Saturday, February 28, 2004

"Everyone Wants to be Found"
That's the blurb for Lost in Translation.
I watched Bill Murray's character explore Tokyo through the eyes of an aging actor. He shares a platonic relationship with another loner played by Scarlett Johansson. A young wife in town with her photographer husband, a small role for Giovanni Ribisi. An actor who behaves like a retard, no matter what roles he portrays.
Simple story set in a very vibrant city with their loneliness, boredom and insomnia played out beautifully.
If I was new in a strange place, I would certainly hope that my husband would be more accommodating than her husband ever was.
I would explore the city on my own and never hook up with some stranger.
Mainly, I would be too cynical and wary of them to even strike up a conversation. I would be perfectly fine once I find an internet cafe.
Anyway, it intrigues me what exactly he whispered in her ears as he was saying goodbye on that busy, crowded street.
I guess Sofia Coppola wanted her viewers to draw up their own conclusion towards the end of their brief encounter.
I love the fact that they didn't have sex yet they shared quite a meaningful moment together. There lies the beauty of the entire film.

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