Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The Podium
This mall is turning out to be my favorite hang out place.
It has a bank where I do all my monetary transactions.
Several eateries with wide variety of choices.
But I found out today that The Forum no longer exists.
Several coffee shops too. We are Figaro & Dome Cafe habitues.
It has 2 cinemas with guaranteed seats.
I like cinemas with reserved seating arrangements. Its convenient.
Today was my first time to watch there.
Cinema 2, row G7 & G8. 2:20 PM. Small but cosy. Freezing cold!
Guess what I watched?
"The Last Samurai".
I convinced my sister to take time out from her toxic life.
I treated her to lunch and a movie.
Lunch at Penang. Nasi goreng for me. Chicken rice for her.
We burst into laughter upon realizing we both ordered chicken dishes.
Not really advisable with this avian flu breakout.
Oh well. Whatever.

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