Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Tuesday Twosome
1. Cell phones: "Annoying" or "convenient": Very convenient
2. Last two people that called you:I don't really get many phone calls so I guess it would be the telemarking people from Citibank and Value Vision
3. Last two people you called: The laundry shop to check if my clothes were ready for pick up
4. Caller ID: "Wonderful" or "too much information":I couldn't care less about this service.
5. Call Waiting: "I hate missing a call" or "Stop interrupting me": Same as number 4

Tuesday is ChooseDay
Would you rather:
1. while visiting new york city, fall from the 4th floor of a building OR get hit by a bicycle messenger?
Ouch I guess a bicycle messenger won't inflict too much damage
2. kiss somebody with severe chapped lips OR eat lunch next to somebody picking a scab on their arm?
I would first hand him a chapstick, wait for a few minutes then kiss him.
3. live next door to a registered sex offender OR a recently released murderer?
A registered sex offender, I would bolt all my doors and lock my windows, then move out once I find a suitable place.
4. always talk like your nose is stuffed up OR talk with a lisp?
Stuffy nose even if I can barely breathe at least you understand what I'm saying.

Chick Chat - It's Personal!!!
1. Deoderant: Scented or Un-Scented?: UnScented
2. Underwire or Soft-Cup?: Underwire
3. Thong or Panty?: It depends on what I'm wearing
4. Hair Gel or Mousse?: Neither
5. Shave or Wax?: Shave

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