Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Year-Ender Survey
1. What did you do in 2005 that you'd never done before?
I went hiking up 3 mountains in Palawan, March 2005.

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I didn't have any resolutions. Next year, no!

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
My cousin's wife gave birth to a baby boy.

4. Did anyone close to you die?

5. What countries did you visit?

6. What would you like to have in 2006 that you lacked in 2005?
Money to travel

7. What date from 2005 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
September 24, 2005 because hmmmm ... Never mind!

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
I diligently worked on most of my assignments and got paid for it.

9. What was your biggest failure?
I don't think of them as failures just charge them to experience!

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?

11. What was the best thing you bought?

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
My sister for her tenacity.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
I rather not think about it, anymore.

14. Where did most of your money go?
Movies and books.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
My new cellphone.

16. What song will always remind you of 2005?
Pretty Vegas - INXS (with their new lead singer, DJ Fortune)

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
i. Happier or sadder? Happier
ii. Thinner or fatter? Thinner
iii. Richer or poorer? Richer

18. What do you wish you'd done more of?

19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
Pining for somEone

20. How did you spend Christmas?
Christmas 2005 Santa's helper
Heard Mass at 10pm on Christmas eve, had noche buena and opened gifts. On the day itself watched "Love Actually" 3 times.

22. Did you fall in love in 2005?

23. How many one-night stands?

24. What was your favorite TV program?
Rockstar: INXS

25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?

26. What was the best book(s) you read?
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
The Exile by Allan Folsom

27. What was your greatest musical discovery?

28. What did you want and got?
A new cellphone

29. What was your favorite film of this year?
The Phantom of the Opera

30. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
I turned 37, we had lunch at Misato,a Japanese Restaurant in MetroWalk. Then watched a Japanese movie ("Hidden Blade") at Greenbelt, dinner was at Seafood Club, Greenbelt 3.

31. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
It would have been a big boost to my self esteem if the guys I went out with actually made some time/effort to see me again. So they won't be merely "first dates".

32. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2005?
Always in jeans and t-shirts

33. What kept you sane?

34. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Josh Lucas

35. What political issue stirred you the most?

36. Who did you miss?

37. Who was the best new person you met?

38. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2005:
That loving somEone doesn't guarantee that he will love you back. Ergo!
The Beatles sang "Ob la di, ob la da ... life goes on ... yeah ... la la la la ... life goes on"

40. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
I would fall asleep
Only in hopes of dreaming
That everything would be like it was before
But nights like this it seems are slowly fleeting
They disappear as reality is crashing to the floor

After all this time
Would you ever wanna leave it
Maybe you could not believe it
That my love for you is blind
But I couldn't make you see it
Couldn't make you see it
That I loved you more than you will ever know
A part of me died when I let you go
And I loved you more than you'll ever know
A part of me died when I let you go

(Blind by Lifehouse)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month of 2005. That's your year in review.

Well I'm sorta, kinda back from my hiatus. But not entirely. Because you see, I am still monitor less. Actually I do have another monitor but it is currently on loan.

I did say on the first day of October that I was looking forward to having a good month. It being my birthday month and all. But now that it is over, I'm just glad I survived it.

Mere words cannot truly express my complete devastation.
The day I heard that he was going to be a father, soon.

My quote for this whole month [My Birthday Month]

"Always think of one happy thought each morning. Once a happy thought gets started, you can't help but feel warm hearted the rest of the day!" =)

Yes I am cranky, irritable and swamped with work but when I saw these in my inbox they really made me laugh out loud.

So popping 500 mgs of Ponstan continues. I'm heavily medicated and I look like something the cat dragged in so I think it is wise I just lie down and get lost in a sordid tale about the re-installation of a Russian Tsar in "The Exile".

I'm back! I had a great time relaxing. I will surely blog about it some time next week. For now I need to do some WORK!

I leave you with this image of my room key at the Westin - Room 735! I wish the guy
on the card was indeed in my heavenly bed but alas he is merely a model! Teehee =)

Blissful day at Tagaytay (May 30)
My mother's birthday celebration started with lunch at the Viewsite Seafood Restaurant.

"It's May, it's May .. The lusty month of May"
Ok nothing really lusty about it I was just humming the song from "Camelot". Can you believe it's already mid year? Time flies!

Let's all have a merry month of May despite the stifling heat.
Keep cool!

Pope John Paul II, 1920-2005
I've visited Vatican City twice. In 1982 with the family and the second time in 2001 with my sister. We were fortunate to have been blessed by the Holy Father. An experience I will cherish for life.

May a choir of angels welcome him in their midst and may God grant his humble servant, eternal rest.


March (my Palawan trip)
I have my air tickets.
I have booked my accommodation!
I have my itinerary.
First day - island hopping
Second day - river adventure
3 days, 2 nights! Complete all inclusive package!
Short but hectic sked.
I'm so excited, I can't sleep! :D
Is it Friday yet????

My sister and I were brainstorming for gift ideas for our parent's wedding anniversary this coming Saturday!
Sipping coffee at Segafredo in Greenbelt - We were on a roll:
- a trip to Brussels, Belgium (not possible within such a short time frame, need at least 6 months to prepare for that!)
- a trip to HongKong (short notice)
- an overnight stay at a 5 star hotel (we couldn't decide which hotel :D)

So pressed for time, we just ordered 2 movies from Amazon for Dad. He has been looking for those titles for ages. Hopefully the package gets here on time.
As for mom well we are still clueless! It is always very difficult to buy a gift for her.

A new year beckons thus a new layout for my blog.
And I'm throwing in my new picture as well. :D
I'm posting in advance because I'll be busy.
Busy cooking and eating.
Yes I do know how to cook! DUH!
Busy drinking.
So I will be too drunk to blog.
Busy wishing.
Wishing for not just happiness but pure joy.
Not just wealth but heaven's treasures.
Not just silence but God's peace.
So go out and party. 2005 is here!
Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

It is the day after Christmas
And I am still overjoyed.
Overwhelmed more like it.
I was completely taken by surprise when I got these gifts from my family.
Utter joy beyond words. =)

A silver bracelet from Rustan's
Nokia 7260

The cellphone which I bought for myself a few days ago ... well I gave it to my mother.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Maligayang Pasko, Merry Christmas
Season's Greetings!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

4 malls and a new cellphone
So with 5 days to go before Christmas, I was stricken with a guilty conscience. My sister berated me for being such a cheapstake. She told me I should stop being a scrooge and go buy gifts for our parents. She claims she did her Christmas shopping while she was in Davao so in order for me not to lose face I should haul my butt to the mall(s) and get them something ... Anything!
At first, of course I resisted with remarks like:
"Are you crazy?, I don't like crowds" "Traffic is horrendous this time of the year."
"I'm broke!"

