Sunday, April 04, 2004

This coming week
Monday - Go to my parents' place to water the plants & do my laundry.

Tuesday - Attend the annual membership meeting of the homeowners association at 9 AM at the Gym, Penthouse. The agenda includes:
  • reading of the President's report
  • election of the members of the Board of Directors
  • Other matters
  • .
    Something I'm NOT looking forward to. But since I'm the owner of this unit, I have no choice. Last year, it was total mayhem. Bunch of people I hardly know, let alone see in this building all lording it over as if it was their sovereign right. Loads of complaints from owners/tenants, tenants wanting to have voting power, announcement of projects, backstabbing of candidates blah blah blah ...

    Wednesday - Go pay my Mastercard bill.

    Maundy Thursday - Last Supper Mass at 5 PM at the Cathedral then the traditional Visita Iglesia. Last year we visited 10 churches:
  • Cathedral
  • San Agustin
  • Quiapo Church
  • UST Chapel
  • Santa Ana
  • Santo Domingo
  • Santuario (San Juan)
  • St. Francis
  • San Felipe Neri
  • Divine Mercy Parish
  • .
    My father and sister chart out the routes. My mother prepares food & refreshments. Me, well, I just tag along. For an 'erehe' as my mother calls me, since I rarely step into a church, 10 churches in one evening is me in my most religious mode. I remember during my 'angelic' high school days, we once completed 14 churches in one night. Those were the days of less traffic, no rerouting, no flyovers and no MMDA.

    Good Friday - I'll probably just watch "Survivor" at its earlier time slot of 1 PM.

    Holy Saturday - I'll stay indoors away from the sweltering heat. I'm not a summer person, I literally melt. I sweat buckets of perspiration, I feel like I'm drowning. In the family, it's my mother and I who are 'basang sisiw'. So you won't find me at beach resorts. It ain't my thing.

    Easter Sunday - Mass then Easter lunch outside.

    So whether you are in Boracay, your hometown, in 'tranquil' Manila or overseas, I hope you all have a MEANINGFUL Holy Week.

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