Thursday, April 29, 2004

TRIGGER::::: I waited..... for my sister to finish checking her emails. On my computer. Her Fujitsu lifebook is broken. She accidentally spilled water on the keyboard. But they were able to salvage it and we will get it from the service center, tomorrow. Bless them!
I also waited at the Highway Hills barangay hall to get my voter's ID. Outside in the heat! But, OF COURSE, it wasn't there yet! Freaking bureaucracy! To think that the elections is just a couple of weeks away. May 10! Damnation!

Thursday's Thattle
Do you sing in the shower?
Yes, I even have a radio in the bathroom.
Do you sing in the car?
Do you ever cry in the car while listening to the radio?
Ah nope
Have you ever been singing in the car and realize the car next to you is watching you?
The windows are tinted so no one can see me.
Do you listen to the radio loud or soft?
Just about right but I make the volume louder if I hear a nice song.

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