Thursday, June 17, 2004

Daily Dirt
1. the first thing you think of when you wake up? Switch on my computer
2. ...are the first two things you think of when you read the word "friends"?
The show and [Carr, Pinky & Donna]
3. ...are the top three things in your wish list?
Shoes, books & a new cellphone
4. ...are the four food groups according to you?
Beverage, bread, rice & chocolates
5. ...are the five reasons why you like growing up?
I am grown up maybe not in height but mentally, physically and emotionally

Theater Thursday
Father's Day.
In honor of Father's Day, this weeks questions are all about Daddy Dearest. From Robin Williams portrayal as a father willing to do anything to see his children in Mrs. Doubtfire ,to the sins of Chris Cooper in American Beauty, all movie dads have made us feel one way or another. So no matter if your dad is a saint or something... else, today is their day.
1. What actor has best portrayed the role of loving father? Name the actor and the film.
Sean Penn "I am Sam"
2. What actor has best portrayed the role of world's worst father? Name the actor and the film.
Bill Paxton "Frailty"
3. If there was a movie to be made about your life, what actor would portray your father?
Sean Connery
Happy Father's day to all of you fathers out there.

Thursday's Tattle
Three Things
Name three salad dressing's that you like?
1. mayonnaise
2. thousand island
3. olive oil

Name three vegetable's that you like?
1. cauliflower
2. green beans
3. peas

Name three TV shows that you like?
1. CSI
2. Six Feet Under
3. Alias

Name three things that you collect?
1. magnets
2. dolphins ornaments
3. books

Name three songs that you like?
1. "In My Life" Bette Midler
2. "Sway" Bic Runga
3. "Kiss the Rain" Billie Myers

The Thursday Threesome
::Things that go bump in the night::
Onesome: Things that go- What's the strangest contraption you've ever had to use to get from A to B? A donkey not that it is strange, though it scared the shit out of me because we were high up on a cliff!
Twosome: Bump- Have you ever hurt yourself doing something you weren't supposed to be doing? mmm YES & don't ask what!
Threesome: In the night- Do you believe in things that go bump in the night or anything supernatural? No

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