But it was useless.
She insisted she would drive me to the malls.
And threatened me with "Unless you want to walk home, I will only pick you up when you've bought the gifts!"

So first stop was The Podium to withdraw money from the bank because unlike 83% of the population who have regular jobs and are entitled to a 13th month pay and hefty bonuses this time of the year, me I dip into my fledging savings.

Then I walked to Robinson's Galleria scoured every wing in that mall. Trying not to faint from hunger while roaming its ultra chaotic crowded environs.

I decided I might have better options at Megamall instead so I hopped into a FX and 20 minutes later was in the midst of yet another crowded environment.
I tried to do my shopping as fast as I could.
Gift for my father ... Done!
Gift for my mother ... Done!

I already knew what to get for my sister but that meant walking over to Edsa Shangri-la so fine I might as well just to get it over with. Gift for my sister ... Check!

Since I was on a roll, I bought myself a new cellphone, finally. Nothing fancy and it doesn't even have a camera but at least it won't hang and freeze whenever I make a call.
And in my excitement and shopping euphoria I decided to have it giftwrapped as well so I will open it on Christmas eve.

Teehee! =)

Monday, December 19, 2005

This made me smile, today
I received this email from one of my oldest (as in longest not age wise) and dearest friend, Carr:

"Daphne, send my greetings to the whole family .... I wish that in the coming year, your Prince Charming will arrive & hopefully take you to his neverending world... :-) Seriously, I know you're not looking for him anymore ... but when the time comes, I hope he loves you & take care of you in his own way."

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Holiday 10

1. What's your favorite holiday movie?
Love Actually

2. What's your favorite holiday song (title and artist)?
"So this is Christmas" by John Lennon

3. What's the best holiday gift you were ever given and why?
I don't remember anything tangible but I do recall all those envelopes with money I got when I was still in school.

4. Do you have a special someone to kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year's?
No, I don't .... boohoo

5. Name your favorite reindeer?

6. Favorite holiday food?
Keso de bola and Ham!

7. Snow day - cuddle by the fire or hand me a snowball?
We don't have snow here. Another boohoo!

8. What was your New Year's resolution from this year? Did you stick to it?
I didn't make any resolutions.

9. Is there really a Santa Claus?
No he is just a figment of our imagination.

10. Present or stocking stuffer?
I have no idea what this means.

Don't you just love that feature that tells you when your intended recipients opened the e-card you emailed them? So I know for sure when someone is ignoring me and doesn't bother to read the e-card I painstakingly chose out of the 34345677 cards on the Internet. I know it bruises my ego but I still send e-cards to people who have long forgotten me. I don't know why!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

"He's making a list and checking it twice gonna find out who's naughty and nice, Santa Claus is coming to town!"

And in my case, I'm Santa Claus.


I don't have a list.

My immediate family aren't getting anything from me.

For us, it is birthdays that matter.

My inaanaks (godchildren) will get cash.

Most of my friends are either far away or they don't celebrate Christmas because they have different denominations.

I don't have any office mates.

So I don't have to buy a gift for my monito/monita.

Only thing I have to do is send e-cards.

2 sets.

1 for Christmas and another bunch for New Year!

That's about it.

So I think I will just buy myself a gift.

But first I got a date.

A date with a giant ape named King Kong.


Laterz dudes and dudettes! =)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ten on Tuesday

I am way past the age when I would wake up and find pressies beneath my tiny Christmas tree.

Oh Christmas tree
I also know for a fact that I, me and myself will be the one buying all these things myself (except for # 4) eventually.
But what the heck, here's my list! =)

10 Things You Want for Christmas
1) A new cellphone - My standard line for the past 3 years now.

2) Dark blue jeans

3) Gift certificates for any spa treatment

4) Real Christmas cards sent by snail mail

5) "Sidewalks of New York" DVD - I adore Ed Burns!

6) Pearl earrings

7) Fancy underwear in different colors

8) Internet prepaid cards - to feed my Internet addiction.

9) "Shumaisi" by Turki al Hamad

10) A small frying pan with cover - so the oil won't splatter all over me when I cook fry food.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Miss World 2005
An intern cop from Iceland, Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir was crowned Miss World 2005 held in Sanya, China.
I was rooting for Miss Mexico, Dafne Molina Lona.
Well, we share the same first name albeit mine is spelled DAPHNE.
She is the one in the blue gown.

Meanwhile, a radio sports talk show host from Kansas, Danni Boatwright outlasted, outplayed and outwitted 18 others to win the title of sole Survivor: Guatemala.

Picture taken from Surivor website

I was expecting explosive outburts from the 7 jury members during the final tribal council but it was not to be. Except for Judd mouthing out his vitriol from being betrayed by Stephenie, the others were pretty subdued and it was pretty tame. I'm just glad Stephenie didn't win! I'm staying tuned for the next season, Survivor: Panana, Exile Island which according to Jeff Probst would be played differently and with a lot of twists.

Hey I won something too. 824 pesos in the lottery. I got 4 out of the 6 numbers. That should be enough for me to get a blow dry and a pedicure too! Woohoo, happiness!!! =)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Horror of horrors
Earlier this evening after I got home from Greenbelt where I watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, my sister called me from Davao. She suddenly remembered winning a few gift certificates and wanted me to check their expiration dates.

1. Legend Villas
This entitles the bearer to an overnight accommodation for two in a Villa Suite Room with Buffet Breakfast.

2. Sand Castles, Boracay
This entitles bearer inclusive of three days and two nights deluxe room accommodation for 2 persons only.

Guess what.

Gift certificate no. 1 valid till December 9, 2005.
Gift certificate no. 2 valid till December 12, 2005.

Oh nooooo.

Hmmm well.

With things as hectic and toxic as they have been since August with my sister practically living in Davao for 2 weeks every month, I figure we would never have gone anyway.

But still.

Allow me to just scream out in frustration.


