Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Surreal Moment
Imagine if you can the following scenes in rapid succession:
Me driving a red hot BMW Roadster at 140 kph on the Autobahn in Germany.
Then I'm cruising down this steep winding road heading towards Monaco.
I lose control of the car and crash head on into this white French villa.
But instead of bursting into flames, my body is hurled high up in the air.
I land in the deep blue sea. My arms flailing wildly, gasping for air, trying to keep my head afloat ... drowning!
Suddenly, 2 strong arms pluck me out onto a yacht and I'm rescued.
Squinting my eyes against the blazing sun, coughing up salt water, exhausted ... I come face to face with my rescuer.
He has the bluest eyes on this planet, a wavy yet cropped mane of hair, aquiline nose, a goatee and a taunt body like Marc Nelson.
Nope, it wasn't Marc Nelson.
Cut to the next scene, we are naked having aggressively passionate sex.
Don't ask me to describe the details graphically, this is not a sex post.
Just as we are about to reach the point of no return, I wake up drenched. The aircon in full blast not making much of a difference.
I shut my eyes really tight trying to go back to my dream.
But unfortunately, it was lost forever in the murky world of my subconscious.
Oh well it was stimulating while it lasted. I know it was just a dream:
1. Although I've been on the Autobahn and to Monaco. I don't drive.
2. I rather stay away from the deep blue sea since I don't know how to swim.
3. A gorgeous guy with a drop dead body yet in touch with his feelings DOES
NOT EXIST. MAYBE he does but not within a 50 mile radius of my short reach.

At least I got laid even if it was just in a WET dream!

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