Friday, November 11, 2011

Recipe finder

I admit I was a spoiled brat. Growing up, my mother would prepare all of our meals and I would just show up at the dining table to eat. :D But I did know how to chop ingredients, boil water, fry meat from canned goods. I was good in tasting though. My mom would trust my palette and make me taste the dishes to see if it needed more seasoning.

I got married 3 years ago and luckily D knows how to cook. He is my top chef, master chef all rolled into one. But he works long hours so as not to starve, I learned to make simple dishes. My mom is just a text message away so I can ask her anything.

The Internet is loaded with informational websites which feature various recipes for dinner ideas. Over at recipe finder, you simply type in a dish and many options show up on screen. It has a menu finder which is easy to use. The recipes come with its own instructional video so you can view how each dish is prepared.

Great! Now I have no excuse to stay away from the kitchen. There's what I decided to cook for tonight's dinner: Beef Mechado.

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