Friday, August 05, 2016

August na!

I'm really glad that the month of August is upon us. Hopefully in two weeks time I will be seeing this amazing structure yet again well if we can squeeze it into our agenda. But what is certain is we will be celebrating my dad's milestone birthday with my sister in the land of dumplings and dimsum. =)

It has been barely a month since his promotion so D cannot take vacation leave so unfortunately he cannot join us ... I'm sure he can manage.

2 weeks away from this constant noise pollution from the public utility vehicles (jeepneys) that have invaded our once quiet neighborhood isn't too much to ask, is it? I am a person who highly values peace and quiet ... sometimes to a fault! I am a taciturn individual who prefers the sound of silence, I don't do well in crowded and loud environments ... but I need to adjust or else I would go bonkers!

My nerves are already frayed from lack of sleep (probably not the PUVs fault!) and a general sense of malaise which I can't seem to get rid of even if I accumulate huge amounts of endorphins from exercising 6 days a week.

Tata for now .. I'll be back in September.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Friday night thoughts

So time says it is 11:56 PM on this relatively cooler Friday night. The rains earlier this evening must have lowered the temperatures.

The dog in the house across the street is barking for no reason, as usual. While the neighbors in the apartment adjacent to ours is watching some movie with the volume on full blast.

I don't know if they are deaf or perhaps since it is Friday they assume they can just relax and make some noise since they don't have work tomorrow.

But the thing is D does have work tomorrow.  Ever since he got promoted, he is on call like 7 days a week. Last weekend, he spent it at work and slept there in his office as there were several delegations in town.

In times like these when I find myself having dinner by my lonesome self, I have this mantra I like to keep reciting to myself which is Voltaire's quote: "With great power comes great responsibility."

But I guess all this ranting of mine is pretty one sided because truth be told ... D has been snoring away beside me for the past 2 hours now ... completely oblivious of the noise from the blaring TV and the barking dog.

Oh right ... I'm the light sleeper in this household.  I need complete silence to get a good night sleep ... and lately it has been my main problem ... sleep or the lack of it.

End of rant!

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Life as I know it

I feel lighter and leaner from all the hours I spend exercising. From 3 times a week I have progressed to 5 days a week now. I am amazed at how focused I have become ... I guess the joint pains pushed me to my limits. It is difficult to be in pain all the time so I resolved to be healthier. I admit there are still some aches in my joints but it isn't as severe as previously experienced. Hurray!

The monsoon rains are upon us and wow it really pours. So far, classes have been suspended twice and we are told to expect more inclement weather in the coming months. This drastically lowers the temperatures which I'd say is a welcome break from the brutally hot summer we had this year.

Speaking of welcome break, D is due for a promotion. I am excited and also a bit apprehensive as it is a rather sensitive position. The added duties (aside from his usual teaching load) involves long hours and he might also get assigned to the different branches of the institution. I am really proud of him and will continue to pray for his success, always.

That's all for now ... time for me to walk, walk ... walk away the pounds! =)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 2

This is the second week since I started taking meds for my high uric acid levels. I wonder if it is effective because my joints still hurt like I was in a boxing match.

Yet I am happy to announce that I've also been exercising for 3 days a week now.


Last year after my sister's major surgery, she was referred to an endocrinologist by her surgeon so she could control and maintain her weight. The doctor recommended an easy to follow exercise regimen called "Walk at Home" by Leslie Sansone. You basically walk away the pounds by doing a good cardio workout right in the comfort of your home. I googled the program on YouTube and found several videos which are easy to follow and based on your own pace.

I would never, ever enroll myself in a gym since I'm shy and don't like to work out in public in plain view of other people. Besides those gym membership fees cost a fortune, no?

I'm determined to keep doing it even if I collapse from sweating up a storm and from fatigue. The first day I tried it .. I only managed to go 1 mile until I slowly but surely progressed to the 3 miles mark.

I'm proud of myself ... here's keeping my fingers and my tired toes crossed that I stick to this effective regimen of losing weight and getting my cholesterol and uric acid levels within the normal range.

This is not a sponsored post!  =)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Crunch time

This weekend I spent it in a clinic waiting for doctors and for my lab results. Actually it was D's annual check up time (which is a prerequisite before classes start - which incidentally is today!) but I tagged along.

For a week now I had this terrible shoulder pain which spread down to my left arm. I drank the painkiller which our pambansang kamao endorses, this really strong pain reliever. Yet 4 days later I was still in pain. I had to fast for 10 hours so they could check my blood chemistry which consist of 3 letter words. 

