Saturday, October 30, 2010

Of manicures and weddings

Last Saturday, we attended a wedding. The dress code was strictly formal so I figured I needed to get a manicure and pedicure. Since I don't relish other people touching my feet, I decided to do it myself.

My usual nail polish color is flaming red. I started with my toes first then struggled a bit with my fingers since I'm not really a professional manicurist. While I was drying them off, D asked me nonchalantly "What color is your dress?" I answered "purplish pink".

Then I promptly changed the color of my nail polish to mauve. You must be wondering "why?"

Well in my 2 years of marriage, I've somehow learned whenever D asks me something about my wardrobe, it either means:

(1) I need to change to something more 'suitable' for his conservative taste - no cleavage, no short skirts, no flimsy attires.

(2) I have to tone down my wild ways - flaming red nail polish on my fingers is too (for lack of a better word) vampy and scandalous!

(3) I need to act my age, period!

Blah. :D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The ABCs of Me

The ABCs of Me:

Advocate for: Anti Littering

Book: Just done reading "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Career: Wife (is that a career?)

Dreams: Traveling to far flung places, Winning the Lottery and Owning a house

Essential items: Glasses, cellphone and tweezers

Favorite song or music: The Beatles

Good at: I don't know what it is called but I'm good at sorting out technical problems. For instance figuring out what to do when my computer conks out or when the TV remote won't work and nope it isn't a simple case of replacing the battery. :D

Hobby: Watching movies

Instrument you play: None

Junkie: Peanuts, yogurt, iced tea

Kindred Spirit: My sister and my friend M

Little known fact: I flunked Economics during my 2nd year at UST and had to take make up summer classes to pass with a pasang awa grade of 3!

Memorable moment: My wedding

Name of best friend(s): My sister

Occasional indulgence: Hair treatment

Phobias: Cockroaches, Dark Places

Quote you like: This too shall pass

Reason to smile: My sister is coming home for the holidays

Sorry about: not visiting Egypt to see the Pyramids when I had the chance

Things that are worrying you right now: My infertility problems

Uninterested in: Local movies and asparagus

Vegetable you love: Cauliflower

Worst traits: Laziness, always thinking about the negative aspects of everything

X-marks my ideal vacation spot: Paris

Yummiest Dessert: Choco Mint Ice Cream

Zodiac sign: Libra

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's in a name?

42 years ago, I was officially baptized with the name "Daphne Laura". But when I went to get my baptismal certificate as one of the numerous documents required to get a marriage license, my name was erroneously entered as "Daphne Raura".

In all my school records, official documents (passports, voter's i.d) my diploma my name is simply "Daphne". I figure my mother simplified it to accommodate my very long surname (now my maiden name).

Ever since I can recall, all my relatives know me as "Net". While all of my friends call me "Daph". I've also been called hon, honey, baby, babe and hotness (yeah that's really corny!) as a term of affection by my ex lovers.

Now the funny thing is that when I got married naturally D had to introduce me to his friends, his relatives and his colleagues. Well he tagged me as "NET" not "Daphne" or "Daph". I once asked him why and he said it is easier to pronounce Net than Daphne.

Well I sort of agree with him but somehow I don't like the idea that I have to answer to "Net" when that nickname is EXCLUSIVELY reserved for my immediate family and relatives. But I reckon it is too late to change my 'name' back to "Daph" when I am now officially known as "Net Franco" in his circle.

I know I am making a big deal over such a trivial matter but I do have a point, di ba? :D

Monday, October 25, 2010

In the Doldrums

A certain listless sense of ennui has enveloped me for the past 3 weeks or maybe even longer than that. And being sick twice in 1 month doesn't help, at all. Of course no one wants to get the sniffles but for me it is doubly difficult. I seem to go through a really horrible cycle of very bad colds with fever which eventually turn into a dry whooping cough that feels like someone has stepped on my constricted chest.

I can't function properly. I lose my appetite. Sleeping is a major discomfort. Then add in the never pleasant monthly visitor that totally drains me physically and mentally. In short, I haven't been my usual happy go lucky self. And truthfully it sucks big time.

