Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Out of circulation

Oh uh something came up so I need to hie off to the condo for a couple of weeks perhaps even the whole month of July. Right now, I'm not at liberty to mention why I will be out of circulation.

But let me reiterate I'm not infanticipating. Besides a friend of mine even had the temerity to tell me 'how do you expect to get pregnant, if you spend so much time apart from your husband?' I smiled and told her politely 'it will come in its own due time'. In short, mind your own business and don't add to my stress!

Anyhoo, my poor blog will be neglected once again.

Although I've post-dated a couple of entries so they should get published in my absence.

Till next time ... be well!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Everyone knows one of my favorite hobbies is to watch movies. Lately, I've noticed that I tend to choose which films to see at the movie theaters. For one, I don't have much time and secondly ticket prices don't come cheap.

Thankfully, technology has come a long way and there are constantly new and innovative concepts developed and in the developing stage to make life so much easier.

For instance, DirecTV provides the perfect entertainment without even stepping out of your home. DirecTV launched its premium video on demand service called Home Premiere. It allows subscribers of the satellite-television provider to rent movies only 60 days after they are shown at the movie theaters, for a minimal amount of $30 per film. After paying the $30 fee to DirecTV, customers will have 48 hours to view a Home Premiere film as many times as they like. Each title will be available via Home Premiere for two weeks.

You need to subscribe to DirecTV to avail of this premium service. Check out their comprehensive website for more details of the different packages available.

No need to go to the cinemas, DirecTV brings the entertainment right to your comfort zone. Popcorn and sodas are not included in the package.

Monday, June 27, 2011


I've been back here for a week now but I haven't been in a blogging mode as I had to put on my housewife beret and attend to household chores. Even though I keep saying that D is quite self reliant, there are certain things that need the feminine touch so my hands were full, both literally and figuratively. :D

While staying at the condo and during the general cleaning I came across a virtual treasure trove of items which my sister and I purchased during our wanderlust years.

native decor from Bicol

A wall wooden carving from Bali, Indonesia

Pearly shells decor from Boracay

Coins holder from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wooden religious artifact from Jerusalem, Israel

Pewter souvenir from Singapore

Family of four wood figurine from a village near the Banaue Rice Terraces

Mini plate with stand from Vietnam

Wind chimes from various places

Shell wind chimes from Palawan

CD holder from Pampanga

Aladdin's lamp (without a genie) from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Pewter bell from Singapore

This Kashmiri table from India is almost as old as my sister who turns 40 this year!

Camel inspired side table with bowl from Dubai, UAE

Bamboo rainmaker from Subic, Zambales

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The week that was

Things have been hectic so blogging has taken a back seat, for now. D and I spent the first days of June cleaning the condo before the return of my parents from their two month vacay in Singapore.

Upon their return, it has been a whirlwind of various activities like watching movies at the French Film Festival, hospital visits for my monthly ultrasound(s) and staying at the condo where internet connection is so irritatingly slow, I feel like I'm in the dark ages!

This blog will get back to regular programming by next week when I'm back in my comfort zone. Meaning DSL connection! :D.

Till then Maligayang ika 150th Kaarawan kay idol Jose Rizal, Happy Father's day to my dad and you all enjoy the three day weekend! =)

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The thing with FB is ...

... once you accept friend(s) requests from relatives (immediate man or distant ones) ... they suddenly start bombarding you with messages asking for financial assistance!

Perhaps it is because they see all those pictures you post of your grand vacation or your weekend getaway(s). The pictures of all the restaurants you have meals in (once in a blue moon and for special occasions lang naman) and whatever else you fancy sharing on your very public profile.

So ayun they automatically assume that you are loaded with moolah. How else can you afford all those meals outside or that grand vacation, di ba?

Of course, it is rude to tell them that those meals were usually KKB (kanya kanyang bayad) and you only paid for the airfare using the special promos scheme of low budget carriers. It is also not nice to tell them you have to pay for exorbitant monthly fertility meds/tests, credit card(s) bills, the rent, utilities and grocery items.

Instead you simply try to ignore their endless messages flooding your FB inbox and silently pat yourself you didn't give them your cellphone number when they asked for it, several times. Plus try not to feel too guilty for being such a selfish person!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Bags Galore

Aside from the tourist attractions and the foodie haven that Singapore is famous for, it is also without any doubt, a shopper's paradise. From branded items found at high end boutiques in posh malls to discounted items at bargain stores, everything is available!

I admit I have a weakness for handbags, not the designer brands though! I cannot afford them eh! I go for those bags you find in department stores. You know the ones which are all stacked together in a pile with the sign SALE dangling over them. Yet they are in good shape and serve their purpose.

I've been a loyal buyer of Perllini bags which are available in most department stores. I noticed that most if not all of my handbags have the famous P etched in them.

Since I already have big ones in my wardrobe, I was on the outlook for smaller ones which I can use for a quick stroll to the grocery store or for church. So I added this black tote like bag with dark brown straps (they are removable - one is shorter while the longer one can be used to convert it into a body bag) to my bag collection.

I also purchased this small clutch bag cum wallet. The brown and orange blended leather was the main attraction for me. Inside it has a section for coins, another for large bills as well as a holder for credit cards and ATM cards. It is handy enough to be used as a wallet and/or a clutch bag.

On my last day there, I came across this bags sale at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City. I was immediately drawn towards this orange with brown trimmings bag. It was a bit over my budget and it didn't have a P trademark but what the heck? It perfectly matches my yellowish/orange wedge so a simple swipe of my MasterCard was all it took for me to be the proud owner of a Comoditee bag! :D

I stopped myself from buying more since I knew I no longer had enough space in my luggage. I could also hear my other neglected bags calling out to me to stop adding to their loot. Now my worry is finding space in my tiny closet to accommodate these 3! :D

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Zoobic Safari (May 22, 2011)

Our second day at Subic was spent at the Zoobic Safari. For an entrance fee of 449 pesos + 50 pesos for the tram ride, you experience an amazing safari adventure. You get to see all sorts of animals/insects either in glass enclosures or in open air enclosures.

But the ultimate highlight is the tiger safari where you board a grilled tram and you can feed the tigers some freshly chopped chicken (extra P200) parts.

I noticed they had several new sections such as the Animal MuZooeum, the zip line (P150) and the Savannah.

I suggest you wear comfortable shoes and clothes as well as bring bottled water(s) to hydrate yourself. You would also need to board and alight from the tram every 10 minutes to explore the different enclosures on foot so senior citizens might find it too tiring to join this kind of adventure. You must also bring extra battery for your camera as I'm certain you will end up taking so many pictures!

Lastly, don't forget to smile even though you are extremely fatigued, glistening from the thick layers of sweat and dust from the enclosures. =)