Of course as expected my triglycerides, cholesterol and uric acid levels were way high! I was prescribed meds to control my uric acid levels for 30 days. I was also told to diet and exercise and come back in July to re-check if there is any progress.

Now I HATE to exercise since I don't like to sweat, at all. A naturally active sweat gland has me perspiring even when I just walk down the stairs of our rented apartment.  


It is time to take better care of my health so I won't feel any more discomfort as I enter a new phase in my life - the dreaded M word. I will keep a positive attitude and motivate myself so I can conquer this condition with flying colors. 

As the doctor said as I was about to leave her clinic - Good Luck! I do need all the luck in the world as I walk away the pounds towards a better ME. =)

Friday, June 03, 2016

HK: Wong Tai Sin Temple

We had already been to most attractions so I decided to google for more places to visit in HK. I came across the Wong Tai Sin Temple located in Kowloon Island.

According to the Discover HongKong website:
The Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple's claim to 'make every wish come true upon request' might have something to do with its popularity. Home to three religions (Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism), its natural setting and beautifully ornamented buildings make it as much a scenic attraction as an important religious centre. The temple commemorates the famous monk of yore, Wong Tai Sin who was born in the 4th century and became a deity at Heng Shan. In 1915, Taoist priest Liang Ren-an carried a sacred portrait of Wong Tai Sin from Guangdong in southern China to Hong Kong. The temple is where worshippers pray for good fortune through offerings, divine guidance and fortune telling.
Sister took the afternoon off from work, we met her at the Silvercord Mall in Kowloon for lunch at this yum cha place aka dim sum place. Our bellies filled to the rafters, we deemed it would be more practical to just take a taxi since the MTR would mean transferring to several stations before reaching our destination. A no-no if you are traveling with elderly parents.


We all had a great time while exploring the vast temple grounds. It was nippy cold so it was pleasant to be outdoors. The temple does have a lot of steps and stairs so certain parts were not accessible for my parents to roam about but the visit was worth it. Observing a completely different way of worship of another religion is a great cultural experience. 

I was surprised that adjacent to the Wong Tai Sin Temple with its rich cultural vibe is a very modern mall with the latest amenities to satisfy your cravings.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Wednesday, the First of June 2016

I'm back.  The month long blogging hiatus did me good.

May was a nice month.

I spent it with sister dearest who was in town for short visit.

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.

We visited 2 of the 5 churches included in the Jubilee Year of Mercy
pilgrimage churches.

We feted mom who turned 79 this year.

We ended the month by visiting Antipolo City.

The weather was sunny hot with splashes of isolated thunderstorms.

So to sum up the month of May ... I ate, loved and prayed! =)

A bird's eye view of Laiya, San Juan Batangas.
The venue of the hubby's team building session.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

HK: Shopping

It is no surprise that HK is a shopping mecca. High end boutiques that sell luxurious brands, big malls that offer everything that money can buy, the outlet stores that sell at discounted prices and the small stand alone shops that peddles all wares.

All of them are way beyond my budget and I am not an impulsive buyer. I always consider whether what I am buying is a 'need' or a 'want'. Naturally you all know the distinction between those two words. 

Bazaars or night markets are also a plenty in HK and the ones that are much frequented are the Temple Street Market and the Ladies Market, both located in the Kowloon area. 

All kinds of trinkets, leather goods, bags, wallets, clothes, hair accessories, gadget accessories are available here. You can also haggle for a better price but just be prepared to be harassed once you start bargaining as the attendants would not easily let you go until they make a sale. They only accept cash and the no return policy is strictly enforced. FYI, most of the bags are imitation of luxurious brands so don't expect 'good quality'. Although if like me you are not brand conscious, these bags are still functional and serve their purpose.

It was one of the coldest days of February when we strolled there and so I was all bundled up with my jacket, my bonnet, a warm scarf and my thermal underwear so I could survive the biting cold 11 degrees Celsius temperature!

Speaking of the weather, Metro Manila is sizzling hot with temperatures reaching 37 - 38 degrees Celsius and the heat index goes high up to 41!  Phew. 

In this regard, I am taking a blogging hiatus as I will be staying at my previous residence probably for the entire month of May. Night sweats (symptoms of you know what!) are keeping me awake and making me cranky and the stifling heat doesn't help one single bit. The road repairs here on our street is still ongoing and everything in our house is filled with dust, even though our windows are closed. So it is unbearable and not comfortable at all. 

Be back soon, promise! =)