I don't like feeling this way. It makes me contemplate more that I need to. I worry about a million things. I get overtly emotional. I would suddenly just break down and cry for no apparent reason. And during the most ill opportune moments too!

For instance at the supermarket while grocery shopping. Certainly strange but mostly embarrassing to say the least. How would you react if you saw a grown woman burst into tears at the produce section? Probably think she was a lunatic or an escaped mental patient, right?

During my birthday, I had a good excuse not to celebrate - it was stormy. But truthfully I was not in the mood to be all cheerful and happy just because I happened to turn a year older. I'm too fatigued to psycho analyze myself. I just want to get my groove back!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The birthday that was

The weather outside was frightful.
But inside we were delightful.

We (hubby and me the birthday girl) had cake:

We had pancit malabon:

And we had Max's chicken:

What more can a (42 y.o) girl ask for? =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today in History

October 19, 1968 - I made my grand entrance at 2 in the morning at the Trinity Hospital in Sta. Ana, Manila. I was a tiny baby because I weighed only 4.8 lbs. Now as the clock strikes twelve and I usher in my 42nd year, I only wish for one thing - world peace. :D

And that this really fierce storm which is causing torrents of rain to drop on my rooftop (with strong winds to boot) to stop wreaking havoc on our already badly battered nation. Amen.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's take a walk

One of my fave places in this bustling city is the Greenbelt shopping mall. It has evolved from a small shopping arcade to an upscale mall set within luscious greenery and a koi pond. Within its premises, it has boutiques, stores, restaurants, a chapel, 2 cinema theaters (one at the original Greenbelt and at Greenbelt 3) and a park.

Plus the place holds special meaning for me since it is where D and I had our first date. 3 years ago on a hot and humid Saturday, we finally met for the first time. I remember getting there early so I browsed muna at Powerbooks. Then we just made it in time for the Anticipated Mass at the Chapel. Afterwards, we watched a movie (Spider Man 3) then capped the evening with dinner at Teriyaki Boy. Back then, I had no idea that rendez vous would culminate in a marriage - 29 months exactly today! =)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Living la vida condo

I'm back after a hectic 12 days filled with movies, dining on food I'm NOT allowed to eat and bonding moments with my parents who never cease to amaze me with their energetic stride even though they are now in their 70s.

I watched 7 Spanish films and 2 Hollywood movies. I stayed up as late as I could without dozing off. Despite the fact that I would be reading in bed. Yet somehow I managed to wake up refreshed and with a vigor I haven't experienced for some time now. That's strange. But it's hard to explain.

Maybe this view from my window did its part in calming my soul?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Just a quick post before I go watch another film at the Spanish film festival. It is about friendship on where else but the massively appealing social network known as Facebook. I go for quality NOT quantity as far as my contacts are concerned. As much as possible I only add the following people: (1) relatives and (2) friends.

Now the friends category can be further divided into (1) former classmates - even though I barely spoke to some of them during high school but at least I do know them physically. (2) really close friends or kabarkada whose friendships have endured even though we don't see each other as often due to conflicts of our schedules or they now live in a different continent. (3) other bloggers whose blogs I have been reading for a long time so I feel a certain affinity with them.

Now my question is this: Is it bad of me not to add people I have never met but only heard of through my marriage? Also what's up with the kids of these people who have the temerity to request to be added as a friend?

In the first place, I am of the opinion that young kids shouldn't have their own facebook pages at all. I figure most of them are made by their mothers but duh it just comes out as a popularity contest when young kids should simply enjoy their childhood without worrying who has the most friends on their list, right?

My major pet peeve though is that these people are the ones who have the gall to keep asking or commenting in some form or another "when will we have a baby?". Well they ask the hubby pero sa totoo lang it merely adds to my stress instead of encouraging me when I see their comments posted on FB for the whole wide world to see/read!!!

But you know what? I do end up confirming their requests because they might think I was 'mayabang' or a snob. But I do it under much duress ha and not out of affinity, affection, consanguinity or whatever reason they might be.

Ok I'm done with my rambling rant! Time to go and amuse myself. :D

Friday, October 01, 2010


Alright so I'm off again to catch some Spanish films at Pelicula: 9th Spanish Film Festival.

Happy October!

Hasta la bye bye for now!