Monday, February 02, 2004

Bring it on!
One of my favorite shows is back!
I kept asking my sister is it Feb. 2 yet?
Boy! Was I excited while watching it.
Survivor: All Stars edition.
Three tribes - Saboga. Chapera. Mogo Mogo.
18 castaways - among them previous winners Ethan, Richard, Tina & Jenna.
Familiar faces - Lex, Rupert, Big Tom, Rudy, Shii Ann, Rob M & Rob C.
Unfamiliar faces too. Never saw the Australian Outback, and Borneo series.
The usual bitching, backstabbing, and alliance forming already started.
And it was only the first episode.
Immunity challenges. Tribal council. Jeff Probst's dimples.
Yeah baby yeah.

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