Monday, January 31, 2011

Intriguing statement

You see, it is a fact that D was already ehem 43 years young when we got married. I guess you can say he took his own sweet time to settle down. So whenever I am first introduced as D's wife, people tend to react in different ways. Mostly they are delighted he finally got hitched. Others tend to crack some joke that sometimes are funny, other times are not. Naturally, I reckon they are curious about the person he chose to be his partner for life. That would be tiny me! :D

On more than a few occasions, they would burst out the phrase "Oh siya ba asawa mo? Ang ganda pala!" or some variation of that statement. Of course I would smile or shake their hands or do both. But I tell you, it never fails to intrigue me.

What exactly would compel someone to blurt out such a statement?
(1) That I am indeed beautiful?
(2) That his former gfs were ugly?
(3) That D is ugly?
(4) They are just being polite
(5) All of the above

I laughed when I first heard that. When I quizzed D about it, he jokingly replied "Hoy, pogi naman ako ha!" But after I've heard it several times from several people I really don't know what to make of it. Alright, so I might sound like I am making a big fuss over it. I'm not. Seriously. I'm merely baffled.

Maybe you can help me decipher it, what do you think they mean? :D

Friday, January 28, 2011

A creature of habit

So while I tend to get bored easily, there are certain things I never grow tired of. For instance when it comes to TV shows, I am quite loyal to shows I've been watching for over 10 years now. To mention a few - Amazing Race, Survivor and American Idol.

This talent show is now on its 10th season, with fresh new judges to give solicited advice to the contestants. Randy Jackson is back along with Jennifer "Jenny from the Block" Lopez and front man of the band Aerosmith Steven Tyler. So while they are not as 'mean' as Simon Cowell, they give good feedback to the contestants. I find it cute how Steven Tyler would close his eyes and listen intently when he likes someone.

I like watching American Idol because it gives a nobody a chance to share her/his God given voice with the world. Another reason is I get to hear songs which I'm familiar with as well as songs I've heard but don't know who the artist(s) are. Or sometimes I discover new songs which will now form part of my musically inclined mind.

Now I can't get enough of this song by The Script called "Break even"

American Idol is shown on Thursdays and Fridays at 6pm on QTV (channel 24) and Star World (channel 48). It has repeat telecasts at 8pm on both channels.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Whenever I find myself in a Malaysian/Singaporean restaurant, I more often than not always order the Nasi Goreng. It is basically spicy fried rice served with 2 sticks of satay, fried chicken, some veggies and kropek. There is also a fried egg placed on top of the rice. The flavor comes from the fried rice which is blended with a special rice paste which gives the Nasi (rice) a slightly orange, yellowish hue. I love it because it is a complete meal in itself. You don't have to order any viand to go with the rice. I tend to specify that it should be mildly spicy and not flaming hot spicy which would ruin my taste buds.

Among the many pasalubongs which my generous sister gave me were sachets of Nasi Goreng rice paste/powder. Now whenever I have rice leftovers, I sprinkle a few drops of the paste and voila I have my Nasi Goreng fix. Sometimes, I add some peas, carrots and scrambled eggs to enhance the taste. Other times, I just eat it plain. But mostly I end up eating too many carbs which isn't really good for my diet regimen but who cares? It is so yummy. I always forget to take a picture because I'm too busy devouring it.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holiday economics

The previous administration used to implement several 3 day weekends. Holidays were adjusted to coincide either on Fridays or Mondays. So while it was good for families to have a weekend break, I wasn't in favor of this scheme.

The fact is that most people would forget the exact date as well as the relevance of that holiday. Actually, I once overheard our neighbor's kid saying he was glad there were no classes. Yet when he was quizzed why, he just openly declared because it was a 3 day weekend. It certainly isn't a good thing for our future generation to have no idea about the historical significance of a holiday.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

MJ lives on

It has been over a year since we lost Michael Jackson, unfortunately. Yet it is reassuring to know that his legacy will continue to strive through his music. "Hold My Hand" is one of the songs he was able to finish recording with Akon. It will be included in one of the albums to be released, posthumously. That way, we along with the future generation won't ever forget him!

