm balmy weather. Those aren't interesting at all. In fact, they merit a big yawn!

I figure I could write about my deepest fears and tribulations about my (reproductive) health, my marriage and my life in general. But for the sake of maintaining a positive attitude and in my quest to be stress free, I choose not to express them in writing. Worrying 24/7 is bad enough, reading about my insecurities might further vanquish my already fragile spirits.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that hopefully soon enough I will be able to dish out more enthusiastic blog posts. So stay tuned. I shall return!