Friday, December 09, 2005

Of babies and the color pink
I wonder if there is some higher authority conspiring to make me more 'girly'.
Not a mean task because people still think I am a girl and not a woman of 37 summers!
But I blame that to my petite height.
Did you know I was once mistaken to be a 9 year old?
Yes, true story indeed.
I was frolicking in a beach somewhere in the east coast of Dubai. this lifeguard who happened to be Filipino, mind you ... approached me and asked if I was accompanied by an adult because kids are not allowed to play in the sea, alone.
I told him I beg your pardon but I'm not a kid.
He apologized, laughed nervously saying - "Akala ko 9 years old ka pa lang" (I thought you were only 9 years old)
So to avoid looking like a kid I told myself I won't wear pink ever again.
But last night I checked my closet and discovered to my surprise a wide array of tops in various shades of the color pink. Yesterday I received a package from my aunt in the US who gifted me with a light pink Old Navy t-shirt.
So yes I am slowly learning to like the color pink again.
I just hope that I now look at least 12 and not 9 years old. Hehehehe

Speaking of infants, it seems that being pregnant is very IN these days.
Britney Spears gave birth to her son.
"Elektra" star, Jennifer Garner has her own Violet.
My friend Donna's daughter is infanticipating.
Yes. She is going to be a grandmother soon. Gosh.
And of course ER is going to be a dad, next year.
The poor guy is freaking out keeps asking me for advice.
Me of all people!
What do I know about babies?
My limited knowledge comes from books like the one (little Earthquakes) I'm currently engrossed in/with.
It is about 3 new mothers exchanging babies stories with each other.
It is written by the same author (Jennifer Weiner) who penned "In her Shoes" a movie I have yet to see. Because it is about sisters and family and I will just try to ignore the fact that Cameron Diaz is in it. Me don't like Cameron Diaz. :D

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I just want to say ...
Kudos to the Philippine team for garnering the most medals in the recently concluded SEAG (South East Asian games). Well done! They all persevered and made us proud to be Filipinos. Despite all the negative publicity, the political turmoil and the endless bickering of grandstanding politicians, our athletes trained quietly and diligently to make the games a success. Bravo!

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck naming their newly born baby girl VIOLET is so cute. Isn't the name very pretty?

I wish the Bransen family wins the Amazing Race: family edition. The Weavers are such an irritating bunch while the Linz behave like frat boys during sem break. Such brats!

Hopefully anyone BUT Stephanie wins Survivor: Guatemala. Gosh she is really annoying to watch. I don't know why they haven't voted her off yet.

I simply love December - the streets are well lighted up with bright Christmas decors; the cool climate (for once I don't sweat once I step out); all those tiangges (bazaars) even if I don't really buy anything; eating bibingka, puto bumbong and roasted chestnuts (which I simply adore!) and people seem to be a lot more cheerful than usual.

I plan to watch a lot of movies before the Metro Manila Film Festival starts its run from December 25 to Jan. 7 (?) because I'm such a snob and I don't patronize Filipino movies.

I actually truly wrote this paragraph from the movie Love Actually on a Christmas card, last year and mailed it to someone.
"With any luck, by next year
I'll be going out with [le chef or maybe no one]
But for now, let me say - Without hope or agenda -
Just because it's Christmas
And at Christmas you tell the truth
To me, you are perfect.
And my wasted heart will love you
[until you grow old and haggard and lose all your teeth!]
Merry Christmas!!!"
Regardless to say, it was the most embarrassing thing I ever did in my life! But I don't regret it at all!

My sister will be out of town the whole of next week so that means I will have access to my monitor and my computer ... Hurray ... I really miss bloghopping!

It is difficult to compose a blog entry when I am in an internet cafe. Too many distractions I cannot gather my train of thought. It has taken me an hour to write this post and I've edited it 34566777 times.

So I will just end by paying a tribute to John Lennon whose 25th death anniversary is today, December 8.
Gosh has it been that long??? I love this song!

Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm back
Well I'm sorta, kinda back from my hiatus.
But not entirely.
Because you see, I am still monitor less.
Actually I do have another monitor but it is currently on loan.

Long story!

So what have I been up to?

Let's see:
  • I had a haircut.

  • I met up with my college friends which was fun because we only see each other like once in a blue moon.

  • We exorcised a ghost. At least that's what I thought it was. For the past weeks, I would hear a rustling sound whenever I use the bathroom upstairs. At first, I tried to ignore it thinking it was probably the draft from the vent. Then when I told my sister about it. She said she noticed it as well. So we called a priest to bless our entire house na rin. Because it would seem rather odd if we told him to simply sprinkle holy water in the bathroom of all places. So far I haven't heard the sound again.

  • I went to Tiendesitas, I love the place!


    Shopping galore. Novelties, Plants, Antiques and Delicacies all in one vast area near the C5. Nice ambience too.


  • I bought a lot of books at the National Book Store warehouse sale. Enough to fill up one whole row on my book shelf. Great bargains, novels were priced at only P50/P100!

  • book shelf

  • Speaking of books, I finished reading the book I used to blow up my monitor. Salman Rushdie's "The Ground beneath her feet". All 575 pages of it. Phew!

  • I bought a pink t-shirt. Me the one who wasn't into pink. Go figure!

  • I watched Harry Potter, twice. Yeah yeah yeah, I know! But I was really bored so my sister literally dragged me to watch it with her, two times. It was ok but I didn't bother reviewing it on my other blog because frankly I would just get all the names wrong.

  • I've set up the Christmas decors/lights in my place. Quite early since I usually do it on the 8th of December. I'm not really a Christmas person which is ironic because I live in a country where we they start putting up the decors as early as September. For me, it is overrated, we forget the true meaning of the day. It isn't about the gifts, the lights, the ornately decorated trees, Santa Claus or the office parties. It all seems meaningless when you are sitting in your car loaded with gifts and totally drunk after yet another party. You stop at a red traffic light and this tiny homeless urchin knocks on your car window begging for alms. Oh I don't know. I'm being way too righteously melancholic. I guess the older I get, there is an aching need in me to seek a significant meaning to my existence. Either that or I'm just getting way too cynical for my own good.

