Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In February of this year I went on a hiatus.
In April I said:
I'm back
OK so I had my Lenten blogging hiatus.
Was it worth it?
You bet it was.
Would I do it again?
Yes, in a heart beat I would.

This week, I received an Esep Esep award from blogger Toe (thanks!) who wrote in her blog: (I'm too lazy to translate)
Mahilig siya sa sining at kultura, magbiyahe sa malalayo at mga misteryosong mga bansa, mga malalalim na banyagang pelikula, at mga aklat na makakapal at maliliit ang sulat. Ngunit dahil kung kelan lang ay tinamaan siya ng pana ni Kupido, siya ay naging parang isang bungisngis na teen-ager na nasaniban ng kaligayan at pag-ibig. Nagantimpalaan na rin siya ng award na ito na kanyang pinasa sa akin. Ngunit ngayon, ito ay binabalik ko sa kanya. Daphne, ikaw ay wagi!

I believe it is time to take another blogging break for no specific reason at all. How's that? But, in case you are wondering.
No, I am not having relationship problems.
Although I admit there are some daunting challenges.
No, I am not going to elope.
No, Toe don't worry your post didn't trigger my sudden need to go silent. I've been toying with the idea for some time now. I realize I've lost focus on what is really important. Now if you ask me what that is. Well it remains a mystery. So kindly respect my wishes to go off blogging for some time. I know you probably don't have any choice in the matter. Now if you really miss me well I'm just an email away. I reply promptly too! =)

A bientot!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Dear Hon,
Since I'm a date obsessed person, I pointed out to you that yesterday, August 11 was our 2nd month together as a couple. But honestly it feels like 2 years already and you wholeheartedly agreed with my statement.
How appropriate that we would watch a movie with the word "2" in it at the CineManila. Specifically "2 Jours en Paris" which translates to "2 Days in Paris", my favorite city in the world. The insightful French rom-com (romantic comedy) starring, written and directed by Julie Delpy of "Before Sunset" fame. I loved the film. But what I love more is the fact that you enjoyed it as well. In fact when we were discussing the movie over dinner at Teriyaki Boy, your acute observations about certain aspects of the film were right on the dot. Wow Hon, you can critique films too but ah just stick to your day job, ok? Movie reviewing is my category! Yes, that's me being territorial. But really I was pleasantly surprised at your keen eye to notice the hidden meaning behind certain scenes. Bravo!
By the way, thanks for going through the trouble of picking me up from home then accompanying me through the maze of link ways connecting the Cubao MRT station to the Gateway Mall. I'm such a spoiled brat (at least I admit it), I haven't ridden the MRT in ages. But yehey I got to our destination in one piece. Of course, I was ably guided by your protective arm the entire time.
As I knelt down in prayer during the anticipated Mass at Edsa Shrine, I once again thanked God for blessing me with your presence in my life. Here's to more anniversaries to celebrate together. Hey, next time let's have balloons. That was really really hilarious. Yes I'm naughty! But hey you were naughty too. While we are strolling at the mall, each time you saw balloons, you'd poke me in the ribs, wink then start giggling. Awww the readers have no idea what I am babbling about. I guess they have to watch the film to get the joke, no? Enuff said!

Je t'aime,

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

If there is a laptop, there will be a blog entry. Well not exactly my own laptop but you know what I mean
I'm glad this heavy downpour from "Chedeng" will somehow minimally increase our dwindling water supply at the dams but seriously it ruins my planned dates with D. Since most of you who commented in my previous entry don't mind me continuously yapping about my dates, here it goes.
Our or rather my original plan for today, Wednesday (D's day off) was for us to watch a foreign film at Cinemanila which opens today at the Gateway Cineplex. But lo and behold, the heavens above seem to have other plans which supersedes my clever idea to drag my beau to read subtitles. You know a guy loves you when he is willing to sit in a freezing cold movie theater to watch a film in a language he doesn't comprehend. Thus he will be forced to read tiny, fast moving subtitles to grasp the film.
So boo hoo here I am using my sister's brand new Acer laptop ranting about my canceled postponed date. Although there is nothing more romantic than snuggling together under a small umbrella (I do have big parasol type of umbrellas but I expressly use small ones!) when it rains, the mere thought(s) I would get stranded without any public transport, stuck in horrendous traffic or worse in knee high or even waist high bubonic plague infested flood waters doesn't appeal to me, at all.

So rain rain go away, D & D want to play oops I meant D & D want to date. =)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

This blog is becoming predictable
I blog only about the following things:
1. my dates with D
2. my travels
3. my PC acting up

Today it is the 3rd option yet again, rather unfortunate!
I'm getting tired of my PC acting up like a brat! But I am still paying for half of my sister's laptop so I'm too broke to buy myself a new one. So I will fester for a while, try to amuse myself without my Internet connection. Probably catch up on my reading, I have books gathering dust on my side table. Ergo if I don't blog for a while, you know why!

A bientot!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Highlights of my date with D

Dear Hon,
I guess we have to thank President GMA for declaring today a holiday for high school and college students. You got the day off. Yay! I sensed you were in a sad mood regarding that matter we discussed over the phone last night, so I decided to cheer you up. What better way than to spend the day with me? Teehee! Yes I know, that's lame.
I can count 4 highlights of our date.
Ist - you heard First Friday Mass with me and my parents.
2nd - we chanced upon your cousin and cousin in law at Starbucks while we were strolling along the mall. I almost died of embarrassment when she said "Hey D, I didn't know you got married already, you ha you didn't invite us to your wedding!" after she made beso beso to me! It's good you clarified the real status of our relationship. But aha I found out something about you! When your cousin in law mentioned this grand family reunion two years ago, you blurted you were with a different woman that time. It's fine really. I know all about your past relationships. The key word is "past"!
3rd - we got hounded by that pesky sales person who wanted to sign us up for a new credit card. His in.your.face approach of "You must be a married couple with many expenses" caught me by surprise the second time, today. Does this mean that we already look/act like a married couple? Not sure that is a good thing, really. I want us to still project this girlfriend, boyfriend aura. Oh I don't know, maybe it's just me ... being silly.
The last highlight oh wait hmmm did I say four? This is a PG rated blog so let's leave it at that! Besides just spending the entire day with you is in itself a big highlight for me. =)

Many kisses,

I agree "License to Wed" the movie with Robin Williams was a huge disappointment!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

It is already the 8th month of the year.
Time does fly by so fast.
Yes, I decided to change my template.
Just for the heck of it.
This month I'm looking forward to another film festival.
As well as celebrating my father's birthday.
Of course, more fun filled dates with D!
Nowadays, I'm just thankful for each day that dawns and give praise to the Almighty for blessing me with someone special.

What are you looking forward to this month?
Pray tell! =)