Thursday, December 17, 2009

Block 6

Indulge me a bit as I just ramble out several random thoughts for my final post for this year.

*** I'd say 2009 was a good year for D & D!
*** D went on his first ever plane ride in February as the whole family went to HongKong.
*** May 2009, we celebrated our first year as a married couple sans fanfare.
*** Simple yet meaningful are the words which embodies our marital life.
*** We have each other, we are in good health, we get by financially.
*** Psychologically, I tend to be too emotional for my own good.
*** While D the ever alpha male seems rather stoic and indifferent.
*** But I guess to each his own, right?
*** We lost Papa Wel in October.
*** I never met D's father but considered it a major lost, nonetheless.
*** We or rather I decided it was time for medical intervention in our quest to become parents sometime mid October.
*** Each doctor appointment are mostly on a positive note.
*** Although I certainly do not appreciate the tests during every visit.
*** Yet I'm willing to do my part and bear it with loads of meds and smiles.
*** I try not to be discouraged when my doctor says it will take several months to 'fix' me.
*** My faith in God is like a see saw, I'm not ashamed to admit that.
*** Sometimes I'm on a high complete with novenas, rosaries and daily masses.
*** Other times I just succumb to laziness, even rage.
*** Traveling is my only refuge.
*** Even if it means commuting to my former residence for a change of scenery.
*** Of course it doesn't compare to actually sitting on a plane and watching the clouds roll by.
*** There is just too much excitement and anticipation before any trip that requires a passport.
*** Yet I don't really like the part where you prepare, sort out, arrange every single detail to make sure the trip is hassle free.
*** I guess I'm not as young as I thought I was as I get tired easily after just a few minutes of packing.
*** I need distractions to get me going.
*** This in turn makes me panic that I am not focused enough and forget to pack a vital item.
*** It's tough alright.
*** It makes it tougher when I just underwent a horrific testing procedure a couple days before I travel.
*** My mother even berated me for doing so and she worries I might not be fit to travel.
*** She is wrong. I might complain left and right but I'm a tough cookie and stick to my plan once it gets rolling.
*** Time is too short to simply rest on my laurels.
*** So here I am blogging while the luggage is wide open and needs immediate attention.
*** I still feel pretty sore so I distracted myself with online time.
*** D's sked is still pretty hectic until tomorrow.
*** That is if you call attending Christmas parties, hectic!
*** But there is an attendance sheet they must sign to prove they were at the party.
*** Then he has band practice. He plays the drums.
*** And our flight is early morning Saturday.
*** I booked an early morning flight so we don't waste one whole day traveling.
*** I believe I've done most of the things I need to attend to aside from the actual packing.
*** All those chores you tend to take for granted but only realize how important they were when you are under time constraints.
*** I am going to be holed up in a flat somewhere in Block 6 in that cluster of units in the Lion City for roughly 2 weeks.
*** And I do intend to enjoy myself to the tilt.
*** Without feeling the need to blog every detail of my stay.
*** Hmm how do I end this?
*** Probably just wish you all my few yet loyal readers the Merriest of Christmas and all the best for 2010. =)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Early Christmas gift

The saga continues vis a vis the numerous tests I need to undergo to determine my chances of motherhood. Today, I had what is known as HSG or a hysterosalpingogram. It is really an unpleasant procedure to determine any blockage in the fallopian tubes. I won't get into the gory details suffice to say it is painful and there is general discomfort which I would associate with really bad monthly cramps. The thing is I don't get cramps at all during my regular cycle so I feel really sore. Thank God for painkillers!
But hey the good news is that neither of my tubes are blocked! Unfortunately, I still need several more tests before I am 'successful'. And believe me, I'm certainly NOT looking forward to them next year but such is the journey of my life nowadays just to create a new life.