  • By the way, today is the 2nd anniversary of my blog.
    Hurray! =)

    Monday, November 21, 2005

    Last night, my monitor exploded.
    Yes, you read it right.
    The freaking thing burst.
    Usually I would tap it and it would be ok.
    But my hand was already hurting from hitting and hitting and hitting it some more. But it wont budge.
    So in my exasperation, I got hold of Salman Rushdie really thick book and slammed it as hard as I could on the darn monitor.
    Bad idea but hey I was at my wit's end.
    Ergo. It snapped and burst.
    For a moment I was expecting my room to be in flames.
    But luckily for me, it did not short circuit the electricity.
    So now I am monitor less and making do with this really old laptop.
    A Texas instruments loaded with Windows 98, it has no yahoo messenger, no MIRC, the browser is really slow and several letters are missing on the keyboard.
    In short, I can only do very basic Internet functions which if you know me well enough, would realize how paralyzed I feel right now.

    Therefore in order to preserve my sanity, I interrupt this post to make an announcement. I have decided to go on a blogging hiatus.
    So to the 3 people who read this blog, don't be alarmed, this is just temporary. I will be back next month just in time for the 2nd anniversary of this blog.
    Till then, keep smiling and take care.
    Hasta la bye ... bye! =)

    Saturday, November 19, 2005

    I just want to say ...
  • I don't know why Matthew McConaughey was voted "Sexiest Man Alive". I don't find him the least bit attractive.

  • It is rather unfortunate that every single cinema theater in this country is showing the latest Harry Potter movie. Come on, what about people like me who aren't into wizardry? But I guess I'm part of the silent minority, huh?

  • The other day while I was grocery shopping at Rustan's, Rockwell I saw this little Japanese kid. She must have been about 4 years old, had jet black straight hair and was cute as a doll. I remember thinking to myself ... 'Gosh, I wonder what his baby would look like'. Then, I snapped out of it because I promised myself I wasn't going to sink into my melancholic mood again.

  • I had no idea there was already a Christmas tree at the lobby of the building I reside in. It is a beautiful ornately decorated tree. It sure uplifted my spirits. I'm glad I chanced upon it because I usually go straight to the basement parking.

  • I'm glad I will get to finally see my friends from UST again next week. I can't believe the last time we saw each other was almost 2 years ago, if I'm not mistaken. I can be such a recluse sometimes, alright wait let me correct that ... I am *indeed* a recluse!

  • After reading this week's Time Magazine, I can't wait to watch "Memoirs of a Geisha".

    Time Cover
    Primarily because Ken Watanabe will be in it. I hope Rob Marshall was able to capture the poignant essence of the novel. It remains one of the few books I read in just 3 days because it was too good to put down.

  • I'm so loving Los Lonely Boys' song "Heaven", right now. It has such a catchy Latin beat to it. It makes me feel like dancing naked in my room. Ok relax, I won't be naked.

    Save me from this prison
    Lord help me get away
    Cause only you can save me now
    From this misery
    Cause I've been lost in my own place
    And I'm getting weary
    How far is heaven
    And I know I need to change
    My ways of livin'
    How far is heaven, Lord can you tell me
    Cause I've been locked up way too long
    In this crazy world, how far is heaven
    I just keep on prayin' Lord
    Just keep on livin', how far is heaven
    Lord can you tell me, how far is heaven
    I just got to know how far, how far is heaven
    Lord can you tell me
    (translated from Spanish)
    (You that's in a higher place
    Send me down a blessing)
    Cause I know there's a better place
    Than this place I'm livin', how far is heaven
    And I just got to have some faith
    And just keep on giving, how far is heaven
    I just wanna know how far

    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    Another interesting meme
    1. Flip open a dictionary and point to a word.
    2. Type the word into Google images.
    3. Pick an image that strikes you.
    4. Write a 10 line RIFF of the image.
    5. Use the word or the meaning of the word at least once within the first 5 lines of your riff.

    My word - "Morning"
    My Image - Eiffel Tower, Paris

    google image

    Laurel couldn't believe she was really in Paris.
    The whole night she kept tossing and turning in bed.
    Sleep eluded her. She blamed it on jet lag.
    But in reality, she knew the real reason.
    She was alone.
    Greg promised he would take her to Paris.
    He never did.
    4 months have passed since she buried the love of her life.
    The crisp cold morning air from the open window made her shiver. She decides to explore the city of her dreams.
    Laurel smiled as she snapped a picture of the Eiffel Tower.
    Silently, she whispered ... "I am going to be ok".

    Wednesday, November 16, 2005

    What are you?*
    *in just two words - no more and no less.

    I Am

    damaged goods

    Tuesday, November 15, 2005

    A few things (before I head out)
    There was a power outtage in my residence last night so I couldn't sleep in the stifling heat. So I'm cranky now and my cold has worsen. Argh.

    I finally found a VCD of Yentl. The movie I've been searching for ages.

    There is an Israeli film festival to be shown at SM Megamall. November 17, 18, 19.

    I do recommend FlightPlan.

    Yes I like to wear loose blouses and I have really bad skin.
    So if you accidentally bump into me in public. Kindly refrain from asking when I am due and what happened to my face. I am not pregnant! My bad skin breakout is due to some imbalance in my hormones.
    Ok, you got that?

    Alright I'm out of here!

    Saturday, November 12, 2005

    When the cat is away, the mouse gets to play
    My sister is coming back from Davao, tonight.
    She's been away since Wednesday so you can just imagine the total disarray my abode is in. Empty beer bottles, dishes in the sink, unmade beds, scattered pizza boxes, a film of dust particles all over.

    Ok, I just incriminated myself as a total slob.

    I've spent hours online.
    Doing *some* work.
    Reading my favorite blogs.
    Blog surfing for credits on Blog Explosion.
    Uploading my pictures on my travelogue.
    Downloading mp3s.
    Other nefarious activities the internet has to offer.
    Surviving on 2 hours of sleep.

    I figured I might as well take advantage.
    It is rare I get to be online without my sister screaming at me to log off because she is expecting an important fax.

    But I do miss my sister.
    The house I am not the same without her, here.
    I turn into a beer guzzling, sleep deprived perverted sloth.


    Friday, November 11, 2005

    Friday's Feast
    If someone made a statue of you, in which pose would you like to be?
    My eyes closed, my legs crossed in a lotus position, back straight and looking very peaceful and calm.

    What perfume/cologne does your best friend wear?
    Oh gosh, I have no idea. I don't ask him such trivial matters.

    Name something satisfying about your work.
    Flexible hours - I only work when I feel like it.

