Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 15, 2015: Seven years

Seven years ago, during our honeymoon (a 3D, 2N stay at a hotel in town) we decided to have dinner at this seafood restaurant at a mall. We stepped out of the lobby to hail a cab to take us to our destination. There was a heavy downpour complete with lightning and thunder. The bell boy at the hotel had difficulty hailing a cab for us. SO we just decided to return to our hotel room and order room service! 

Forward to 2015, I asked hubby what he wanted to do for our 7th anniversary, he told me "do you remember that seafood restaurant we wanted to eat at during our honeymoon? Let's have lunch there!" Now truth be told, I had forgotten and had no idea what he was referring to. He had to refresh my memory.

Fish & Co

Shrimps Fettucine

Prawns Sambal

Fish n Chips

Then after doing some shopping, we headed over to the famous HK dimsum restaurant, Tim Ho Wan. Usually it is very crowded and there is a long queue to grab a seat but fortunately for us we got a table right away. Probably because it was in between the lunch and dinner period. 

Vermicelli Roll with Shrimps
Pork Dumplings with Shrimp
Mango and Pomelo Pudding
Their famous Baked Buns with Pork BBQ
We were stuffed and quite full - a day well spent to celebrate our seventh year of wedding bliss. The true key to my happiness is being well fed.

A full tummy = a happy wifey!

Friday, May 08, 2015


Nobu Hotel, City of Dreams Manila
Yes I'm still around!

Coping with the intense heat which is something I don't really cherish.

I take three sometimes four showers a day because my active sweat glands are firing on all cylinders. 

So I find the least warm place in my humble abode and try to entertain myself as beads of sweat march down my back, my forehead and well basically just be a ball of sweat!

Downstairs with my laptop on the dining table along with the rice cooker in one corner and my bottled water on a coaster, I do my online tasks. 

I'm grateful for a laptop I can take anywhere, my current 'obsession' is to read eBooks online. But since I am cheap I settle at the free section or opt for the one month free trial version. In essence, it is a good thing since I get to accelerate my reading speed as I have one month to read as many books as I possibly can.

Late evenings, it is movies time for me as I have a long list of films to watch stored on my hard drive. 

Just a short update to give a shout out to my very few readers, yes I'm still here doing my best to survive summer 2015.  I'm doing what I love best so I guess I can't really whine, that much! =)