Moody blues

It can be difficult to clearly define what can push a person into depression. I believe it is mostly triggered by some traumatic experience. The stress and pressure from such incidents can be overwhelming to accept and/or recover from.

But nowadays there are several facilities which can ease these problems. I believe it is important to first acknowledge that there is indeed something wrong with a person. Then once they properly identify the problem then they can consult a Mood Disorder Treatment Clinic for treatment. A good Psychological Treatment Center must be duly operated and run by licensed professionals who will help our loved ones make a quick recovery.

We must also erase the stigma that once someone is admitted into a Depression Treatment Center, that person will ruin his reputation. It is imperative that we support the person for seeking help for a problem that sometimes is beyond his/her control.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Key phrase questions

My recently fixed computer is now in full swing. I've managed to upload all the softwares and applications I use on a daily basis. As well as bookmark all the websites I visit, browse or peruse for my 'professional' and personal pleasure.

It seems well no it is indeed a fact that nowadays a 8-10 alphanumeric word controls our web existence. Passwords are needed for everything - from online banking, checking emails, e-commerce websites to access social networks, opportunities sites etc.

When I first started my online activities, I used the same password (no I won't reveal it!) to access everything. It was practical to do so not to mention easier to memorize and have it inculcated in my brain cells.

But as you all very well know, every 3 months or so, they inform you that you need to replace or change your password for security purposes. That's when things got complicated. It got a bit stressful to retain in my forgetful brain which websites used my original password and which ones only accepted the new one.

After a while, it all became a complex task. A trial and error process would ensue each time. Numerous emails were sent back and forth to the administrators of the sites requesting for a temporary password so I could gain access. In fact I even forgot the answers to those key phrase questions which they post to make it easier for you in case you forgot your 'mighty' password.

Of course, I could write them all down on some notebook but I'm hugely paranoid that someone might get a hold on them and use them to steal my online identity. Now that in my humble opinion is way too risky and way too scary a scenario to endure. So I will just stick to my old tested method of trial and error, mind you!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hot seasoning

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

My taste buds are slightly moderate. I tend to veer towards salty and sweet flavors. My hubby on the other hand can handle spicy to hot dishes. I figure it has something to do with his maternal heritage.  Whenever we dine out, he would be the one to reach for any hot sauce available to spice up his meal.

More often than not, it would be TABASCO® Original Red

He would sprinkle this flaming spicy sauce on everything. From pizza, fried chicken to soups and even dishes which are already smoking hot. His palette can easily handle the 'heat'. 

One of my regular recipes to cook is Chili Con Carne. It is quite simple. Just mix ground beef, bell peppers, tomato sauce with kidney beans together along with the usual onions and garlic. The trick is to make it really spicy by adding cayenne pepper and of course Tabasco. No wonder D loves it and would fill his plate with rice and my chili con carne.

If you are in the mood for some hot flaming dishes check out Game-Day Party Menu.  It offers many ideas and interesting recipes that will guarantee a full stomach.  For pizza lovers everywhere, be sure to browse Pizza Perfected. Their mouth watering page will make you reach for the phone and order your favorite pizza.

With football season in full swing, I'm sure everyone is excited to watch the Super Bowl. Naturally pizza will be part of the game day tradition. Any pizza with a sprinkle of Tabasco Original Red will definitely enhance the flavor.

Tabasco Original Red truly holds the flag for flaming hot sauces!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Your wish is my command

This is my entry to dear Kayni's birthday blog party. She is turning a year wiser, this month. And she is so generous to be giving away gifts, instead of the other way around. =)

My birthday wishes for her are:
Kindred souls to surround you with love.
Adventurous trips to explore.
Youthful disposition to take the wrinkles away.
New ideas so you won't ever get bored.
Inspiration in any form, size and shape to make you smile.