    Main Course
    What was the last excuse you made, and why did you need to make it?
    I told a friend I was supposed to treat for my birthday that I was busy with work. The truth is I don't want to hear her complain endlessly about her life.

    Complete this sentence:
    I wonder why
    I still love him so much!

    Thursday, November 10, 2005

    "For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move."
    Robert Louis Stevenson

    Yes probably guided by the above quote, I used to travel far and wide back in the good old days. My wanderlust tendencies peaked during the 6 years we lived in Dubai, UAE (1995 - 2001).
    I spent a fortune on rolls of film (no digicam yet back then) and then spent hours scanning them, trying to get the correct resolution. I saved most of them on my hard disk. Alas, my old computer conked out and I lost my pictures.
    So I'm glad I discovered a website where I can store them in a travelogue format. There are other cities I've visited which I did not include in my travelogue.
    a) I couldn't find my scanned pictures
    b) I am too lazy to rummage through boxes of my photo albums, scan then upload them to the website.
    Too much trouble!

    Anyways, I suggest you preserve those memorable shots of your vacations, the site is called Travelpod.
    Hey check out my travelogue!
    Now, I realize why I don't have any savings, I've traveled way too much! =)

    Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    What would you write on your epitaph?
    Click here for your own tombstone.

    My epitaph

    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    Laughter time

    Calvin and Hobbes

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    10 Firsts
    First Best Friend(s): Julie
    First Screen Name: Laurel
    First Pet: Polly, a parrot
    First Piercing: both ears
    First Crush: Ronald
    First CD: probably a BonJovi CD - I don't remember
    First Car: I don't drive
    First Love: Duli
    First Stuffed Animal: None
    First Job: Consular clerk, Philippine Embassy, Singapore

    9 LASTS
    Last Cigarette: I don't smoke
    Last Alchoholic Beverage: San Mig Lite Beer, last night
    Last Car Ride: today, gallivanting with my sister
    Last Movie Seen in Theaters: "Hidden Blade"
    Last Phone Call: yesterday, I called my mother
    Last CD Played: compilation of Rockstar:INXS mp3s
    Last Bubble Bath: At the Westin Philippine Plaza hotel
    Last Time You Were Drunk: Eve of my birthday
    Last Time You Cried: Last Saturday

    Been outside the country: Yes
    Dated one of your best friends: Yes
    Been arrested: No
    Skinny dipped: Since I can't swim, No
    Been on TV: Yes but only on those TV sets which they sell at appliance stores and they capture people passing by :D
    Kissed someone and then regretted it: Absolutely!
    Had a sex dream about someone you knew: Yes
    Cheated: during an exam, no. While in a relationship? Yes

    1. Orange bra
    2. Gray tank top
    3. Pink shorts
    4. Orange underwear
    5. Earrings
    6. Watch
    7. Eyeglasses

    1. Checked my emails
    2. Work
    3. Window shopped at Greenhills.
    4. Dinner at Italianni's Megamall branch.
    5. I bought this book from National Book Store.
    6. Watched "Survivor: Guatemala"

    1. Scented candles.
    2. My computer
    3. The Internet
    4. Books
    5. Vcds/Dvds

    1. My sister
    2. ER
    3. Donna
    4. Pinky

    1. Black or White: Black shoes and white shirts/blouses
    2. Hot or Cold: Hot showers and cold drinks
    3. Sun or Rain: Definitely rain because I hate to sweat but then I don't like the humidity after it rains.

    1. Visit the Pyramids
    2. Take a hot balloon ride


    Thursday, November 03, 2005

    Broken down palace
    That's how it feels in this humble loft I call home.
    One by one, the vital appliances have conspired to go kaput.
    2 weeks ago, my sister's laptop just went blank.
    Last week, it was the ever dependable rice cooker.
    2 days later, the fax machine started acting funny.
    This morning, my monitor flickers on and off.
    As of today, we are still waiting for the Fujitsu Service center to call us regarding my sister's laptop.
    I've borrowed my parents' extra rice cooker.
    The fax machine is still busted.
    And if you hear a banging sound that would be me hitting my freaking monitor to make it function normally.
    I have this really expensive habit of just buying brand new ones to replace those devices who decide for no apparent reason to conk out.
    Luckily for me, I am broke.


    This didn't stop me from convincing my sister that we do a market survey. So off we went to Megamall, weaving in and out of computer shops, collecting brochures of fax machines, laptops and even cellphones. It took a huge amount of will power not to just give in to temptation and splurge like crazy.

    But, wait!
    Surely you cannot expect two single women with purchasing power to go home from the mall empty handed right?
    That is a serious violation of human rights.
    My sister is now the beaming owner of 2 pairs of sporty pumps.
    Me, well I only buy 2 items: books and/or movies.
    Today, I add "The House of Flying Daggers" to my VCD collection.

    Wednesday, November 02, 2005

    Battle scars
    I did say on the first day of October that I was looking forward to having a good month.
    It being my birthday month and all.
    But now that it is over, I'm just glad I survived it.

    Mere words cannot truly express my complete devastation.
    The day I heard that he was going to be a father, soon.
    I swear a black cloud formed in the blue skies.
    I've always been baffled why certain women react quite strongly when they find out that their ex boyfriends were getting married.
    Now I know how it feels.
    I am still hurting a lot.
    It is rather foolish, I know.
    We were never a couple.
    It has been almost 3 years since I've known him.
    Albeit only virtually.
    A year has passed since I told him my true feelings.
    He didn't really reciprocate.
    He had issues with the distance.
    Both of us too stubborn to make any effort.
    To bridge the distance.
    We've been there several times in our sordid pasts.
    So we weren't up to it any more.
    I left it at that, I accepted it and moved on.
    I tried dating again.
    You know guys that are geographically present.
    They didn't challenge me enough.
    There was always something missing.
    ER still remains the only person I really confide in.
    My deepest fears, my grating inadequacies.
    My gaping flaws, my darkest secrets.
    I lose all track of time when we chat.
    Politics, religion, movies, relationships.
    Name every possible topic under the sun.
    I'm sure we've discussed it incessantly.
    So silently in my delusional state, I was still hopeful.
    That things would work out for the both of us.
    Even if in reality I knew he was dating someone.
    That deep down, I knew it was never meant to be.
    Yet the main point here is that I was hopeful.
    "Hope" is the reason we wake up every single morning, why we have happy thoughts, why we sleep tight at nights.
    It gives us a purpose to exist.
    A meaning to our weary, twisted life.
    Anyways the euphoria over my birthday did me some good.
    I was able to simply enjoy my day without a heavy heart.
    I felt I owed it to myself to be happy.
    I was.
    Now I am slowly picking up the shattered pieces of my heart.
    The harsh reality is slowly sinking in.
    Lately I've managed to sleep without drenching my pillows.
    So I suppose that's a good sign.

