Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Great therapy to get over a break up.
Albeit expensive.
Last time I shopped this vigorously was eons ago.
March 2001, to be exact.
During my European grand vacance.
I ransacked the shops in Brussels, Belgium.
I came home with 2 extra suitcases.
Loaded with clothes, accessories & shoes.
It helps that I no longer need to save my money.
For that Dubai trip I was planning later this year.
I'm still reeling from the huge chunk of expenses.
I incurred last year.
I bought a new computer and a digicam.
Plus the airfare & accommodation for just 1 week.
In Dubai to celebrate Iyad's birthday together.
But what the heck! It's my money.
So even if my feet hurt. My wallet, empty.
My body, tired from trying all those outfits.
My stomach, sensitive from overeating.
The weather, stuffy and humid.
I just take a look at my harvest. I smile gleefully.
My soul is happy.

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