Sunday, January 25, 2004

Sunday Smiles
When I woke up this morning at 10am, my parents had left for the alps.
I went downstairs to make myself coffee and found this on the kitchen table.
Dear Girls,
Bought these bracelets for you. Blessed rosary beads, stress reliever.
Please wear them. This catholic calendar too for Ollie's office.
Check if leftovers in fridge still fit to eat.
Love you girls,

Trust my dear mom to always brighten my day with her sweet notes.

Even if when I went down to get the newspapers from the lobby.
They delivered Manila Bulletin. Instead of the Phil. Daily Inquirer.
How hard is it to understand? On Sundays, it's Phil Star & PDI.
Even if when I checked my emails.
I got one from someone I rather not deal with. EVER again.
I promptly deleted the email. Without even opening it.

Thanks Mom for the bracelet Im wearing now.
I feel calmer and less hot tempered.
I guess... it works! Whoa!

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