    I definitely need to move onward.
    Just bury myself with work, work and more work.
    No more film festivals to distract me.
    No more birthdays to celebrate.
    No more procrastinating.
    No more cemeteries to pay homage to.
    No more pining over someone.
    Just go ahead and earn my green bucks.
    And maybe just maybe I will finally buy myself a new cellphone. Not that I really need one.


    I think it's time I indulged in material items to make me happy.
    I tried investing in my emotions.
    But I only got terribly bruised.
    I'm scarred for the rest of my life.
    I have the pimples marks to prove it.

    Don't get me wrong, I am happy for him.
    I believe this baby is his lucky charm.
    Even if he doesn't think so.
    I am still going to be here for him.
    No matter what.

    Tuesday, November 01, 2005

    "Zendagi Migzara"
    A review of "Kite Runner", the book by Khaled Hosseini.
    It is a very poignant story about 2 childhood friends, Amir and Hassan. One is the son of a distinguished merchant living in luxury in Kabul while Hassan is the son of their servant, Ali. Together they form a deep bond despite the difference in their ethnic and civil background. Their main activity is to go kite running. A favorite past time of all the children living in Afghanistan during the glorious years of the monarchy. We witness their friendship take an ugly turn when Amir betrays his friend, Hassan. He forces his father to let the servants go when he falsely accuses them of stealing. We are also lead to experience the turmoil that Afghanistan goes through when the Soviets invade the land. Amir and his father are lucky enough to escape during the Soviet invasion and make a fresh start in the United States of America. There, Amir and his father get a second chance to mend their awkward relationship towards each other. Amir meets his soul mate, Soraya, a young Afghan woman marries her and despite their inability to have children, their life is blissful yet routinely ordinary. Until, one day, he receives word from an old friend of his father, Rahim Khan about Hassan. After almost 15 years, Amir returns to Afghanistan to sort out his life and tries to redeem himself, to correct his past mistakes. By this time, the Talibans have driven away the Soviets and Afghanistan is transformed into a strictly Islamic state where total anarchy reigns. Amir discovers the truth about Hassan's identity and must make extreme sacrifices to save Sohrab (Hassan's son) from the hands of the Taliban.

    I won't reveal the significant ending of the story. I admire the simplistic approach of the author to describe the events in the story. The characters are amazingly humane. You get the feeling that they are not merely fictional caricatures but actually exist in real life. The extreme turmoil that Afghanistan and its citizens went through and is still experiencing right now is graphically detailed in several sentences. This is the author's first English book so he uses very basic words yet the message comes across in a very powerful manner. You can feel the poignancy in its sheer simplicity. I was drawn into a really different culture. A very vibrant society thriving in a land steeped with a rich colorful heritage. A world away from the dark propaganda that the media tends to portray when we think of Afghanistan. I know the movie based on this book is currently in the pre-production stage. I am certainly looking forward to watching it. I just hope they don't make it into a big Hollywood production. This would be rather unfortunate because it would ruin the delicate essence of this very emotional book.

    My favorite line in the book is when Amir says:
    "If someone were to ask me today whether the story of Hassan, Sohrab and me ends with happiness,
    I wouldn't know what to say.
    Does anybody's?
    After all, life is not a Hindi movie.
    Zendagi migzara, Afghans like to say:
    Life goes on, unmindful of beginning, end, kamyab, nah-kam, crisis or catharsis, moving forward like a slow, dusty caravan of kochis.
    I wouldn't know how to answer that question."

    Now ain't that the truth?

    Monday, October 31, 2005

    Monday Madness
    1. Name 1 comedy movie you've seen.
    50 First Dates

    2. Name 2 black and white films you remember seeing.
    I hate the fact that are "colorizing" every single black and white movie - they lose their appeal!
    The Grapes of Wrath
    The Maltese Falcon

    3. Name 3 dramas you thought were worth watching.
    Hotel Rwanda

    4. Name 4 television shows you watch on a regular (or semi-regular) basis.
    Desperate Housewives
    The West Wing
    CSI: Miami

    5. Name 5 things that, in your opinion, are advertised on television too frequently.
  • Toothpaste - too many flavors to choose from.
  • All those whitening products - let's face it we are Asians so why do you want to be fair??!
  • Shampoo - my hair will never be that straight besides I love my curls.
  • Dishwashing Detergents - I don't think I will wash that many dishes in my entire lifetime
  • Corned Beef - Come on, do you really believe that celebrities like Aga Muchlach, Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino eat corned beef every single day? I don't think so!
  • Friday, October 28, 2005

    Guilty Pleasures
    I did something, last night.
    Something I haven't done in ages.
    It felt good.
    A nice stress reliever.
    This morning.
    I woke up with a stiff neck and a sore back.
    Hmmm, I figure it is just PMS.

    Maybe not.
    Who knows?

    One of life's many mysteries.
    Such as:
    Why is the sky blue?
    Why I only have first dates with guys?
    Or why do I still get acne at my age?

    Questions without any concrete answers.
    Blistered contemplations of my blemished mind.

    Friday Fiver
    3 x 5
    1. What's the last item you mailed?
    The renewal of my Time Magazine subscription.

    2. Who has made you smile recently?
    Karl, my drinking buddy.

    3. What's the weather like outside?
    It has stopped raining.

    4. Do you consider youself a good judge of character?
    I believe so, yes

    5. What's your favorite photograph?
    It is a picture of my family while we were visiting Israel/Palestine on a religious pilgrimage. It was taken on a wooden boat on the Sea of Gallilee, March 2000.

    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    Yes, women are complicated!

    click on picture for larger view

    Get over it, already! Hehehe :P

    Sunday, October 23, 2005

    Lately I've been dreaming about ...
    ... Leaving on a jet plane ...

    Air Philippines

    ... Staying in hotels ...

    Legend Hotel, Palawan

    ... Visiting exotic temples ...

    Golden Buddha Temple, Bangkok Thailand

    ... Sailing on the deep blue sea ...

