Friday, March 12, 2004

Thursday Evening
8:10 P.M. --- my cellphone rings, long distance call.

9:30 P.M.--- I get chain letter email with a prayer.
Make a wish, say the prayer, send to 7 people. You will receive a rose as a sign, your wish has been granted. IT can be real/virtual/in a dream.

9:45 P.M. ---- For the very first time in my e-life, I forward an e-chain letter.

10 P.M.--- Dinner.

10:45 P.M. --- Studio 23, the Oprah Show.
Her whole set is adorned with bouquets of roses.
Me: Oh MY GOD!!! Are those roses?? (shocked)
My sister: Yeah! Are you blind? (puzzled)
Me: OH MY GOD (repeatedly)
My sister: What??? (irritated)
Me: NOTHING. Get me a glass of water please!

My wish --- SECRET
My sentiments --- Freaking out. Disbelief.
Reason --- This is my 3rd sign this past week.

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