Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Wednesday Mind Hump
First, a warm up. In celebration of our fresh and "Spring"y layout, using the letters B-O-I-N-G reveal five things about yourself.
Outrageously Erratic
01. If your blog were scratch and sniff, what would it smell like?
02. Which horror movie monster are you most like and why?
Dracula - staying up all night and shrinking when the sun comes up. But I don't drink blood.
03. If you were being sold in a Walmart, which department would you be in and what exactly would you be? Would you be on sale?
Home Department. I would be a scented candle. Lavender scent. I will be on sale but once you light me ... the smell is priceless.
04. Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Which element would you be. What form of that element would you be and why?
Water. Hot water during winter. Cold refreshing shower in summer. Drinking water so people don't dehydrate.
05. What sitcom character (past or present) do you think you are most like and why?
Daphne from Frasier. I'm affectionately caring and I do pick up after everybody. I wish I had her lovely accent.

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