Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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For some reason, the year's shortest month (February) is taking forever to end. Don't you think so?

First, we celebrated my parents' 45th wedding anniversary.  Then my sister was in town during the Chinese New Year holidays.  The week she was here was spent eating out and I could really feel my pants getting tighter each day! It was fun but good times seem to end way too soon.

My sister was still on her flight back when it happened.  My mother had difficulty breathing because she had been battling a nasty cough for almost a week.  We had to rush her to the hospital immediately.  Seeing her on that hospital bed grasping was extremely heartbreaking for me BUT I needed to be strong.  There were medical forms to fill up, medical tests to pay, countless shuttling back and forth from the labs to the cashier, there wasn't really time to let it sink in.  It was only when D came to the hospital that I was able to get my bearings and 'relax' a bit.  

She refused to be hospitalized and insisted on recovering back at the condo. So I spent almost 10 days making sure she took her meds and attended to her every need.  She is still a bit weak but assures me she will be fine.

I'm back at our apartment where I finally have access to the Internet.  But naturally it goes without saying that my mother's health is way important than being connected.  I haven't really been sleeping well lately as all my deepest fears come crawling into my mind when it is all quiet and I'm laying in bed trying to get some sleep.  I keep praying that God will make me strong in the face of trials and challenges but sometimes it seems that crying myself to sleep (just to release all my pent up anxiety) does wonder in calming my nerves down. 

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

45 years

My parents mark their 45th wedding anniversary today, February 5, 2013.

They are still quite fond of each other and make married life seem quite a breeze.

I guess it helps that they complement each other and are truly compatible.

Happy Anniversary Mommy and Dad!