Saturday, July 30, 2016

Friday night thoughts

So time says it is 11:56 PM on this relatively cooler Friday night. The rains earlier this evening must have lowered the temperatures.

The dog in the house across the street is barking for no reason, as usual. While the neighbors in the apartment adjacent to ours is watching some movie with the volume on full blast.

I don't know if they are deaf or perhaps since it is Friday they assume they can just relax and make some noise since they don't have work tomorrow.

But the thing is D does have work tomorrow.  Ever since he got promoted, he is on call like 7 days a week. Last weekend, he spent it at work and slept there in his office as there were several delegations in town.

In times like these when I find myself having dinner by my lonesome self, I have this mantra I like to keep reciting to myself which is Voltaire's quote: "With great power comes great responsibility."

But I guess all this ranting of mine is pretty one sided because truth be told ... D has been snoring away beside me for the past 2 hours now ... completely oblivious of the noise from the blaring TV and the barking dog.

Oh right ... I'm the light sleeper in this household.  I need complete silence to get a good night sleep ... and lately it has been my main problem ... sleep or the lack of it.

End of rant!

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Life as I know it

I feel lighter and leaner from all the hours I spend exercising. From 3 times a week I have progressed to 5 days a week now. I am amazed at how focused I have become ... I guess the joint pains pushed me to my limits. It is difficult to be in pain all the time so I resolved to be healthier. I admit there are still some aches in my joints but it isn't as severe as previously experienced. Hurray!

The monsoon rains are upon us and wow it really pours. So far, classes have been suspended twice and we are told to expect more inclement weather in the coming months. This drastically lowers the temperatures which I'd say is a welcome break from the brutally hot summer we had this year.

Speaking of welcome break, D is due for a promotion. I am excited and also a bit apprehensive as it is a rather sensitive position. The added duties (aside from his usual teaching load) involves long hours and he might also get assigned to the different branches of the institution. I am really proud of him and will continue to pray for his success, always.

That's all for now ... time for me to walk, walk ... walk away the pounds! =)