A new Month

Monday, March 01, 2010

Well it is only March and it seems summer is already upon us in full force. Tsk tsk, this El Nino phenomenon is really really letting us have it full blast ha! Not nice especially for me who hates hot, humid blazing sun climate.

But what to do?

I live on a tropical archipelago. I've also unfortunately been blessed or rather cursed with active sweat glands which is very unpleasant.

Well anyhoo, March is also the month that classes for this year will formally end. So hubby will be mostly home and will be busy with recording grades and issuing late class cards to his irregular students. So more lovey dovey bonding time.

I'm also looking forward to rearranging our bedroom set up. I mean reposition the furniture to make space for the second Tv, upstairs. Yes we decided to get the old Tv fixed and much to our contentment, the cost was rather minimal. So voila TV in the bedroom it is!

Next we are exploring a way to squeeze into our budget, a DSL connection. Yeah yeah yes we still rely on dial up for our Internet needs. Pathetic! I know but way way easier on the pocket. So hopefully with a faster connection, I can make use of free torrents to catch the latest episodes of my fave Tv shows. But this is all still under consideration, we are still weighing the pros and cons of this extra expense.

What are you looking forward to this month? =)

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