Sunday, May 23, 2004

Freaking VIrus!!!
There is something wrong with my computer.
I believe it has been affected by a virus.
It freezes. It hangs then reboots on its own.
F**K! I hate when this happens. It ruins my mood.
I feel like pulling all the hair off my head.
I can't sleep. It frustrates me.
I hate to impose on my sister by using her laptop.
But I check my emails, every 30 minutes.
In case it gets over the quota. No,I'm not popular!
No one send me personal emails anymore.
I use it for work.
I hope to get it fixed before I go bald.
I hope it stops raining soon.
The idea of carrying a CPU and an umbrella at the same time ain't fun.
They are also converting the parking lot into a warehouse. So now we park at the back of the freaking building. It really sucks big time.

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