    South China Sea

    ... Getting lost in the urbanity of a city ...


    Then I wake up to realize it was merely a dream.
    I must be hallucinating.
    Too much cough syrup in my system.
    I wish this wretched cough would go away!

    Arghh =(

    Friday, October 21, 2005

    "Turning Japanese"
    The day I turned 37, we had to go to the airport to fetch my sister who returned from Davao. Then, we all had lunch at a Japanese restaurant, Misato at the Metrowalk. We feasted on beef Teriyaki, Ebi Tempura, Tonkatsu, Yaki Udon, Grilled Salmon, assorted Sushi, Miso Soup.

    Misato, Metrowalk

    Next, we went to Greenbelt 1 to watch a Japanese movie.
    "Hidden Blade" is part of the ongoing CineManila international film festival. God granted my wish to allow the organizers to show a few of the films at the Ayala Cinemas.

    Hidden Blade by Yoyi Yamada

    We ended the day with a sumptuous dinner at the Seafood Club by Red Crab also located at Greenbelt 3. By then, we were all really exhausted from the long day so we skipped the picture taking part. So just imagine us munching on King crab paella with big yummy red crabs. Simply delicious!

    My gifts
    I wasn't really expecting anything this year.
    So I was pleasantly surprised when I received these pressies from my wonderful parents and my adorable sister.
    A book I've always wanted.

    Kite Runner

    A choker & bracelet set from Davao for my green outfits.

    choker set

    A Fuchsia linen blouse.

    Vida Doria Linen blouse

    My gratitude
    "It's nice to wake up when you know
    you're being loved by God,
    you're being needed by your family and
    you're being cherished by your friends."

    I like to thank my real, blogger, online, imaginary friends who greeted me on my birthday:
    Adam, Aoff, Arvin, Bebs, Carr, Collie, Donna, Dennis, Girlie, Karl, Joel, John, Manolet, Marian, Mark, Nick, Olive, Philippe, Pinky, Ruby, Selina and Toni.

    Merci beaucoup, mucho gracias, maraming salamat, shokran jazeelan, thank you very much. =)

    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    Happy birthday to me!!!

    Memories light the corner of my mind.
    Misty water color memories
    Of the way we were.

    Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind,
    Smiles we gave to one another
    For the way we were.

    Can it be that it was all so simple then,
    Or has time rewritten every line?
    If we had the chance to do it all again,
    Tell me? would we? could we?

    Memories may be beautiful and yet,
    What's too painful to remember
    We simply choose to forget.
    So it's the laughter
    We will remember,
    Whenever we remember
    The way we were.
    The way we were.

    My first birthday

    4 years old at the airport on our way to India for my father's first overseas posting

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    A charcoal portrait done by an artist along the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France 1998.

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    I recently became a member of blog explosion.
    Just for kicks.
    To relieve my overwhelming state of boredom lately.
    Now that the Spanish Film Festival is over.
    And my assignment center is closed for this month.
    I have more free time.
    To just park my butt in front of the computer.
    Blog hop. Chat. Browse. Download mp3s.
    You get the lazy picture.
    It is fascinating to discover a whole world of blogs out there.
    Some are boring. Others are too technical.
    Yet others are really interesting.

    My 3 favorites, so far are:
    1. An internet romance - This is so sweet! Me want one too :D
    2. Dating tips - I learned a few tricks from this site.
    3. The discerning cineaste - I love to read movie reviews.

    Enjoy! =)

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    And so it goes ...
  • That my sister just left for Davao - but hopefully will be back here just in time for my birthday!

  • That Daniel Craig is the new James Bond! Hmm I don't know what to make of that for now. I have to admit I grew up watching James Bond flicks. Mostly starring Roger Moore. They were quite the novelty back then with all those futuristic gadgets, bad ass villains and curvaceous Bond girls. But nowadays with modern technology, those films lost their appeal. I think I didn't watch a single Pierce Brosnan as 007 movie. Even though I am one of his biggest fans since Remington Steele days. But let's see what Daniel Craig has to offer, at least give him a fair chance to prove himself.

  • That Katie Holmes is carrying Tom Cruise's baby. Owwws? And all this time I thought he was simply impotent. I guess not!

  • That I have yet to watch any of the foreign films currently showing at CineManila. I am just not in the mood to haul my big behind all the way to Manila and venture into unfamiliar malls. I am still hoping they will feature a few films at SM Megamall.

  • That I watched a total of 10 movies at the Spanish Film Festival which concludes today. My favorite is "All about my mother". Pedro Almodovar is a genius!

  • That in my infinite boredom plus the fact that I am now alone in this loft with a million things to do (but am too lazy to do it right now) - decided to give this blog a new look, yet again! Teehee! =)
  • Saturday, October 15, 2005

    Name 3 schools you went to:
    1. Holy Child Auxilium (New Delhi, India)
    2. Ecole de Saint Joseph (Brussels, Belgium)
    3. UST (Manila, Philippines)

    Name 3 favorite vacation spots:
    1. Paris, France
    2. Florence, Italy
    3. Tagaytay City, Philippines

    Name 3 favorite fastfood chains:
    1. Jollibee
    2. Burger King
    3. McDonald's

    Name 3 usual things found in your wallet:
    1. Money
    2. Credit cards
    3. Pocket Calendar

    Name 3 favorite hang-outs:
    1. Movie theaters
    2. Bookstores
    3. Figaro

    Name 3 favorite sports:
    (to watch, since I'm not into sports, ok)
    1. Tennis
    2. Soccer
    3. Gymnastics

    Name 3 things you should be doing right now:
    1. Sleeping
    2. Dreaming
    3. Snoring away

    Name 3 most valuable MATERIAL possessions:
    Aside from life's basics
    1. Mobile phone
    2. Computer
    3. Digicam

    Name 3 things you are addicted to:
    1. Internet
    2. Chocolates
    3. Books

    Name 3 career choices:
    1. Interpreter
    2. Interior designer
    3. Animator

    Name 3 main goals in 2006:
    1. Travel
    2. Travel
    3. Travel

    Name 3 plans for next week:
    1. Nothing
    2. Nada
    3. Zilch

    Name 3 favorite drinks:
    1. Water
    2. Diet Coke
    3. Margaritas

    Name 3 childhood superheroes:
    1. Candy
    2. Goldorak
    3. Heidi

    Name 3 favorite highschool friends:
    (I have no freaking idea where they are now)
    1. Aurea
    2. Maybelle
    3. Mayette

