Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An update is in order

I can't believe it has been over a month since I've posted an entry on my now fully neglected blog. It makes me sad to see how bereft "My Little Moments" looks every time I open it.  Then I realize hey I'm the author of that sad, pathetic and lonely blog so it is entirely my fault it looks so abandoned.

Well since my last entry, my dad turned a year older (August 22).  He doesn't really ask for much just that we meet up for lunch, all be merry and celebrate his birthday. We had Singaporean fare for lunch and Persian cuisine for dinner. 

September rolled in and the climate has been a tad cooler.  I notice this as I don't perspire as much as before although I still sweat (but that is a given!) no matter what.   Strange!  I chalk it up to the tons of fertility drugs I had to take back then. Never mind that it was like almost 2 years ago. I believe the 'drugs' messed up my body system and all those toxins manifest themselves through my pores by means of perspiration.  Weird theory, I know but that is how I logically explain my very active sweat glands. 

The second week of the ninth month, we had to rush Mom to the ER as she had another severe asthma attack aggravated from a very bad cough. Seeing her hooked up to an oxygen tank and a nebulizer to control her breathing is always very hard to fathom. She has aged a lot recently and has been quite frail (lost her appetite and barely eats!).  

I can handle physically taking care of her, feeding her, giving her medicines and just looking after her welfare.  But the emotional and psychological part is where I am weak. It is very difficult for me to see my mother who was once a very vibrant and fashionable lady become so frail.  But I needed to be strong and not show any signs of emotions yet every night in the darkness of my room, I would sob uncontrollably just to release the heaviness and tension I felt from the emotional pain. D keeps telling me it is a reality we need to accept as both my parents are in their late 70s. But it is a very emotionally charged reality and one I can never truly embrace with an open heart. 

Speaking of D, he is turning FIFTY (50!) this coming weekend (September 28). I planned a staycation for both of us so he can just chill and relax. He made me promise that (1) there won't be any singing of happy birthday from the service crew where we will dine and (2) it would just be immediate family, period!  Sure sure ok so I had to comply as I still want to be a happily married wife. He he he   So I am keeping it simple as simple as his no-fuss attitude in life possible. 

Next month - I am looking forward to my sister's visit BUT I am certainly not going to enjoy seeing her in the hospital as she might schedule her much postponed hysterectomy during her visit. It all depends on her check up, though!

Also I'm turning 46, heh!

I'm not sure if I can update as frequently so I want to but I will pop in every now and then ... until then ... you all take care, be safe and God bless!