Monday, April 20, 2015

Family that eats together, gain weight together?

Yes, it has been a week since my sister went back to where she works. 

Yes, we ate a lot during her visit. We went to her fave restaurants as well as tried new ones. 

Yes, there were times we were so famished we forgot to take pictures of the food and ourselves.

Suffice to say, we were filled to the rafters. And as proven by these pictures, we were all smiles and had so much fun doing what we do best ... eating!

Barrio Fiesta, SM Megamall Atrium Wing

 The Francos @ HK Chef, Macapagal Avenue

ABE, SM Megamall Fashion Wing

These photos also prove how much weight I've gained so it is best to moderate my hunger pangs and eat less. As 'exercise' is not part of my wide vocabulary, I guess I have to thank the hopelessly warm, humid and very hot climate as I sweat profusely nowadays. 

Heh! I never thought I would openly admit to 'liking' this terrible weather. Truth is, I am miserable and definitely loathe this sweat inducing climate that has made its hot and sunny presence in full blast in our beloved nation. 

Ugh, time to take my second shower for the day!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Lenten Break

Despite the long holiday for Lenten break, I am staying put in Metro Manila and watch as the bus terminals, the airports and the port area are crowded with travelers off to their provinces, or going out of the country.

I was brought up in the era where the Holy Week meant going to mass, visiting churches for the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, listening to the 7 last words, reciting prayers at the Stations of the Cross. So I always feel so darn guilty when I find myself 'enjoying and having fun' during this sacredly solemn period.

But we are in the year 2015 now and time has evolved and people have also adapted new rituals and traditions during Holy Week. It is just fine for me as the going goes 'to each his own'.

But I'm a traditionalist so I'm sticking to my conservative beliefs and values. Besides, the sister dearest is flying in tonight so I have the perfect excuse to stay in Manila. 

Let's all have a significantly meaningful
Holy Week 2015.