Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Season's Greetings

D & I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas 
and Happy 2013

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Clash in personalities

There is a saying that traveling together can really fortify and/or harm a relationship.  Well something to that effect.  Case in point, the Amazing Race.  Most of the racers are either married or dating couples and you can really see how they bicker and fight with each other whenever they are racing under time pressure to win the million dollars.

Well D & I don't really need to go on the Amazing Race to prove that point. I was brought up to always be ready way in advance for any trips.  I would sort out my clothes, accessories, toiletries to bring several weeks before any trip. Then I would list down all the last minute items I needed to pack on the day itself. 

D, on the other hand would simply shrug and tell me it was way too early to pack for trips. His nonchalant attitude and his carefree ways would totally stress me out. Whenever I'd remind him to at least arrange his clothes (mind you, I said just arrange not pack!) he would give me the standard line 'Maaga pa naman'.

So yes we are complete opposites in that aspect.  Well actually come to think about it, in many other aspects as well but I won't delve into that frame of mind, right now.

Yesterday, out of the blue he decides to go shopping for items he needs for our trip on Wednesday, December 19.  And although I was done shopping, I tagged along just for the heck of it.  I needed a breather from stressing over whether I was bringing too much, if I would have to pay excess baggage as well as the horrific traffic jam we would encounter on our way to the airport.  Just simply too much worries whether necessary or unnecessary I tend to cloud my mind with on a daily basis.

So while he was at the department store, I decided to snap some pictures of the Hello Kitty themed Christmas display at the activity center of the SM North Edsa. Specifically at the Block section of SM North.  Even though I am NOT a fan of Hello Kitty, I thought it was a cute and attractive way (especially for kids) to spread the Yuletide cheers.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Joyous Season

I figure that heavy traffic during this Yuletide season is a good indication for the economy. It proves that consumers are out there shopping and infusing their hard earned cash into the economy of a country. OFWs remittances are at their highest even though the US dollar is quite weak compared to our local currency.

There are abundant sale and discount promos at the malls which naturally entails huge crowds. This in turn produces massive traffic jams in areas surrounding malls. 

It was really bad today as after we dropped off my parents at the airport for their flight to HongKong, we found ourselves stuck in traffic.  The fact is we were still stuck in traffic somewhere in the SM North Area when my parents texted me that they had landed in HongKong.  Imagine that! It is much faster to flight to another country than it is to get from point A to point B in our metropolis. 

Traffic jams ... it is definitely more fun in the Philippines.   *insert sarcastic tone here*


Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is 12-12-12.  

The 12th day of the 12th month of the year and the 12th year of the second millennium. 

The number *12* has always been a significant numeral in my life.

We lived on the 12th floor in Singapore for 4 years.

My condo unit here is also on the 12th floor.

While our apartment number here in Q.C is 12-A.

So happy 12-12-12 to one and all.

Enjoy this uniquely special date. :D

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Tis the Season to be broke

Even though it is also the season for bonuses, money just seems to fly out way too fast from my wallet into the cash registers of the malls.  Watching all those TV shows about how to handle your money where the experts advise the public to make sure to save 30% of your bonus just depresses me.  It is really hard to budget, nowadays.  But I guess I have no one to blame but myself.    I did set aside a (small) portion of the bonus, but I was too lazy to fall in line (really long queues, mind you!) at the banks to deposit it into our savings account.  Then what do you know? I ended up using it to buy toiletries we would need for our trip.

Speaking of trip, it has been quite hectic. My parents are leaving ahead of us so I commute back and forth trying to pack all of their items into 2 pieces of luggage.  My sister has come up with a very long list of items she needs from here so I'm afraid my parents might have to pay excess baggage.  I'm also worried that they are too old to be lugging heavy pieces of luggage off the conveyor belts at the airports. I know I worry too much but I believe these are valid apprehensions. 

Needless to say we are all very excited about our trip even though we are already quite tired from all the last minute trips to the stores. Not to mention the terrible traffic jams. But I managed to find time to snap a photo of the huge Christmas tree at the Atrium Wing of SM Megamall. It was adorned with Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed toys. Cuteness!

Monday, December 03, 2012


I am really glad I was successfully able to fulfill my blogging challenge.  Now I don't have to wrack my brain cells to come up with a post every single day!  Besides I got a million things to do before we head off for our Christmas vacation, so blogging would take a back seat, for now.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Gift ideas

This Yuletide season we are all scrambling for good gift ideas. printing posters is a good and fun way to bring out your creative side and it is also an excellent gift to give to your family, friends and acquaintances.  Since we have loads of pictures from our vacations and travels abroad, picking just ONE scenery shot might be a problem, But have no fear.

Having a [poster custom] made is an excellent way to get your creative juices flowing. You can even use pictures you took on your smartphone and print from iphone.

Check out their website at for a complete tour so you can be acquainted with their services. Creating an account is quite easy and is also optional.  But having an account gives you the advantage of tracking your orders as well as viewing your order history.

They offer 2 sizes of posters, 18 x  24 and 24 x 36.  Once you've picked your poster size, you will given a few options like poster branding, lamination and mounting. There is detailed information available on these options to help you make your choices.

After you've chosen the size as well as the many options, you then upload your file.  But be sure to read about file requirements and restrictions first, before you upload your file.  Once your file has been successfully uploaded, it is time to add it to your cart.  During checkout, you will encounter a list of packaging options as well as shipping methods.  Normally it takes them 5 business days to complete production.

Then all you have to do is wait for your order to be delivered to your doorstep. In the meantime, you can track the status of your orders through their website.  Quite convenient!

Now every time you look at the posters hanging on your wall, I'm sure the memories of your travels will certainly put a smile on your face.