But this horrible day complete with horrendous traffic was capped by an early Christmas gift I got thru the postal office. Remember the blog contest I won c/o of Caryn? Well I got the package today! The bag of goodies includes a lovely black t-shirt, a book cover, a tote bag and zany kitkats!

Thanks Caryn for making my day easier to bear! =)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Christmas cheers

Just a few more weeks and Christmas will be upon us! Time does fly, doesn't it? Another year is drawing to a close, yet again.

I got exactly a week before D and I head for Singapore so I've been practically running all over town for last minute errands. It is difficult to maintain two households as I've been shuttling between the condo and our apartment here in Project 8. Making sure every bill has been paid, canceling newspapers/magazine subscriptions, doing laundry, then some packing but I keep changing my mind about what to bring, what not to bring hehehe. I'm tired! It doesn't help that my monthly cramps contributes to my cranky, sleepy state of mind. But still I try to be upbeat about the trip and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing my sister again.

Here's more pictures of the Christmas displays at the malls where I managed to do some Christmas shopping for my immediate family.

Dora the Explorer takes center stage at the Robinson's Galleria branch.

At Trinoma, they have these giant Christmas trees dangling from the ceiling. Actually they look like giant cocoons if you ask me but that's just my cranky, twisted mind talking!

This giant Christmas tree stands prominently at the Landmark entrance of the Trinoma Mall. The one located near the supermarket and food court.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Travel Bug

This morning D and I made hatid my parents to NAIA Terminal 3 for their Singapore trip. They will be staying there for a month. They are pretty excited to see my sister again as well as visit the country we called home for almost 3 years. A few days before their trip, we invaded the malls for some pasalubongs. This gave me the chance to snap those Christmas-y photos. Then at the condo, it was packing time. I tried my darnest best to make sure their luggage doesn't exceed the maximum kgs allowed. It was a bit daunting as my parents wanted to bring most of their personal stuff to make their one month stay as comfy as possible. Even though my sister insisted she could provide most of their needs. It was chaotic to say the least but still quite fun to rebond with my parents and their lovable eccentricities all over again.

This whole paragraph is a prelude to my blog entry to another blog contest which promises fabulous prizes. I discovered the contest thru one of my fave bloggers (Hi Kayni!)

Kumareng Grace is giving away great prizes to her 3 of your favorite places contest.

My three favorite places:
1. Jerusalem, Israel

I consider this pilgrimage as one of my holiest travel destinations. It was in 2000, a few days before the late Pope John Paul II's visit so security was quite tight. But this meant that most if not all of the historical/religious sights were spruced up. The trip was hectic and short but very solemn and a spiritually uplifting experience.

2. Paris, France

Even though I've been to the City of Lights several times now it never ceases to amaze me with its delights. Be it culinary, touristic, historical, architectural and everything else in between. You will never run of things to explore and experience with gusto.

3. Tagaytay, Cavite Philippines

Locally I just can't get enough of this little (now booming city) volcano town. Just a few kms from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, I always feel an aura of serenity whenever I stare at the Taal volcano. The weather is sublime, the air quite fresh and there are several establishments to cater to every whimsical fancy.

The three places I dream of going to:
1. Cairo, Egypt - to see the majestic pyramids!
2. New York City, USA - to watch as many Broadway (and off Broadway) plays as my budget can accommodate!
3. Sydney, Australia - to see the Grand Opera house and to be able to say I went to the Land Down Under!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

"We got it all for you!" part 2

Yesterday I was at the SM mall closest to my heart. The one at Edsa, Ortigas because it is located near my previous residence. It does have everything you need under one wide roof. I was there for my usual First Friday mass sojourn. A monthly 'ritual' I look forward to where I rendezvous with my parents in a familiar haunt. So I took these pictures of its Christmas decors.

It seems these red snowflakes are the common Christmas design theme for the Sy family owned malls.

Their newest wing, the Atrium has a snow village and a festive canopy on the ground floor.

While the department store itself has these simple yet elegant giant Christmas balls for their ornaments.