Monday, March 01, 2004

"I would like to thank the Academy"
4 hours glued to the TV is tedious.
But I endured since it was the 76th Annual Academy Awards live on RPN 9.
The Lord of the Rings made a clean sweep in all the categories it was nominated.
Master and Commander managed to sneak in a couple of times.
Sofia Coppola got her screenplay award for Lost in Translation.
Billy Crystal was hilarious, as usual.
Jack Black & Will Ferrell adding words to the music that signals the end of the acceptance speech was clever.
Ben Stiller coming out in his Starsky & Hutch attire was cute.
All my predictions for the major award categories won.

This post won't be complete unless I give my two cents worth about fashion.
Angelina Jolie's white ensemble was glamorous and very goddess-like.
Nicole Kidman can wear a blanket and still look very elegant. Notice how thin her waist line is? Geez! I wonder if she eats anything!
Catherine Zeta Jones' red form fitting gown brings out her glow but her raven hair was too plain.
Renee Zellweger gets my nod for looking regal in a sterling white gown with a big bow at the back along with a flowing train.
Sandra Bullock got the hair right but the feathers on her dress were hedious.
Jennifer Garner's tangerine frock with a full skirt is stunningly beautiful.
Charlize Theron & Naomi Watts wore nude colored beaded gowns - very chic.
Julia Roberts' shiny champagne hue dress + her complete look complements her film star status.
Scarlett Johansson's deep teal outfit doesn't justify her age. She is only 20!
Actresses like Susan Sarandon & Liv Tyler played it safe and stuck to black.
I have no idea what Uma Thurman was wearing. It looked like a bathrobe style thing going on. It was a mystery.
Diane Keaton, well only she can get away with her Annie Hall outfits.
But my favorite was this simple white dress with a brocade front design that Diane Lane was wearing. Very sexy.
Oh, Johnny Depp sporting a hairstyle reminiscent of his 21 Jumpstreet days is adorable, cute, gorgeous & yummy all at the same time!

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