Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Chick Chat
Favorite Reads
1. Fav. Author?: I don't have one, I choose books based on the story.
2. Fav. Book?: Chicken Soup for the Soul
3. Fav. Blog?: Far too many to mention only one
4. Fav. Website?: Rotten Tomatoes - I can spend hours reading movie reviews
5. Fav. Magazine?: Time Magazine

TRIGGER::::: Suddenly the wheels are in motion
And I, I'm ready to sail any ocean
Suddenly I don't need the answers
Cos I, I'm ready to take all my chances with you
This song by Olivia Newton John is the only thing that pops up in my mind.

Wednesday Whatevers
1. What is the lowest grade that you consider acceptable?
75/100 I've always set high standards for myself
2. Does the universe have an end?
I hope not
3. Are you superstitious? Explain
A bit. There is no harm in believing certain superstitions, who knows it just might save your life.

Daily Dirt Music...
1. What genre(s) of music do you like?
I basically listen to various genre except for hard rock, rap and heavy metal.
2. How do you determine if a person has a 'good taste' in music?
Well to each his own, if he likes heavy metal then so be it.
3. Do you base other people's liking in music, upon your own likings?
No I don't, as long as they enjoy music, it's fine with me
4. What is one of the most important things about music to you?
It is universal and reaches across borders. Music can help us convey different types of emotions.
5. Do you believe the media has changed music (ie: showing skin, lyrics, etc)? Why or why not?
Yes the media is very powerful in making or breaking an artist. We live in an age where it is acceptable to use foul language, show sexual activities on music videos. We only have the media to blame for highlighting these type of behaviors all in the name of profit.

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