Friday, April 23, 2004

This and that
  • I just came back from Rockwell. We took dad out for a stroll. First time he went out after his illness. It's always pleasant to entertain dad. He is a certified mall rat. It lifts his spirits up. He's getting bored cooped up in the condo. He gets annoyed when we pamper him too much. He keeps claiming he is ok now. But we girls don't like to take our chances.

  • I couldn't care less now who wins Survivor: All Stars. After Ethan, Lex & Kathy got voted off. But I still watch it religiously each week. Kudos to Shii Ann for persevering in the immunity challenge. But frankly, I never liked her even when she was in Thailand. I wonder why they don't see how Rob & Amber keep controlling the outcome of this game.

  • Last night's American Idol was a revelation. Now I know why Camile was voted out. She did not do justice to the song. But, no way can she be as bad as John Stevens. I mean, come on, week after week, he makes a fool of himself yet still NEVER gets to the bottom three. He looks pathetic. Sometimes too painful to watch.

  • Based on its website, Jennifer Hudson didn't make it. Now that's shocking. And what do you know? JPL is gone as well but John Stevens is still around. Argggh!

  • I wish they broadcast it live here. So I don't have to keep visiting their website to see if George Huff, my favorite is still around.

  • Next month, Star World will start showing NYPD Blue & The Practice again. Two of my favorite shows. Yippee
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