I only have one fervent wish for myself. It is a pretty emotional one as it involves my dear sister. I wish her surgery will vastly improve her failing health. Amen!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fashion at the Golden Globes 2011

The Golden Globes are presented annually to honor the best in both the film and TV industry. I like how the Hollywood Foreign Press Association combines both medium in one show with Ricky Gervais as its host for this year.

I've seen some of the films nominated, while the rest are in my file of movies to watch. I just need to find the time to do so. As for the TV shows, some I watch, some I'm familiar with while the rest don't make it to this part of the world.

This year, these lovely gowns make it to my list of best dressed.

Natalie Portman who won as best actress for "Black Swan" is one of my favorites. She is cute and talented. Here she manages to hide her baby bump in a subtle way.

You need a nicely shaped face to be able to pull off such a short haircut. And Michelle Williams succeeds both in her ruffled gown and her hairdo.

I think that Nicole Kidman can wear anything and get away with it. Here she is luminous as ever with her simple yet elegant off-white gown.

I like how Jennifer Lopez added that sheer bolero to accentuate her simple Grecian inspired flowing white gown.

Claire Danes' hot pink long dress is elegant and stylish and fits her body shape quite well.

Julie Bowen who stars in one of the most funny TV shows (Modern Family) looks radiant. Her light gray gown with flowery accents suits her skin tone.

Ok so this vampy red gown worn by January Jones from Mad Men certainly DOESN'T make my list of best dressed. Yet I included it because when D saw her, he said 'ganda ng suot niya'. I simply snickered with my eyes rolling in all directions. Then I teasingly asked my beloved hubby 'would it be possible for me to wear something like that?'. His answer "absolutely NOT". We both ended up laughing so loud!

I don't have the body to pull off something ehem that thrashy nor would my social calendar ever merit me to wear any gown, elegant or vampy for that matter. :D

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby buns

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

We all know that babies are fragile and delicate little beings. They need to be pampered and taken care of all the time. Sometimes they will cry for no particular reason.  Actually they are experiencing some state of discomfort so they express it through wailing and bawling their eyes out. Poor little ones.

One source of discomfort for babies would be the irritating diaper rash.  Of course there are many products available in the market to treat these rashes.

A friend of mine had a particularly fussy newborn. Little Madison or Maddie for short would cry all the time for hours on end.  Preccie was at her wits end until her pedia recommended an product which she guaranteed would help solve Maddie's terrible diaper sores.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste is a pediatrician recommended ointment guaranteed to soothe baby's sore buns. It contains 16% zinc oxide and Peruvian balsam. It cleans off easily and comes in a pleasant scent.  It is available in different convenient sizes with a flip top cap.

It is easy to carry especially if you are traveling a lot. You can just throw it in your bag and you are ready for any diaper rash emergency that can occur at any given time.

This effective diaper rash care was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show,  Today Show, Tonight Show as well as published in People Magazine. You can avail of a free sample simply by visiting their website.

Now Maddie is a cute happy baby and dare I say so is Preccie who isn't so frustrated anymore!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Last year, I've lamented several times in various posts about my computer woes. Well at long last, today my desktop computer has been revived and restored to its former glory c/o our reliable technician on call. Whoop! He replaced the hard drive and re-installed the operating system. I am still quite loyal to Windows XP and won't budge on any newer versions which I believe are still filled with bugs.

Now it is up to me to customize the look and feel of my 'brand new' PC with the many programs and applications I use on a daily basis. It is like tinkering with a new toy. It is an exciting, exhilarating feeling that only a fellow geek techie would grasp.

Although I will miss using the very handy CERA (my sister's ACER laptop) I am thankful I had a backup device to use while HPee was out of circulation. I'm constantly glad for my many blessings!

