Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Health issues (Warning: it might be too much information for some people so brace yourself)
Yesterday I had some rather uncomfortable medical tests done to determine the condition of my ehem reproductive system. A procedure I won't exactly recommend but in the interest of good health, it is a must for all women. I was grateful that my doctor was really kind and helpful in making me feel as comfortable as possible. It seems I have an anatomical condition present in about 20 % of women.

The good news is that it won't affect my chances of conception nor would it make it difficult to carry a child to term. My doctor also discovered a myoma but at this time it isn't cause for alarm. So I had to undergo another medical exam. This time it was really yucky! I wish I was more prepared for the discomfort of an uterine ultrasound. Ewwww! I need to wait a week to know the final results of my test.

In the meantime I need to monitor my blood pressure since there is indication that it is slightly elevated. Well yeah trying planning a wedding with a very limited budget and furnishing a new apartment without having a Swiss bank account and let's see how fast your b.p will hit the roof. hehehe

Sure I can laugh about it now but I have to admit a part of me was a bit concerned. You know the saying "you are only as old as you feel"? Well since physically I don't look my age, I've always lived on the notion that I am healthy. But of course I cannot keep denying the fact that I am 39 years old. It is only when I go for medical exams when reality hits me in the face! Big ouch. I'm not really a big fan of these medical procedures.

My only consolation lies in the comforting words of D who keeps bringing me back to the positive path by assuaging my worries. So with that thought in my worried mind plus my strong belief in the power of the Almighty, I am trying to be confident enough to face the obstacles I might encounter in the near future. =)

Monday, April 28, 2008

This is my 1000th post!
Well OK considering the fact that there were give or take a few several posts motivated by my need to earn extra income, it doesn't change the fact that I've written 1000 entries in this blog.

I was urged by my cousin to join the blogging bandwagon since he knew I was a highly opinionated person. My first post was dated December 8, 2003. It was the Yuletide season so I had a lot of merry, cheerful things to say. Looking back at my archives, my most prolific month was May 2004 when I posted 54 entries! Phew.

Then I went through a phase where all I posted were memes for every single day of the week. That was probably the time when I thought that my life wasn't blog worthy so I bored my very few readers (if any at all during that time) with all sorts of memes.

I snapped out of it and churned out really bitter, sarcastic posts because I was dealing with another achy breaky heart moment. I was hurt and mourning over the demise of a long distance relationship which truth be told I didn't expect to get far but nonetheless I felt that I had the right to grieve over it.

From being cynical and sarcastic, I developed a carefree attitude. My inner self scoffing at whatever life presented me at that time. My favorite word was "whatever". I wasn't particularly pleased with myself but neither was I totally dejected with life. It was a 'bahala na' phase.

Luckily, I once again snapped out of that yet another direction less mode. This time with conviction and a firm resolve - I decided to love myself more. Make myself get out of bed with a smile and face each day as it dawned. Never mind if there wasn't any concrete reason, basta I was just happy to be alive. I started counting my blessings more and chose to focus more on the positive aspects instead of harping endlessly over things I couldn't have and never will have and in the process attract really negative vibes.

Then I reconnected with D and suddenly everything seemed inconsequential in comparison to his ever positive attitude. My complete change is something I attribute to being inflicted by a contagious disease but in a good way. I got hooked by his charms, his God fearing ways, his sense of humor, his pleasing personality well everything about him, really.


It was around this time last year when I 'met' D and now nothing else seems to matter. In a few days time, we will be husband and wife. There are still a lot of loose ends to tie vis a vis our wedding as well as getting our apartment ready. Sometimes it seems there isn't enough hours in the day. But amidst all these chaotic and anxious moments, I have never once lost focus of the fact that I am really really really lucky to have found him. The one person who makes me feel that after leading a nomadic lifestyle, drifting aimlessly now finally I have a purpose. I am home! A special place to cradle my heart. A nest to firmly grow roots one little (soon to be married) moment at a time. =)
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Friday, April 25, 2008

My sister
Lately she has been extra caring towards me. Not that she isn't really that way but with my impending flight towards married life, she has been super lambing (nurturing). With everything that has been going on - preparing for the wedding, arranging the new apartment and dealing with all the loose ends that needs to be tied - I have been trying to shut out the emotional aspect that comes with the territory.

