Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Back in circulation

My sister was in town for almost two weeks, early part of July. Aside from the usual hospital visits for her post-op check-ups (where she discovered she needs to undergo another surgery, this time for her colon *sad face*), and dining out at her favorite restaurants - it was fun bonding with her. We would stay up late late at night just chatting, updating each other on our lives ... even though we chat on Skype every single day!  :D

It was also during her visit that 2 severe typhoons graced our country with their menacing presence. It rained a lot, streets were flooded, classes were suspended for the entire week. It was bleak, gloomy and very damp! But brave soul that my sister is, she didn't mind it one single bit and she enjoyed driving in the scary, zero visibility, torrential downpour! 

The best unexpected news though was an answered prayer to a situation which seemed totally hopeless. It is too murky to blog about but suffice it to say we are all ecstatic about it. And we can't help praising the Lord above for the blessings He continues to shower upon our family. And nope, I am not preggy. Just making that clear!

So I'm back in my comfy zone with reality shows blaring from the TV (yes, reality shows are my guilty pleasure he he he) amidst the usual hustle and bustle of this once quiet residential environment now turned into a noisy neighborhood courtesy of the 'jeepney' terminal that suddenly popped up across our apartment. 

At any given time, there are 4 - 5 jeeps parked on our street and they are ALWAYS revving up their engines. So imagine the ruckus, not to mention the pollution they are causing in this area! All the amount of complaining to the barangay hall center seem to fall on deaf ears. So Lord have mercy as I try to stay sane amidst all this noise barrage. 

This is all for now ... will try to blog more ... soon!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Special Day

It was Father's Day yesterday so we met for lunch after mass to treat Dad. He likes baby back ribs so we went to Burgoo. 

Dad excused himself to answer the call of nature so when the waitress came to our table, she greeted my husband 'a happy father's day' complete with a big smile. During these special days, we, the childless couple are put on the spot. Obviously, it doesn't apply to us. But we just shrug, grin and bear it. 

But it was especially awkward last Mother's Day when the hubby and I were having lunch at this restaurant, the service crew came to our table with a plate of two waffles with syrup on the side. When I said 'Oh sorry we didn't order that', he smiles and tells us it was complimentary for the occasion. Of course, we accepted it without making a fuss and just thanked them for the gesture. But deep inside, I felt guilty accepting the freebie. 

I know they just mean well but perhaps they should be sensitive about this kind of matter. Or am I the one being too sensitive? 

Either way, I end with this appropriate quote:

"Love your parents. We are too busy growing up, 
we often forget they are also growing old."

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A month later ...

Woot it has been a month since I last posted. Nothing much has been going on. Well let me rephrase that. Many things have passed but I guess not really worth blogging about. Just life taking its course, intense heat with humidity et al. 

End of last month, my mother turned a year older. Naturally it is to be expected, it is ... what it is. But as she adds to her age, she gets more frail and that breaks my heart. 

I was able to catch several films at the French Film Festival. This adds joy and contentment to my boring existence. Even if for a few hours, I just sit back, relax and let my worries take a back seat.

Meanwhile, the hubby was away for 3 days for some strategic planning and faculty development. This year, it was held at Cagbalete Island which is 10 minutes by boat from Mauban, Quezon. Mauban in the province of Quezon is about 3 hours away by land from Metro Manila. It was very rustic and provincial surroundings but as the following pictures prove it is quite charming in its own scenic rural way. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 15, 2015: Seven years

Seven years ago, during our honeymoon (a 3D, 2N stay at a hotel in town) we decided to have dinner at this seafood restaurant at a mall. We stepped out of the lobby to hail a cab to take us to our destination. There was a heavy downpour complete with lightning and thunder. The bell boy at the hotel had difficulty hailing a cab for us. SO we just decided to return to our hotel room and order room service! 

Forward to 2015, I asked hubby what he wanted to do for our 7th anniversary, he told me "do you remember that seafood restaurant we wanted to eat at during our honeymoon? Let's have lunch there!" Now truth be told, I had forgotten and had no idea what he was referring to. He had to refresh my memory.

Fish & Co

Shrimps Fettucine

Prawns Sambal

Fish n Chips

Then after doing some shopping, we headed over to the famous HK dimsum restaurant, Tim Ho Wan. Usually it is very crowded and there is a long queue to grab a seat but fortunately for us we got a table right away. Probably because it was in between the lunch and dinner period. 

Vermicelli Roll with Shrimps
Pork Dumplings with Shrimp
Mango and Pomelo Pudding
Their famous Baked Buns with Pork BBQ
We were stuffed and quite full - a day well spent to celebrate our seventh year of wedding bliss. The true key to my happiness is being well fed.

A full tummy = a happy wifey!