Now excuse me, I need to restart my PC for the nth time as it keeps updating and updating. :D

Car registrations

Every June and October of each year, my dad needs to register our two cars. Two weeks because the due dates, he would get all the necessary papers ready and start the ball rolling.

He would start by calling several companies for free insurance quotes for cars. Since the vehicles are already over 8 years old, he would have a difficult time trying to convince insurance firms about the viability of the vehicles.

It is a long and tedious process of making phone calls. Some firms are easy to comply with since they simply require an email with pictures of the vehicles from every angles. While other companies would schedule dates for the insurers to personally inspect the cars.

More often than not, there would be many discussions of bargaining and negotiating for a good rate. A fair amount which is agreeable both for the vehicles as well as for our tight budget.

It takes a lot of patience and strong will power to achieve these tasks. Yet he insists it is a minor task since he firmly believes it is important to have a comprehensive and valid insurance for our cars. For him, it always pays to be insured.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Financial advice

A few months ago during a certain dry spell, I was advised to get my own domain name so I could increase my chances of adding to our finances. I admit I was a bit hesitant. I had several reservations. I read several articles about justhost review and other pertinent publications which listed the pros and cons about web hosting.

I am still on the fence about this matter. I just might jump into the fray and join the bandwagon. Or completely abandon the idea due to the extra effort it entails.

I will sleep on it, for now. I got other more worrying concerns to occupy myself with. Heh!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A few of my favorite things

I probably mentioned in some previous post I still consider my former residence, the 12th floor condo unit as my home. It is filled with precious memories of my wanderlust days. There are framed photos of me and my sister in various poses at different locations. Trinkets or souvenir items from our travels are also prominently displayed. We got magnets on our fridge. Wood carvings hanging from our ceiling and on our walls. While these items below are holding fort on the counter of the headboard of my single sized bed:

3 bottles filled with colorful sand, I purchased in Petra, Jordan.

A small wooden matchbox with a gold camel from Dubai, UAE.

A musical box with a painting of the Schronbrunn Palace in Vienna Austria.

This picture shows the intricate craft work inside the musical box. You have to turn the little thingie under the box to play the music. It plays the "Blue Danube".

A pin of the Argentina jersey was a souvenir of the 1982 World Cup soccer games. It's tiny and fits in the palm of my hand.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Light and easy Sunday

On the 7th day of the week, I like to take it easy. It helps that D is home so I am spoiled and pampered since he would do most of the household chores. This includes cooking so I'm also well fed. Yes I know I am very blessed and lucky. =)

I used to listen to the radio quite a bit when I was still single. It kept me abreast of songs which top the current billboard charts. But nowadays, my transistor radio has mostly ran out of batteries and I always forget to replace them. But thankfully there is always YouTube for me to get my music fix. And I also get to watch the videos so that is an added bonus.

I listen to a wide variety of songs. They can range from French songs, hits which were blasting on the air waves in the 70s, 80s and 90s to current chart busters. More often than not, I end up singing along even though sometimes I am out of tune. Well it depends on the song, really.

My LSS lately is "Just the Way You Are" by the latest sensation Bruno Mars. He happens to be half Pinoy, by the way. His mother is Pinay and he was born and raised in Hawaii. And if you look at him, he looks Pinoy in every sense of the word. I like the animated artwork in the video and admittedly even though the lyrics are mushy and a bit corny, they speak out to me in many ways. In fact it makes me think of my beloved hubby even though clearly the song is dedicated to a female.


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Making a list and checking it twice (daw!)

So after I forced my stash away in tiny closet and cabinet spaces, I got my notebook and started to make a list of things to do. After I filled up one whole page, I stopped midway on the second page because I felt like sorting through my desk to get rid of old utility bills, bank statements and junk mail. Then I left the mess on my bed because I got distracted by the smell of tinola being cooked by the hubby downstairs.