You see my sister and I share this really close bond. There are not enough words to express this special relationship I share with her but I will still try to put it down in words. Ever since she was born 3 years later than me, we have been inseparable. Well let's not include the 8 years she lived on her own in Singapore while I was in Dubai. We still communicated everyday through Y!M. But I felt like a vital part of me was missing. She has been through a lot in her life. Some major upheavals in her health, her career and her life which only made her a much stronger person. But beneath her tough exterior lies a very loving, caring and nurturing person who is both reasonable and vulnerable at the same time. She is indeed younger than me but she has always been my 'Ate' in the truest sense of the word. Other than the fact that she towers over my tiny frame and most people would accidentally think she is the older one, she is a very important part of me. I always tell myself if it weren't for my little sister, I would be totally lost. A homeless drifter with no lofty ambitions of my own. So I am eternally grateful she has and always will be really supportive towards me. We have our own little private jokes. We have traveled together extensively. We have talked about our future. We tell each other everything. Basta we are really really close.

So when she hugged me this afternoon and asked me in a joking manner if it was possible for me to still live with her here even if I was already married, I merely laughed it off. Laughing is my way of dealing with emotional matters when they crop up and lately I've been laughing a lot so this proves my highly sentimental and emotional state of mind. So I also told her you know that second bedroom in my new apartment is reserved for you when you come visit me. I will just be in Project 8 not abroad. But deep inside, I knew that this early she is already experiencing separation anxiety. So I felt really sad that I would be "abandoning" my best friend, my confidante, my rock, my anchor, my everything. But life goes on, I know she is happy for me. I am looking forward to sharing new moments of my (soon to be) married life with my one and only sister.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

10 Questions for D
D doesn't read my blog because I won't let him, period! These are his answers to your questions. Some are questions I myself have asked him when we first starting dating. The rest I managed to sneak them in during our phone conversation these past few days. Thanks for participating in my little game, I truly appreciate it.

1) I know you guys met online but in that setting, what made you notice Daphne "across a crowded room" so to speak? Naks! Panaderos
Her beautiful sounding name 'Daphne Laura' piqued my interest

2)I love q & a's! ok here's my question for D:
what attracted you most to Daphne? Ms Firefly
She immediately put me at ease even though it was our first time to meet for real. I was a bit shy and nervous but it felt like we had known each other for a long time.

3) Uh... where's the bar? Just kidding... :-D I won't ask anything actually, I respect a person's right to privacy. Unless of course, we've already had a couple of San Miguel, haha. Snglguy
*Daphne* says what bar? The ticker counter? I doubt you and D would get to share a couple of San Mig beer, he doesn't drink ;)

4) How did you know that Daphne is the one? Rach (Heart of Rachel)
I knew she was the one when I told her I had nothing to offer her but my surname and she didn't run away.

5) Hi D Here’s my question… what will you miss most about being single? Denden
Nothing at all. I have been single for a long time. I can't wait to share the rest of my life with Daphne.

6) Wow! Counting the days down huh? Congrats and all the best! Q: How many kids do you want to have? And when? on the spot ba? Leah
Daphne wants to wait till next year. Me I always joke that I want 1 but triplets na kaagad. I will respect her decision.

7) what do you love most about Daphne? Girlie
She is a sweet nurturing person who is very understanding. Even if I show up late for most of our dates, she still has a smile on her face and doesn't berate me.

8) What about Daphne makes you feel most alive? Toni
Her mere presence.

9) D, if Robert Redford offered you.... hehe. just kidding. seriously, my real question would be: how did you tell Daphne that you wanted to have a serious relationship with her? how did she respond? Did she say, "Ditto" or "Me, too"? hehe. hope that's not too personal. Wil
We had gone out a few times, talked over the phone every night. She was the one who first held my hand. At first I thought she accidentally touched it when we were crossing the street but she kept holding on. That night over the phone, she asked me point blank 'tayo na ba?' I said 'oo naman'. We both giggled when I told her she was being too direct. But it just felt right.

