Saturday, May 15, 2004

Our house in the middle of the street
Earlier today, we went to check up on palmie. My parents' house up in the hills. Yes, we give nicknames to our possessions. LOL Ever since, my father had his mild stroke, my parents have been living with me. I rather he stay close to the city, just in case of a medical emergency. The thing with palmie is that it borders on the extremes. When it is hot, it's like a sauna bath. You would think that the sun specifically chose our rooftop to shine upon! During cooler climates, notice I said cooler since we don't have winter in this country, the house gets an icy chill. Thus, we also call palmie, 'the alps' but that has more to do with the fact that it is on a steep hill rather than the But anyways, barely 10 minutes in palmie, I had already sweated half my body weight. I kept telling my parents. Come on, please hurry and get whatever stuff you need. But they took their own sweat, sweet time. They insisted on staying for the week. That they can manage. That Dad was feeling much better. Etc. I refused. Sure palmie is home but palmie in this heat is a furnace. End of discussion.

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