So last night as I was about to sleep, there were like a dozen things I started but didn't finish. Mainly because I didn't know where to store them (like old clothes in plastic bags) and now I got a house that is a lot messier than when I came back.

This morning I woke up early to sort out the mess but again got sidetracked by answering emails, uploading pictures on flickr and FB and playing Scrabble on FB. :D

I guess I just lost my battle to get organized. I blame it entirely on my scatter brain dead cells and my very short attention span.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Harvested loot

I left our house on December 15 with my big hand bag and 1 rectangular fluffy bag which contained a few clothes, underwear and toiletries so I could spend time with my sister at the condo.

This morning I returned with 5 plastic bags, my big hand bag and above mentioned fluffy bag. It would seem like I had just returned from an overseas trip. But nope I didn't even need a boarding pass!

My harvest as I like to call them is a result of shopping sprees and pasalubong goodies. I managed to buy 4 pairs of shoes, 3 jeans, 2 tops, 3 sets of underwear, a couple of cosmetics and a book. Now my main problem is to find some space in our tiny closet to accommodate my 'loot'.

The pasalubong goodies consists of Japanese crackers, packets of instant miso soup, canned goods, herbal tea, candies and an assortment of mixes. All of them courtesy of my sister who generously distributed them like a "Ninang". Now my tiny kitchen cabinets are stuffed with food items. No wonder I haven't been successful in losing weight. :D

Of course, I am eternally grateful for all the blessings I received this past Yuletide season both from my parents and my sister. I'm smiling in this picture because I'm wearing my new taupe blouse.

Now kindly excuse me as I need to attend to a backlog of household chores, blogging posts and everything else in between that has been neglected during my absence.


One of the many necessities in the T-shirt printing industry is the availability of a reliable artist/graphic designer. This person is hugely responsible for the sale of the t-shirts. His designs must be vivid, bright and attractive on different hues of tees. Some designs are elaborate while others are simple lettering types. Naturally, it all depends on the customer's desire.

Some tees also prominently display the company's logo on the front, back or even on the sleeves area. It is very helpful if the artist will offer some Logo Design Tips to his customers. It can contribute towards easing the decision making process for clients who are not quite familiar with digital t-shirt printing.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My First Blog Entry for 2011

Well I don't know about you guys (all 3 of you my loyal readers) but for me it seems that the Yuletide season simply whizzed by so fast. All the frenzied gift buying, the traffic induced stressful situations, the crowded malls - all led to December 25 - a day that I always found so anti-climatic because by the time it arrives you have overindulged, you are exhausted from the hectic activities, you have spent all your bonuses and maxed out your credit card. But in those days leading to the grand event - infinite memories are created!

Either way these memories are to be cherished and if you are the type who takes pictures of every single item you experience in your daily life well these memories are also captured in different poses and angles in pictures. Photos which eventually all end up being uploaded on Facebook for everyone to peruse, view, admire or gawk at like some animals in a zoo. :D

Anyway as I mentioned earlier, for me it seemed to all pass by so fast. One minute my sister was in town for the holidays. And I was spending every single night at the condo without my hubby who chose to stay in Q.C. Then today, January 4 she is at the airport waving farewell after spending 25 days here.

There were merry making moments where loads of food were consumed with gusto and happy smiles were permanently pasted on our faces. But there were also hospital visits, medication intake and various health concerns which naturally put a damper on our festivities.

These worrying health issues unfortunately continue to plague my sister but 2011 is a new year. And the premise goes that the beginning of anything new does bring with it a renewed sense of hope that as each day dawns we can expect and pray that everything will turn out for the best.

In light of these events, I've resolved to try to be a better me. In terms of eating healthier, in ensuring financial stability for D & D and to feed my spirituality with a firmer faith and prayerful devotion.

It seems simple enough to read my resolutions on paper but I know it can sometimes seem like an arduous task yet I remain positive it can be achieved not just for this year but beyond as well.

So let's just hope it is a good year for each and everyone of us! =)