Thursday, January 22, 2004

"They are all perfect"
Those were the last words of Katsumoto, the charismatic leader of the Samurais as he cast his eyes towards the cherry blossoms.
Heavily wounded and his body riddled with bullets, he takes his own life
to die with honor.
All the soldiers that were ordered to shoot the enemies, lowered their heads and prostrated themselves to show respect for a great individual.
That scene from the Last Samurai sticks to my mind, the most.
Tom Cruise was convincing as a flawed man with a heavy burden to bear.
But his transformation as a "samurai" was too far fetched sometimes.
The talented Japanese cast really carried the whole film.
Ken Watanabe as Katsumoto had a strong screen presence.
His character is a person you will love to hate yet at the same time
someone you can sympathize with.
He was very fatalistic, adhering strictly to the Samurai code of life and war.
The only woman in this film as portrayed by a Japanese actress/model
had such an expressive face and her beauty just grows on you.
Which character do I think is "the Last Samurai"?
My answer - Katsumoto.

I told myself I will only watch 2 movies per month. At the cinemas.
My choices were either The Last Samurai or Kill Bill.
As I sat there at Cinema 3 of Robinson's Galleria, I'm glad I chose this one.
It's rare that I come across a movie that really moves me.
This one did. I LOVED IT.

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