Monday, December 22, 2003

Yes I do still watch Survivor even if it's the 7th edition of this reality show. Another season just ended last week and this time it was held at the Pearl Islands, off Panama.

Several twists made it more interesting to watch:
1. The return of the outcasts - after being voted off the island, they were bunched together as a team and competed against the Drake and Morgan tribe at the reward challenge. Having won the task, 2 members were voted back into their respective tribes. Burton and Lil were lucky enough to be reinstated into the game. It was unfair though to the tribe members who had already voted them off. But it gave the show some spice.
2. The biggest lie - Jon must be the most cunning and deceitful of all those who joined this game. He connived with his friend to tell the other members that his grandmother had died while he was still on the island. This worked since they all sympathised with his "fake" grief and let him win the reward challenge. Shameless SOB!
3. First time in the history of this show, a tribe member quits from the game. Osten, although in physically strong shape wanted out of the show. So no votes were cast at tribal council, he just took his torch and Jeff extinguished it with disgust. Knowing that many people aspire to be on the show, he didn't even try to endure it.

In the end, the person who outcast, outwit and outplayed them all was Sandra. She played a fair game, stayed under the radar and just went with the flow. She deserves it, if only for coming up with witty and funny comments throughout the show. Personally, I wanted either Andrew or Ryan O to win the million bucks - but heck I was never good at predicting the outcome of this show that's why I like watching it.

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