Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Bloated. Back aches. Cramps.
Terrible mood swings.
Too emotional. Cries for no reason.
But no emotions when need arises.
Both times I watched 'The Passion'.
I was totally detached.
Hungry all the time.
Eating = upset stomach and Diarrhea.
Perspiration enough to drown a small village.
Imagine living like this, every single day.
Major PMS for the past 3 months!!!
It drove me to do strange things.
I broke up with Iyad, whom I still adore.
Yet somehow felt it was time to move on.
Shortly after, I 'encountered' someone.
My vulnerability made me trust him.
But it faltered as well.
To this day, I still can't understand WHY.
A friend joked it got delayed somewhere between Manila, Dubai & Sydney.
Then on the day that 'relief' comes.
I wake up on a 'waterless' day.
Water service interruption from Monday midnight to Tuesday noon.
And all this for what? So I can bear children?
I have no intention of having kids at all.
Ca, c'est absolutement fou!

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