Thursday, January 15, 2004

Awww Moments
- News that Carr, my dear friend is now 5 weeks preggie.

- Wilma, my kabarkada, gave birth to her baby girl Charlize on Dec. 29 after a succession of boys and several miscarriages.

- I received a parcel from Harsh, an online friend.
A lovely outfit in striking colors which enhances my skin tone.
A token of appreciation because I designed his website for free!

- Laureen, my best friend now based in the USA sent me a package.
It contained magazines and a VHS tape of Trista & Ryan's wedding ceremony.
They are the "Bachelorette" couple.

- Donna, my 'Sis' for her never ending moral support.
Her checking up on me during my illness ... even if she is miles away.

- My chat buddies bombarding me with 'Miss You' emails and offline msgs.

- Lastly, Iyad for being my 'Anchor' and personal cheering squad!

Thanks for making me smile.

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