Tuesday, January 05, 2010

We're back

After 16 days of great fun, we got back Sunday afternoon. We left with a single Samsonite luggage weighing 22.2 kgs and came back with 2 luggages with a total of 31.5 kgs! Good thing we didn't pay anything for excess baggage. I guess the guy at the counter thought it was just a measly 1.5 kgs overweight and let it pass. Hehehe

Our visit (for me anyhow) felt like a long overdue reunion. It was my 2nd time to return to Singapore after we lived there almost 15 years ago. Yes it has been that long. Goodness! Naturally a lot has changed for the best. The MRT line has expanded, the bus stations now have a listing of the bus routes, there are newer malls, more tourist attractions to visit, the landscape has changed and dare I say the Singaporeans are more friendlier nowadays!

My sister was such a gracious host and even had welcome gifts to make our stay as comfy as possible. Her flat was pristine clean and spacious enough to accommodate 5 people. It is located in a quiet, neat neighborhood. There are hawker centers (cheap eateries), shops, supermarkets and everything you needed within walking distance. It was centrally situated and easily accessible to any part of the city. You could simply hop on a bus, take the MRT or easily flag down a cab to reach your chosen destination.

A lil gazebo at Block 6, Holland Close

The best part is the greenery! There were sheltered pathways, covered gazebos, elevated canopies connecting the block of buildings along with beautifully landscaped scrubs, tall trees and manicured grass lawns. It was such a gorgeous sight to behold nature within the urban jungle. Even at night, it was well lighted up.

Singapore is truly a great place to visit and live in. You feel safe, there is an efficient transportation system, it is pollution free, no (heavy) traffic, a shopping paradise catering to all sectors of society, many tourist attractions to visit ... the list goes on ... but I like to say that there is truly really no place like jolly old Pinas. It feels good to be home! =)

Holland Close

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