Monday, April 19, 2004

You might as well be walking on the sun
SO darn hot, I can't think straight.
I'm melting like ice cream.
I wasted water by taking too many showers.
I controlled the urge to ALWAYS keep the a/c on.
I just paid the Meralco bill today.
It was astronomically high.
Geeez! I miss the central a/c in Dubai.
As usual on weekends I go grocery shopping.
Something about the heat makes me hungry.
All the time.
I made sure my father was 'occupied' by renting DVDs for him to watch.
He is getting restless, raring to drive and go out.
But, it has only been a week. He stays in!
While we were at Robinson's Galleria.
He went down to get the newspapers.
He also had his hair cut at the parlor on the lower level of the building.
I almost fainted when I read his SMS!
Arggh, it is harder to raise a parent than a child.
After dinner, I have been blog hopping.
I discovered this site
Now I won't run out of topics to blog about.

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