Friday, March 19, 2004

Favorite word of the moment
exasperate \Ex*as"per*ate\, [exasperated]
To irritate in a high degree; to provoke; to enrage; to inflame the anger of; to annoy greatly.
I will use the word in a sentence:
Filipino guys EXASPERATE me. I am referring to them in general. No one in particular.


They feel threatened by independent women.
"You must be rich to have your own place."
"Oh you have traveled to a lot of places."

They ask stupid questions like:
"You are not ugly, how come you are still single?"
"Don't you like men?"

They poke their nose into your business.
"Who is the text from?"
"Have you called your mother today?"

They are narrow minded and find you 'different'
coz you are over the limit & unmarried
coz you don't know how to drive
coz you spend money a lot - you're frivolous
coz you are out of their league

They always feel the need to score 'pogi points'
"Hey I've saved your # on my speed dial"

They are too clingy/ possessive
"I was waiting for your call where were you?"
"You haven't messaged me yet today"

The list continues. And it's a very LONG list.

ARGHHHH Puhleeeze! Give me a break!!!!

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