10) What foods are you going to cook for Daphne? When can I be invited? Toe
I cook mostly fish with vegetables on the side. Dishes like paksiw, fried tanigue, sinigang na bangus, ampalaya with ground beef. Food which unfortunately Daphne doesn't eat. But I am willing to compromise and cook other dishes for her like chicken tinola, nilaga beef and pork sinigang. Although she sort of promised she's willing to eat anything I cook. Maybe I can finally convince her to eat paksiw! We'll see.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Let's play a little game!
One of the loveliest Filipino marriage traditions is the despedida de soltera, farewell to the single life. As the Spanish gender clearly indicates it is a feminine leave-taking: the send-off dinner for the daughter of the house by her family close to the wedding date. To the despedida de soltera are invited the family of the groom, close relatives and close friends of both the bride and the groom. Sometime before the wedding there must have been an occasion for the relatives from both sides to meet and to know one another, at least enough not to be total strangers at the wedding and at the reception. Both families might have already extended invitations to each other for this purpose. If there has been no previous opportunity, the despedida may serve as the formal introduction of the two families or clans to each other. (

Yesterday my parents hosted a despedida de soltera at a restaurant. The lively group included my parents, my sister, D & me. Also present were my male cousin # 1 and his spouse, their 2 year old son. My male cousin # 2 going solo. Our Ninang # 1, her spouse and son. Unfortunately, Ninong # 1 is still recuperating from some medical procedure. Ninang # 2 lives abroad. Something came up so Ninong # 2 and family couldn't make it. D's family are all in the US and they are unable to make the trip. Naturally all sorts of questions were thrown left and right. Querying minds wanted to know details, details and more details. From how we met, who would be next to get hitched, where we would be honeymooning to where we will be living as a married couple and even how much is the rent to our new place.
The small but intimate group had a great time just updating each other on the latest developments in their respective lives, reminiscing about past family reunions, the usual merry banter. It was a happy fun filled lunch and the perfect occasion to introduce my fiance to my dearest and closest relatives. We all had a great time.

Now let's pretend you just happen to be invited to my despedida de soltera. It is your first time to lay your sight on D's charming presence. What would you quiz him about? Kindly leave your questions in the comment section. I will post the replies in my next entry. Please don't ask me very personal questions because I just might answer this is a PG rated blog.

Game! =)

Friday, April 18, 2008


Things have been hectic as expected. Nowadays our main focus has been on our apartment. We have turned into DIYers (Do it yourself ers).
It is amazing how we still find the energy to do things in the house even though we have practically shed enough sweat to flood a small village. OK correction not 'we' but I, being the one with the most active sweat glands present in a human being has perspired like crazy.

But it is fun, really. Yesterday, we spent the day painting the cabinets blue (my fave color). I did the first coating but only up to the part which I could reach because I'm such a shortie then he finished it up. Talking about our future. Peppering our conversation with peals of laughter, goofing around. Feeding each other snacks and drinks. It was a sweet labour of love.

The whole apartment though is still in disarray. We still got tons of DIY work to do. It helps that I am handy with 'housework' so I can help D fix things. In fact I can fairly say I've impressed him enough with my skills. I meant my mechanical and technical skills. I can assemble electric fans, furniture from scratch. Yes, I'm boasting! Having said that I am equally impressed with his practical sense in fixing a house. So this early it has been an eye opening discovery of each other's capabilities vis a vis setting up a small yet cozy household.
It has been wonderful so far. I'm happy. He's ecstatic. Things are progressing as planned and on schedule. We have totally immersed ourselves into turning our house into a home.

Never mind that we hit a few snags with the wedding preps.
My gown which I was supposed to fit April 15 'accidentally' got transferred to the designer's other shop all the way in Taytay. I've no idea how it looks on me.
We are still waiting for the church to schedule our canonical interview. When we submitted our marriage license, I was under the impression I could pick the date but it is the other way around.
The church still doesn't have the name of the officiating priest which I need so I can get the misalettes printed. The production time is 5 - 7 days and we are running out of time!
I still don't have a reliable make up artist to make my wavy hair straight and to stuff my face with make up so I will look photogenic for my nuptials.
Despite these snags I can still joke about it and told D, my parents and my sister that's it - I knew I would get married dressed in jeans, my hair in a pony tail and merely black eyeliner and lipstick on my face!
D was totally amused, my parents didn't find it funny and my sister was aghast! So based on those different reactions, you see why D and I get along so well.