    Name 3 favorite movies:
    1. City of Angels
    2. Amelie
    3. Before Sunset

    Name 3 favorite colors:
    1. Blue
    2. Orange
    3. Brown

    Name 3 brand of clothes that you like:
    1. G2000
    2. Kamiseta
    3. Lhasa

    Name 3 crushes:
    1. Johnny Depp
    2. Edward Burns
    3. Jon Stewart

    Name 3 last song syndrome LSS:
    1. Blind - Lifehouse
    2. Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
    3. Inside and Out - Feist's version of the BeeGees hit

    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    My current theme song

    Blind by Lifehouse
    I was young but I wasn't naive
    I watched helpless as
    he turned around to leave
    And still I have the pain I have to carry
    A past so deep that even
    you could not bury if you tried

    After all this time
    I never thought we'd be here
    Never thought we'd be here
    When my love for you was blind
    But I couldn't make you see it
    Couldn't make you see it
    That I loved you more
    than you'll ever know
    A part of me died when I let you go

    I would fall asleep
    Only in hopes of dreaming
    That everything would be
    like it was before
    But nights like this
    it seems are slowly fleeting
    They disappear as reality
    is crashing to the floor

    After all this time
    I never thought we'd be here
    Never thought we'd be here
    When my love for you was blind
    But I couldn't make you see it
    Couldn't make you see it
    That I loved you more
    than you'll ever know
    A part of me died when I let you go

    After all this time
    Would you ever wanna leave it
    Maybe you could not believe it
    That my love for you is blind
    But I couldn't make you see it
    Couldn't make you see it
    That I loved you more
    than you will ever know
    A part of me died when I let you go
    And I loved you more
    than you'll ever know
    A part of me died when I let you go
    My favorite team on the Amazing Race: family edition got eliminated! Hmm why does it seem like they would just be traveling within the United States? Strange!

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    I've been totally immersed with the Spanish film festival.
    I've been watching one movie almost daily.
    It makes me forget my troubles.
    Today, the CineManila film festival begins.


    Kaya lang, the movies are showing at SM Manila, SM San Lazaro and Robinson's Manila (Ermita).
    Places which are totally out of my way!


    Sunday, October 09, 2005

    Sunday Morning
    Maroon 5

    Sunday morning, rain is falling
    Steal some covers, share some skin
    Clouds are shrouding us
    in moments unforgettable
    You twist to fit the mold that I am in
    But things just get so crazy
    Living life gets hard to do
    And I would gladly hit the road,
    get up and go if I knew
    That someday it would lead me back to you
    That someday it would lead me back to you

    That may be all I need
    In darkness, she is all I see
    Come and rest your bones with me
    Driving slow on Sunday morning
    And I never want to leave

    Fingers trace your every outline
    Paint a picture with my hands
    Back and forth we sway
    like branches in a storm
    Change the weather still
    together when it ends

    That may be all I need
    In darkness she is all I see
    Come and rest your bones with me
    Driving slow on Sunday morning
    And I never want to leave

    But things just get so crazy,
    living life gets hard to do
    Sunday morning, rain is falling
    and I'm calling out to you
    Singing someday it'll bring me back to you
    Find a way to bring myself back home to you

    And you may not know
    That may be all I need
    In darkness she is all I see
    Oh, come and rest your bones with me
    Driving slow, driving slow
    (all I need, all I see)
    oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah (bones with me)
    I'm a flower in your hair
    yeah yeah, yeah yeah

    Saturday, October 08, 2005

    Ever since
    I uploaded this picture on my Friendster profile.

    I have been receiving messages from many guys.
    Although the attention is flattering, I don't really relish it.
    The whole bunch includes guys half my age, weirdos, perverts and DOM types.

    Yikes, ewwwww icky really!

    I figure it is best I revert back to the old picture.

    Arabian Art

    Maybe not!
    My twisted sense of amusement prevails!
    I'll keep the picture on.

    For now.

    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    In two weeks time
    I will be adding another year to my age.
    On the 19th to be exact.
    Thanks to all who've wished me in advance.
    I appreciate it. =)
    Age for me is just a number.
    For the past 4 years, I've noticed that I feel calmer once October begins.
    No more freaking out about getting older.
    This year I am just keeping a low profile.
    No out of town trips. No party.
    Not really expecting anything at all.
    But it doesn't mean I won't be happy.
    In fact, I've always been a 'birthday' girl.
    I love waking up on the 19th of October, every year.
    With a big smile, the sun shining amidst blue skies. Ready to commence a new year.
    Hopeful promises, desires and wishes.

    On another note, someone I met just recently celebrates his natal day, today.
    Even though deep in my heart, I feel it is fated that we finally meet. I just have a strange feeling about it. But I rather not expound on it too much.
    Happy Birthday M =)

    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    Ten on Tuesday

    10 Best Movies You've Seen Lately
    1) Sideways
    2) Phantom of the Opera
    3) Hotel Rwanda
    4) 5 x 2 (French)
    5) Strip Search (HBO Original film)
    6) Wicker Park
    7) Crash
    8) Manderlay (Lars von Trier)
    9) Gilles' Wife (Belgian)
    10) Closer

    For this list, I rummaged through my movies Blog. I chose 10 movies within the January - September 2005 time period.

    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Monday Madness
    1. What's on your computer desk?
    My computer, speakers, Canon Printer, bottles of water, a desk calendar, Cds, bills, glue, pens, things for my hair, Cloud 9, hand lotion, chewing gums, nail polish - yes it is a mess!

    2. What does your computer desktop background look like?

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    3. What's on your agenda for the upcoming week?
    Work, watch movies at the Spanish film festival, errands,pay bills, house chores, hear First Friday mass, meet up with a friend if our sked eases up a bit.

    Sunday, October 02, 2005

    To my sister
    My 'ate' even if you are younger than me.
    My chauffeur/bodyguard/alalay.
    My strength.
    My rock.
    My soul.
    My everything.

    Happy Birthday!

    I Love you!
    Mucho hugs and kissos =)

    Saturday, October 01, 2005

    My quote for this whole month
    [My Birthday Month]

    "Always think of one happy thought each morning. Once a happy thought gets started, you can't help but feel warm hearted the rest of the day!" =)

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    February 2005, Tagaytay City