Friday, May 08, 2015


Nobu Hotel, City of Dreams Manila
Yes I'm still around!

Coping with the intense heat which is something I don't really cherish.

I take three sometimes four showers a day because my active sweat glands are firing on all cylinders. 

So I find the least warm place in my humble abode and try to entertain myself as beads of sweat march down my back, my forehead and well basically just be a ball of sweat!

Downstairs with my laptop on the dining table along with the rice cooker in one corner and my bottled water on a coaster, I do my online tasks. 

I'm grateful for a laptop I can take anywhere, my current 'obsession' is to read eBooks online. But since I am cheap I settle at the free section or opt for the one month free trial version. In essence, it is a good thing since I get to accelerate my reading speed as I have one month to read as many books as I possibly can.

Late evenings, it is movies time for me as I have a long list of films to watch stored on my hard drive. 

Just a short update to give a shout out to my very few readers, yes I'm still here doing my best to survive summer 2015.  I'm doing what I love best so I guess I can't really whine, that much! =)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Family that eats together, gain weight together?

Yes, it has been a week since my sister went back to where she works. 

Yes, we ate a lot during her visit. We went to her fave restaurants as well as tried new ones. 

Yes, there were times we were so famished we forgot to take pictures of the food and ourselves.

Suffice to say, we were filled to the rafters. And as proven by these pictures, we were all smiles and had so much fun doing what we do best ... eating!

Barrio Fiesta, SM Megamall Atrium Wing

 The Francos @ HK Chef, Macapagal Avenue

ABE, SM Megamall Fashion Wing

These photos also prove how much weight I've gained so it is best to moderate my hunger pangs and eat less. As 'exercise' is not part of my wide vocabulary, I guess I have to thank the hopelessly warm, humid and very hot climate as I sweat profusely nowadays. 

Heh! I never thought I would openly admit to 'liking' this terrible weather. Truth is, I am miserable and definitely loathe this sweat inducing climate that has made its hot and sunny presence in full blast in our beloved nation. 

Ugh, time to take my second shower for the day!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Lenten Break

Despite the long holiday for Lenten break, I am staying put in Metro Manila and watch as the bus terminals, the airports and the port area are crowded with travelers off to their provinces, or going out of the country.

I was brought up in the era where the Holy Week meant going to mass, visiting churches for the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, listening to the 7 last words, reciting prayers at the Stations of the Cross. So I always feel so darn guilty when I find myself 'enjoying and having fun' during this sacredly solemn period.

But we are in the year 2015 now and time has evolved and people have also adapted new rituals and traditions during Holy Week. It is just fine for me as the going goes 'to each his own'.

But I'm a traditionalist so I'm sticking to my conservative beliefs and values. Besides, the sister dearest is flying in tonight so I have the perfect excuse to stay in Manila. 

Let's all have a significantly meaningful
Holy Week 2015.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Peek a boo @ The Peak

On this last day of March, the sun is scorching hot. The weather app on my smartphone says that the current temperature today at 4:26 PM is 33 degrees Celsius! But they say that the tag-init season has not yet officially started. So expect it to get hotter in the coming months. Nice, NOT!!!

So I'm using reverse psychology and thinking of cooler places I'd rather be right now, this very instant as sweat beads form on my forehead and my back is soaking wet from perspiration.

I'm posting pictures of our visit to the Peak in HK on the third day of this year. The Peak is a favorite place of mine to visit. It has a fantastic view of the whole city state. The climate is very pleasant. It can be reached through different forms of transport like buses, taxis and its famous Peak Tram. 

On our way up we decided to take a double deck bus, boarded on the upper level and enjoyed the long and winding road to reach our destination.

Once you reach The Peak, there are many attractions that will divide your attention. You can dine at the numerous restaurants, you can go shopping at the The Peak Tower mall and you can go to the several viewing decks to admire and soak in the gorgeous view. 

The climate was quite chilly but it did not stop us from going further up to the Sky Terrace 428 Overview for an even picturesque view of HK.

Once there you can avail of the Hong Kong Sky Tour which is an interactive touch screen audio tour. It is free for Sky Terrace 428 ticket holders.  You can listen to an audio tour that explores the architecture, cuisine, culture and history of the state.

As the sun was setting for that day, it got really cold up there so the parents decided to go down and have coffee at the mall. We stayed behind but it was time to don our beanies and gloves to protect from the chilly wind.

Eventually it was too cold for comfort so it was time to descend and say farewell to the Sky Terrace.

To warm our tummy from the cold weather, we all had really yummy hot wanton noodle soup.

With our stomachs full, it was time to join the very long queue to board the Peak tram. It was freezing cold by then as the evening air enveloped us but I totally loved it!!!