But I do want to thank my parents and my sister for being oh so very very supportive in helping D and I make our house a truly homey place. Their unconditional love and support drive tears to my eyes. I promised myself I won't cry as I embark on this emotional yet fulfilling journey. But unfortunately or fortunately I've already broken my promise several times during the past few days. =)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

857756788th reason why I love D
He is sweating it out in this intense heat cleaning our lil apartment. The landlady called this morning to informed him that it is now ready for its new tenants. While here I am sitting in nice cool comfort blogging about another reason why I love my hubby to be. God bless his soul.

Yes I know I'm spoiled! Teehee =)
Survey says
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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A pictorial of my Wedding preps

Our wedding invitation 'postcard' style.

Enclosed in that sinamay box is a wind chime. Our token of appreciation to our guests for attending the wedding of two souls who couldn't be more happier and really blessed to have each other.

The facade of our lil up and down apartment somewhere in the Q.C. area. It is still being renovated and repainted. But I am eternally grateful to D for finding us a homey and cozy place to start our married life. =)
Ashop Commerce
D and I aside from planning for our fast approaching wedding have also been talking about putting up some sort of business. I suggested an e-commerce biz which I can maintain from the comforts of our home. Nothing is definite yet but I'm sure that one of the key ingredients in maintaining an online business is a good shopping cart software. Ashop Commerce is one of the main providers of shopping cart softwares. Its comprehensive website provides a lot of information for those who want to set up an e-commerce website. Their shopping cart software is easy to use and consumer friendly even for first time users. If you still have inquiries their customer service is readily available 24/7 and willingly guide you through every step. They really made setting up an ecommerce online shopping website quite easy. I've decided to bookmark their page for future reference. I'm sure it will come in handy for our plans.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I just want to say
1. The T0T0 concert was a big disappointment! They sang mostly songs from their new album which nobody has bought nor heard of before! Their old favorites were sang medley style. It seemed like they were merely jamming. I have no idea why. My speculative guesses - the band was tired because they performed in Cebu the previous night. Maybe there were some technical problems or whatever. Who knows?

My only consolation is that I was holding hands with D the entire night in the air conditioned Araneta Coliseum. So it wasn't that bad to sit on my behind for 1 hour and a half listening to I've never heard before songs at full decibel.

2. I was 'tortured' for exactly 2 hours yesterday. At yes you got it right - the dentist! What started as a simple tooth extraction turned into a horrific session as she had difficulty pulling out a small portion of a tooth as the root was deeply embedded inside my gum. Major ouch! Even with doses of anesthesia, I could still feel the different instruments poking into the enamel. At one point, another dentist came to help so there were like 3 sets of hands all poking all those dental instruments inside my widely opened mouth. Then I could also taste the mix of blood, saliva and some fleshy gum accumulating inside - I had to gargle several times trying not to choke in the process. I started sweating. I couldn't help the tears from falling down my left eye (since the extraction was on my left side). It was terrible, really. Very unpleasant!

This time D wasn't around to hold my hand (but let it be said that he did lovingly volunteer to do so). All around me I could hear little kids likewise being tortured by other dentists and the voices of their mothers consoling them with reassurance. I was all alone! OK I know I am 39 years old for Pete's sake but still! Oh well at least that is done with, I don't have to worry about swollen gums and protruding tiny portions of teeth ruining my facial appearance. I only have to let the 'wound' heal so I don't look like I have marbles in my cheeks for my wedding. Phew thank God that is over!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

That's it?

Today on the first day of the warm month of April, D and I made our way to City Hall. We went to apply for our marriage license. Armed with a Manila envelope with all the required documents both the original as well as their copies, I was fully prepared to deal with bureaucratic mayhem. Much to my pleasant surprise, there wasn't any line. The building was clean and brightly lit and its air conditioning was at full blast. D filled up his side of the form. Me well I had already filled it up days ago because I am efficient that way. We submitted all the papers together with our 1 x 1 ID Picture. I was ready to roll up my sleeves and make a scene if and when they would make it difficult for us. But unfortunately or fortunately I didn't have to channel my taray self. It was a breeze. We just have to show up on the 14th of April to get our marriage license.

For a few seconds, I thought huh that's it? Are you kidding, me? It is really that easy or are you guys playing a trick on us, today on April fools day? Well I didn't wait to find out. I just left the building with a relieved smile.